Creating Contrast with Watercolor Markers and the Luscious Grapes Stamps!

Hello, Julie here! In today's video, I will show you how to use watercolor markers to add contrast to images in the new Luscious Grapes stamp set. These new fancy-schmancy watercolor markers were a gift for my birthday. I love them and am excited to show you how to use them! 


(Can't see the embedded video? You'll find it right here on our website.)

Step-By-Step Instructions

If you'd like to print out step-by-step instructions, here they are. Or bookmark this page for future reference!

  1. I started with Canson watercolor paper and stamped the cluster of grapes using a quick drying, waterproof ink.


  2. I wanted to make the grapes be the color of Concord grapes, which is mostly blue with a hint of purple. So I started out with the blue marker and added a swoosh of color in the bottom of each of these grapes. Then I used a little water to spread the blue throughout the grape. Once I had the blue distributed, I went back in and added just a tiny spot of purple for the highlight. And as usual, I want back and forth between the colors. On some of the grapes I added more of the blue to intensify that color. You can get this great sort of gradient going, because you’re doing essentially wet-on-wet water coloring.


  3. Once all the grapes were done, I started in on the leaves. I used the yellow marker to add a base layer. I wanted an autumn leaf color scheme, like the grapes were just ready to be picked, so the colors I used were generally warm. I just went around the edges and along the veins of each leaf with yellow. I didn't want to overwhelm the leaves, just give them a yellow base with a little color everywhere. I used my brush to spread the yellow around to make some nice gradients. There’s a lot of detail within the leaves that could get lost, so I tried to make sure that where the leaves overlapped, the bottom leaf was a bit darker than the part of the top leaf that’s covering it. The darker areas provide a little more contrast which makes the leaf details a bit easier to see.


  4. Next I went in with the orange watercolor marker. In my set that was Cadmium Red, which was the closest to orange that I had. I picked a few spots to make reddish orange... mostly in areas I wanted to make sure had some additional contrast as well as more intensity. I went back and forth between the orange and yellow, and used water to move those colors around. I planned ahead to put green near the reddish orange areas on the leaves that were underneath. Since red and green are complementary colors I knew that the green would make those areas seem even redder which would help make those areas pop.


  5. Next I used the red watercolor marker. In my set of makers this was named Alizarin Crimson as opposed to the Cadmium Red hue, which is a little bit more orange. I used the Alizarin Crimson to add a little more intensity to the areas that were already headed in the reddish-orange direction.


  6. Next I added a bit of Sap Green to a few spots. This is where you need to be a bit careful. Because red and green are complementary colors, (which means they’re on opposite sides of the color wheel), they will create a neutral color when mixed. I made sure I didn't add any green to areas that already had red in them. I knew that if I did mix them, they would turn a muddy brown.


  7. Next, I used a couple brown shades on the stem and vine areas. I used the lighter color along the top of the stem. Then I used water to spread the color out a little. Because it was pretty wet, the dark brown went in like a dream and spread itself out a little bit. By going back and forth with the brush and the markers, you can get the colors to go where you want them to be.


And here is my final piece! I went back in and added more color in a few places. I added some darker green on top of the lighter green to add contrast in one or two spots, but only very sparingly.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to add contrast to your stamped images. These watercolor markers are a great way to add color to nature-themed stamp sets like the Luscious Grapes Stamp Set or any of the flower and botanical themed stamp sets in the Greenhouse Society collection.

Thanks for reading! 


Watercoloring Tips for Stamped Images

Hey everyone… Tam here. Of all the ways to add color to stamped images, watercolors are my very favorite. I’ve been doing it so long that I sometimes forget to explain what I am doing so let me know if you have any questions about my video or this tutorial!

Here’s a quick summary:

  1. Stamp using waterproof ink on watercolor paper.
  2. Wet a section of the stamped image with clear water. The amount of water you need depends on the type of watercolor paper you are using. You may need to experiment a little to figure out how wet to make your watercolor paper before adding color.
  3. Add a light wash of color. Don’t completely color the entire stamped image. Let some white show through to create highlights in the stamped image.
  4. Let each color washed area dry completely before coloring any adjacent areas of your project. If you don’t let an area dry completely, your colors will probably bleed together.
  5. Once your project is completely dry, go back and rewet an area where you want to add shadows. Often the dots or lines of the stamped image are a good place to add color to create the shadows and add visual interest.
  6. Coloring is supposed to be relaxing and fun. So play with your stamped images. Try unusual color combinations. For example, Bev color-washed the leaves with yellow and used green to add the shadows. Also instead of sticking with a traditional yellow sunflower, why not make your flower be turquoise, purple or pink?
  7. Die cut out your stamped image or fussy cut it. Add some sequins or highlight an area with glossy accents. Add a sentiment to finish your project.

We’d love to see what you make using these watercolor techniques. Or show use how you colored the Sunny Flower stamps and dies using markers, colored pencils or your favorite coloring mediums. Use #TechniqueTuesday so we can find your project and leave some love for it!


How to Quickly Apply Color to Stamped Images with Watercolor Crayons

Hello, everyone!

Like the watercolor look? You are going to love the latest coloring video from Technique Tuesday.

Julie's back to show you how to use six watercolor crayons to quickly apply color to stamped Iris flowers. This quick and easy technique is sure to please all you coloring fans out there. You'll want to try it with the Iris stamps and all kinds of other stamped images!

Clear stamps and crafting dies from Technique Tuesday || TechniqueTuesdayAre you a member of the Greenhouse Society? The Iris is in your March auto-shipment. Not a member? You can order the Iris stamp set and matching dies without a subscription.

Clear stamps and crafting dies from Technique Tuesday || TechniqueTuesday


Like the color scheme Julie used?

Watercolor crayons from Technique Tuesday  ||

We've got a deal for you! We've bundled together the 6 crayons that she used in the video. The colors included are Cobalt Blue, Prussian Blue, Aubergine, Orange, Grass Green and Vandyke Brown. For a limited time, the pack of 6 crayons are just $10.75 on our website!

Watercolor crayons from Technique Tuesday  ||


We hope you enjoy seeing how Julie colored the Iris, and we hope you're inspired to make some projects of your own!


Beautiful Floral Cards by Barb Engler

Hi all! You are in for a real treat today! We've got some beautiful cards from special guest, Barb Engler!

Barb Engler

Barb is an incredible stamper with a knack for adding details to her cards. She's also a master at using color. You can find her handmade cards on her blog, as well on her Instagram account. Her body of work is fantastic! By the way, she's also the host of the Simon Says Stamp! Flickr challenge and is just a very kind, big-hearted crafter! We are so happy to share some of her work with you today!

This first card from Barb is sure a stunner.

Lots of Love by Barb Engler for Technique Tuesday //

The Coreopsis flowers looks beautiful in purple! Such a great color choice for them! And check out how she gave the flowers some extra dimension by adding a little bit of detail with a white gel pen. Absolute perfection! 

Her card also has some beautiful movement going on with the addition of the three stamped bees (also from the Coreopsis stamp set) and the strategic placement of the five sequins. Awesome!

If you liked that card, you are going to love this second one!

Hi Bouquet handmade card by Barb Engler for Technique Tuesday //

Talk about a beautiful job coloring! Barb once again used a white gel pen to give the flowers (from the Hi Bouquet stamp set) a little extra pop. LOVE that. Anyone else anxious to give that a try on their next handmade card?

Another fun idea from Barb is she made her own background paper for this card! She took a gray piece of cardstock and then stamped one of the individual flowers from the Hi Bouquet stamp set all over it. That's a great idea! 

Let's give Barb a big hand!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow! We have one more beautiful card by Barb to share with you! I think you will find it to be a real hoot! Wait. I said too much! Wink! See you Tuesday!


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Now Showing: Cards That are a Real Hoot!

Hi all!

You might say we've on a bit of an owl binge lately. We've released an owl-themed stamp set every month since January.

First came the It's Owl Good stamp set. Then came the Lucky Owl and Great Day Owl stamp sets. Flying into our owl line-up this month is the Proud Owl

Proud Owl stamp set from Technique Tuesday // TechniqueTuesday.comThe cool thing about the four owl stamp sets? They are just $2.99 each. Woo-hoot! Not to mention that they are totally cute. I mean, they look so cute on cards! Don't believe me? Well, I'd like to present to you Exhibit A, B and C. Just check out these fun cards some of the members of the Technique Tuesday Creative Team put together with the Proud Owl stamp set.

So Proud by Daniela Dobson for Technique Tuesday //


So So So Proud by Jill Hawkins for Technique Tuesday //


So Proud by Tobi Crawford for Technique Tuesday //

Aww! Talk about cards that are a real hoot! 

Have you made anything with Technique Tuesday's owl-themed stamp sets? We'd love to see your projects! Share them with us on our Facebook page and through Instagram. Be sure to the use the #TechniqueTuesday hashtag.


A Card for Mom from Mary Dawn

Hi everyone!

Do you like to make cards for Mother's Day? Are flower stamps your favorite? Today's your lucky day because we've got special guest Mary Dawn Quirindongo here again with a pretty card that's right up your creative alley!

Mary Dawn Quirindongo2... 4... 6... 8! Get ready to be amazed!

Mother's Day handmade card by Mary Dawn Quirindongo for Technique Tuesday // TechniqueTuesday.comCool, huh?!

Mary Dawn created this stunning card with the Today Flower stamp set.

She started by partially die-cutting the flower with into the white panel with the coordinating Today Flower dies. She stamped the flower and then colored it in with markers. Isn't it beautiful?!

She created her own custom sentiment by combining stamps from a couple stamp sets, including the Mom's Day set.

Tune in next Thursday. We've got another awesome card by Mary Dawn to share with you. In the meantime, check out this picture she shared! Talk about doing fun stuff with the Great Day Owl stamp set!


Handmade Card Inspiration from Mary Dawn

In need of some stamping inspiration? Like pretty cards? It's your lucky day! We've got special guest Mary Dawn Quirindongo here today with a pretty card just for you!

Mary Dawn in a few words? She's a talented, versatile paper crafter. Her cards feature lots of stamping and color. Throw in some techniques and cleverness, and you've got her work!

Mary Dawn Quirindongo

On your mark. Get set. Here we go!

Greatest Blessing by Mary Dawn Quirindongo for Technique Tuesday // TechniqueTuesday.comTalk about a beautiful card! You like?

Mary Dawn created this stunner with the Hyacinth stamp set. That gorgeous field of Hyacinth flowers was created with masking. And then she added color to each flower. Don't you love how they aren't the same color? It just adds to the richness of this pretty scene.

To round out her scene, she die-cut a couple dragonflies with the Hyacinth dies and then stamped on top. Again, she colored each of them with a different color.

For more inspiration from Mary Dawn, tune in on Thursdays. We'll be sharing her work over the next few weeks. Here's a sneak peek from Mary Dawn at something else she's made with the Hyacinth stamp set that we'll be sharing soon!


Make Your Own Patterned Paper

Here's a fun idea: Create your own patterned paper like Daniela Dobson did!

My Friend Flower card by Daniela Dobson Repeatedly stamp the small flower stamps from the Garden of Life by Cath Edvalson stamp set onto cardstock with different colors of ink. Keep going until your paper is covered with flowers. You'll end up with a gorgeous paper to use on a card or scrapbook page.

My Friend Flower card by Daniela Dobson Technique-Tuesday-Teri-Sig

PS. Looking for some more inspiration for the Garden of Life stamp set? Don't miss these cool cards Kimberly Crawford made with it (and the Garden Flowers dies) for our recent blog hop.

PSS. Who are the winners from the Celebrating Cath Edvalson and Technique Tuesday Blog Hop? The winner of Cath's products is Karen Ladd (posted on Jaclyn's blog on 9/14 at 5:24 p.m.). And the winners of the $25 e-Gift Cards are Detra Faulkner (posted on Laurel's blog on 9/14 at 6:22 a.m.) and Carey Nusbaum (posted on Julie C.'s blog on 9/15 at 6:36 p.m.). Congrats to the winners. Winners, check your inboxes for a message from Teri about your goodies.