Create a Cool Background with Typography

Hi, friends!

Do you love the look of typography? Alphabet stamps are a great way to incorporate a bold modern look onto any card or scrapbook page.

Check out this card! It uses typography in the background! 

Hello-Drifting-Seahorse-Card-Teri-A-Technique-TuesdayI created the typographic background with a couple of Technique Tuesday's alphabet stamp sets, Big Timber Uppercase and Big Timber Outline Uppercase. You wouldn't believe how easy it was to do so!

I stamped "hello" three times with the solid letters. I wanted a bright feel so I used yellow. orange and citrus green inks.

HelloStep1BigTimberThen I used the outline letters to stamp an outline around the green letters. The cool thing about the outline letters? You can line them up exactly with the solid letters, or you stamp them slightly to the side and they will still look cool! 

HelloStep2BigTimberOnce I stamped the "hello" words, I went to town by creating a little underwater scene with the Simon & Sandy Seahorse stamp set.

The "drifting by" phrase is from the stamp set. There's actually another word in the phrase. I didn't want to use it so I did some selective masking. I simply set a piece of sticky note tape over the unneeded word and inked up my stamp. I removed the sticky note and stamped, which resulted in the phrase you see.

HelloStep3BigTimberThen I added the adorable stamped sea creatures to my card. I really wanted the typography to pop so I didn't add any additional color to the jellyfish, seahorse or starfish.

Hello-Drifting-Seahorse-Card-Close-Teri-A-Technique-TuesdayI did however add a few "drops of water" by adding a few squirts of Glossy Accents to the card. The hardest part about that? Being patient while waiting for them to dry! 

Thanks for checking out this card and quick tutorial! I'd love to hear from you! Are you a fan of alphabet stamps? What's the last project you used them on?


Watercoloring Tips for Stamped Images

Hey everyone… Tam here. Of all the ways to add color to stamped images, watercolors are my very favorite. I’ve been doing it so long that I sometimes forget to explain what I am doing so let me know if you have any questions about my video or this tutorial!

Here’s a quick summary:

  1. Stamp using waterproof ink on watercolor paper.
  2. Wet a section of the stamped image with clear water. The amount of water you need depends on the type of watercolor paper you are using. You may need to experiment a little to figure out how wet to make your watercolor paper before adding color.
  3. Add a light wash of color. Don’t completely color the entire stamped image. Let some white show through to create highlights in the stamped image.
  4. Let each color washed area dry completely before coloring any adjacent areas of your project. If you don’t let an area dry completely, your colors will probably bleed together.
  5. Once your project is completely dry, go back and rewet an area where you want to add shadows. Often the dots or lines of the stamped image are a good place to add color to create the shadows and add visual interest.
  6. Coloring is supposed to be relaxing and fun. So play with your stamped images. Try unusual color combinations. For example, Bev color-washed the leaves with yellow and used green to add the shadows. Also instead of sticking with a traditional yellow sunflower, why not make your flower be turquoise, purple or pink?
  7. Die cut out your stamped image or fussy cut it. Add some sequins or highlight an area with glossy accents. Add a sentiment to finish your project.

We’d love to see what you make using these watercolor techniques. Or show use how you colored the Sunny Flower stamps and dies using markers, colored pencils or your favorite coloring mediums. Use #TechniqueTuesday so we can find your project and leave some love for it!


Happy Birthday Candles Gift Tag Tutorial

Hi, everyone!

Heading to a birthday party? Short on time but wanting to give a gift from the heart? Consider making hand-stamped gift tag like this to tie onto a store-bought gift! BrightestBirthdayCandlesTag-TeriA-TechniqueTuesday

It's a cinch to make one like with a few ink pads, cardstock, floss and the Many Candles stamp set from Technique Tuesday. Let me show you how. 

Start by stamping some candles and flames on a strip of cardstock. Using ink daubers (or cosmetic sponges) to sponge some ink onto each candle.


Bdaycandlesstep2Keep sponging ink onto your tag until the candles are completely covered. Want the colors of your candles to be a little more intense? Go back and apply some additional ink. Bdaycandlesstep3

Now take a white pen or pencil and add some additional details to the candles and flames. Dots and dashes are always a fun touch! 

Trim the bottom of your cardstock panel. Stamp a sentiment on a strip of cardstock. Set it aside.

Roll a piece of floss in a circle like so. Adhere it to your tag. Also, poke a hole a top of your tag with a hole punch.
Bdaycandlesstep3Use foam tape to adhere the sentiment to the birthday tag!

Finish your birthday tag by tying a piece of floss or ribbon through the hole. 

BrightestBirthdayCandlesTag-Close-TeriA-TechniqueTuesdayAnd there you have it! You'll have the perfect tag to use on a birthday gift!

While I showed you today how to make a tag with the Many Candles stamp set, it's also an incredible stamp set to make birthday cards with! Check out this video Bev put together, showcasing the stamp set and coordinating dies. She's got some fun birthday card ideas for you too! 

(Can't see the embedded video? You'll find it right here on our website.)

Would you like to see more tutorials on the Technique Tuesday blog? Let us know! We'd love to know what you'd like to learn more about! 


Ps. Looking for some birthday sentiments to use on your next card or scrapbook page? Check out our Birthday and Celebrations stamps

Get Ready to Get Inky! Watch the Latest Coloring Video!

Hi, friends!

Like to get inky? You are going to love the latest coloring video for stampers from Technique Tuesday's Julie.

She's going to show a fun way to add color to Olive the Octopus with Distress Ink pads and a water pen. With only three colors of ink to pull from, she'll give you lots of tips for blending colors and she'll show you a whole array of beautiful painted octopuses! 

Let's get kracken! (Wink!)

(Can't see the embedded video? You'll find it right here on our website!)

Julie uses the Distress Inks painting technique to color in Olive the Octopus, but it would work wonderfully for adding color to many of the critters in the Animal House collection. This technique is also a great one to use with the flowers stamps in the Greenhouse Society collection, as well as the Just Us Girls and Flowers for Her stamp sets. 

We hope you are inspired to play! If you give the technique a try, please share your results with us! We love seeing what you make! 

Wanting to learn more stamping techniques? Check out the Tips & Techniques collection of videos on our website. You'll find all kinds of techniques to try on your next card, scrapbook page or DIY paper craft project. 


How-to Make an Amazing Ocean of Waves

Hi, everyone! 

Take the Waves on the Border dies, some Distress Oxide Ink pads and a little card making magic, and you can make a cool wave of oceans like Dana Joy did!

Happy Birthday Octopus Card by Dana Joy | TechniqueTuesday.comDana's sharing a video today, showing how she made the ocean of waves for Olive the Octopus to swim in for this adorable stamped birthday card. You are going to love this easy and fun technique that's perfect for creating scenes with Olive, Simon & Sandy Seahorse and even Phyllis & Finn Fish!

(Can't see the video? Stop by Dana's blog or her YouTube channel.)

Speaking of Olive the Octopus, we are so excited to see what you create with her! Need a little more inspiration to get started stamping? We've got some awesome card and tag sketches for you to use with Olive's stamps and dies! Be sure to check out the free downloadable idea sheet on our website! 


How-to Use the Cars on the Road Border Dies

Hi, everyone! 

Teri here today, and I've got another quick cardmaking tutorial for you. 

I'm going to show you how to use Technique Tuesday's Cars on the Road Border paper crafting dies.

Cars-on-the-Road-Border-Crafting-Dies-Technique-Tuesday-FBThis set of dies was designed with cardmakers like you and me in mind! They are easy to use and are sized to work perfectly on a standard A2 card. 

Let's get started.

Start by cutting apart the dies. A nipping tool is perfect for doing this. (Not familiar with a nipping tool? Check out this video!)

Cars on the Border tutorial from Technique TuesdayPlace the lined portion of the road on a piece of cardstock with the cutting side down. Then line up the wavy die with it. Use sticky note tape (or Washi tape) to hold the dies in place.

Cars on the Border tutorial from Technique TuesdayRun the dies through your die-cutting machine. You'll end up with something like this.

Cars on the Border tutorial from Technique TuesdayYou can use the road as it is on a card or you can use it to create a border along the edge of a card.

To create the border, adhere your road to a card. Open the card up and place the wavy die below the die-cut road. Again, use sticky note tape (or Washi tape) to hold the die in place.

Cars on the Border tutorial from Technique TuesdayRun it through your die-cutting machine, and you'll end up with something that looks like this. 

Cars on the Border tutorial from Technique TuesdayWant a little more border below the road? I've found the farther you place the wavy die from the road before you cut, the more space there will be between the road and the edge of the card.

You can use the road as it is or add a few cars created with the dies to it.

Cars on the Border tutorial from Technique TuesdayNow I've showed you how to use the dies to create a border along the edge of a card. But these dies are also fabulous for creating lots of fun elements to just to decorate your cards and scrapbook pages with.

You can create a whole "highway" by making several roads and putting them across a card like Jill Dewey Hawkins did here.

Cars on the Border tutorial from Technique TuesdayGive your card some extra pop by creating several cars with different colors of cardstock to place on the roads. 

Another fun idea? Don't even use the road on your next card. Simply use the car.

Cars on the Border tutorial from Technique TuesdayJill made this fun Christmas scene by creating a car from cardstock and then adding some presents (stamped and die-cut with the Christmas Birds stamps and dies). By stitching a line of thread below the car, it still looks like her car is rolling down the road on Christmas day.

And here's one more idea for these dies! Think even more out of the box. Use the wavy portion of the road dies to make hills and mountains to build a fun scene.

Cars on the Border tutorial from Technique Tuesday
Cars on the Border tutorial from Technique TuesdayThis mountains here were created with the wavy die. I even made their snow caps with the die. I simply cut a wave from white cardstock and used my scissors to cut off parts of it and add snow to the mountain. To make the snow look extra special, I applied Glossy Accents and a lot of glitter to them. 

We'd love to see your ideas for the Cars on the Border dies! Share your projects with us through Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to tag us and use the #TechniqueTuesday hashtag! 


How-to Make Your Own Two-Toned Butterfly Paper Clips

Hi, everyone!

Who doesn't love pretty butterflies?! I know I can't get enough butterflies in my life!

I've got a fun tutorial for you today. I'm going to show you today how to make your own two-toned butterfly paper clips with the Classy Butterflies paper crafting dies, shrink plastic and some basic craft supplies. 

Make Your Own Butterfly Clips Tutorial | TechniqueTuesday.com

Let's get started! 

Start by die-cutting a couple solid butterflies with the Classy Butterflies paper crafting dies from shrinkable plastic. (You can find shrink plastic at most big box craft stores.)

Make Your Own Butterfly Clips Tutorial | TechniqueTuesday.comDepending on your die-cutting machine, you may have to run the plastic through it a couple times to cut. Because of that, I like to hold my dies in place with sticky note tape so they will stay in place. Washi tape works well too. 

Use your scissors to snip off the butterflies' antenna and the bottom of their bodies. Use a hole punch to poke a hole in one wing of each butterfly. It doesn't matter which wing! 

Make Your Own Butterfly Clips Tutorial | TechniqueTuesday.comIf you are using a shrinkable plastic that has already been sanded, jump ahead to the next step. If you are using plastic that hasn't been sanded, rough up one side of your butterflies up with sandpaper.

Make Your Own Butterfly Clips Tutorial | TechniqueTuesday.comFlip your butterflies so the sanded side of them is facing up. Use colored pencils to scribble some color onto your butterflies. Start by putting a color like blue, pink or purple at the top. Then scribble some color on the bottom with a gold metallic pencil. (Not a fan of gold? Pick a color you desire!)

Using a heat gun, heat the shrink plastic until the butterfly is small. A word to the wise: As you heat the plastic, it will warp and bend. This is completely normal. Keep heating the plastic until it flattens out. 

Make Your Own Butterfly Clips Tutorial | TechniqueTuesday.comOnce the plastic has cooled, adhere your butterflies to large paper clips with some thin floss or twine. 

Make Your Own Butterfly Clips Tutorial | TechniqueTuesday.comAnd there you have it! 

Make Your Own Butterfly Clips Tutorial | TechniqueTuesday.comThese clips look amazing in a planner and would also look great on scrapbook pages! Plus they would even make a fun gift to give to a co-worker to thank her for being fun to work with or to congratulate her on a job well done. 


PS. Not a fan of butterflies? Technique Tuesday has lots of dies that will work for making clips like these. See all the stand alone dies here

New Video: How to Create Accents with Alcohol Ink

Hi, friends!

Do you like beautiful butterflies and dragonflies? Then you are going our latest video!

Bev and I have been playing around with the Build a Dragonfly and Classy Butterflies dies. We figured out a fun way to use alcohol inks with glossy cardstock to make your own accents with the dies! These pretty accents are easy to make and will look amazing on your cards and scrapbook pages.

Watch Bev's video for the scoop!

(Can't see the video? Go here to watch it on our website!)

I was so inspired by our video that I made a few cards. These cards feature a slight variation on the butterflies shown in the video. 

Here I used alcohol inks to simply add color to a solid butterfly cut from glossy cardstock.

Hello Inked Butterfly Card for Technique Tuesday

I used it on a card, but imagine using several butterflies like mine to decorate a scrapbook page or the cover of a journal. You could even cut and color several of them and then string them together to make a garland for a party or to decorate your craft space. 

And here I used alcohol inks to add color to some intricate butterflies cut with the Classy Butterflies dies rather than solid ones.

Hello Friend Butterflies Card for Technique TuesdayDon't they look neat? Want your intricate butterflies to really stand out on your card or scrapbook page? Consider die-cutting some solid bodies from vellum or glitter paper and placing them behind the intricate butterflies. 

I hope you too are inspired to play by this fun, new video! Please share your projects with us on Instagram or Facebook. Be sure to use the #TechniqueTuesday hashtag when you share your projects! 


PS. Do you like Tips and Technique videos for stampers? We've got lots of great ones for you on the Technique Tuesday website. Whether you want to learn about painting with Distress Inks, want some tips for coloring with pencils or need some ideas for kicking things up a notch in your planner, we've got something for you. See all the videos here.

Learn How to Paint Stamped Images with Distress Inks

Hi, friends!

Like to add color to your stamped images? We've got something for you today! 

Flower stamps from Technique Tuesday | TechniqueTuesday.comJulie has put together another coloring technique video. In this video, she will show you how to paint with Distress Inks. This technique is so much fun. All you need is a few Distress Ink pads, a stamping block, a water pen and an image stamped with waterproof ink.

Julie uses the Happy Hydrangea stamp set and dies in the video, but this technique works wonderfully with many of the flower stamps in the Greenhouse Society collection. Not a fan of flowers? You could even use this technique to color in the many critters from the Animal House collection of stamps and dies. 

See the Video

We hope you are inspired by Julie's video to give her technique a try and to make a card (or scrapbook page). If you do, please share your project with us! Leave a link to it comments or post it on Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to use the #TechniqueTuesday hashtag.


PS. Looking for more online education? We have even more technique videos on our website. See them all here

New Video: Watercoloring with Zig Clean Color Pens

Hi, everyone!

Are you into coloring? Like the look of watercolors? We've got a new video from Julie today, sharing a watercoloring technique with Zig Clean Color pens. Julie recently added these pens to her crafty arsenal and has really been enjoying their bright, cheery colors.

Watercoloring with Zig Clean Color Pens Video | Technique Tuesday

Julie uses the Greenhouse Society Strawberry stamp set and dies for this project, but this technique would work great with any of our flower and nature sets.  We hope you'll be inspired to try it with the Cosmothe Barberry, and even the Delightful Daisy sets. 

Watch the video!

We'd love to hear from you about future videos! Are there some coloring techniques you'd like to learn more about? Please leave a comment for us!