It's Christmas in the Animal House! 5 DIY Christmas Cards
Five Handmade Christmas Tree Cards to Make

Design Your Perfect Handmade Christmas Card for Boyfriend, Husband, Mom, and More!

Who's on your Christmas Card list this year? I love sending unique handcrafted Christmas cards to stay connected with the important people in my life who happen to live far far away. The longer the list grows however, the sooner I have to get started crafting! So come along with me on this journey, let's start planning out those Christmas card lists!


1. Choosing a diy Christmas Card for Boyfriend or Husband

This string of lights card made me think of my husband immediately! He'd be the first to admit he's a bit of a perfectionist, but he has a sense of humor about it. Whether the Christmas lights pose any particular challenge to us this Christmas or not, I know a card wishing him a tangle-free holiday is sure to make him laugh!


I like this circle in front of the squares design. I might use different colors on a homemade Christmas card for my husband, but I love how the background colors here coordinate with the color of the lights. 

Have you been brainstorming ideas for your diy Christmas card for boyfriend or husband? Or maybe your parents or friends? Well then keep reading for more inspiration!


2. Christmas Cards to Make for Your Mom!

Miriam's Poinsettia card really blows me away! The flower here is lifelike enough to take me back to the Christmas pageants my mom and I always used to perform in together on a small church stage. The stage itself seemed to sprout a full forest of poinsettias every year as the holidays approached and more potted poinsettias were donated.


A poinsettia card is the perfect choice for my mom because it gives us the chance to reminisce together as we create new memories this Christmas season. Would your mom enjoy a poinsettia card? Or what about your sister or perhaps a friend? What would you do to make a poinsettia card truly your own?

I know when I'm crafting my mom’s Christmas card I will definitely be integrating the color purple into the design because it’s my mom’s favorite color.  I can incorporate it subtly into the Poinsettia itself by shading the red petals with purple, and I’ll set it against a purple background as well. I’ll have to be careful though to make sure I pick shades of red and purple that complement and don't clash with each other.

Want to read in detail about how this particular card was crafted? Miriam wrote about it on her blog!


3. A Glowing diy Christmas Card for Sister

This Holly card really stood out to me! Among all the green and red holly cards this yellow one seemed to glows like gold, and that's what really got me thinking of my little sister. She’s still in her early 20s, but she's already accomplished so much in both career and education. She’s a card maker too and one of the kindest and most cheerful people you'll ever meet.


Would a card like this one work for your sister? What about an aunt or a girlfriend? How are you planning to put your own spin on it?

I like the non-traditional color pallet, but I think pink might be more fun to play with when I make my sister’s card. 

You can read more about how this card was created in Ana's Blog post about it.


4. Looking for Homemade Christmas Cards for Dad?

I don't always make a separate card for my dad, but this one is just too perfect! The design Allison gave the moose’s scarf looks just like the scarves and blankets my dad's grandma gave all of us as gifts long ago.


I want to make a card where Morris the moose has one of these family scarves plus also I'll create a scene for him that suggests grandma Repast's wooded home in Southern Oregon. I know my dad will really love it, and of course the pun alone in the sentiment stamp is bound to make him crack up.

Does your dad love puns? Or do you ever work in old family memories into your diy christmas cards for parents? I bet Morris the Moose would go great with all of your family Christmas greetings this year!

Interested in this specific card? You'll find out more about it on Allison's Blog Post.


5. Homemade Christmas Card Ideas for Friends

Friends are so important! If you're like me, you've got a number of friends on your Christmas card list. This card in particular made me think of one of my oldest friends. She can be so hard to craft for because she has an unusual aesthetic, but I think something like this snowflake card would be perfect for her.


What sort of unusual aesthetic you might ask? Well, when we were in 5th grade she informed me that she was goth. Never mind the pink and purple she was wearing at the time, she assured me that was just because her dad wouldn't let her wear the style she wanted. True to her 10-year-old word, she switched over to all black as soon as she was allowed to and still loves that whole aesthetic. Sometimes that makes her hard to craft for, but then I found this card and I knew it was absolutely perfect! Snowflake make it easy to create a Christmas themed-card with a darker aesthetic.

The muted tones of this snowflake card also make it a great option for a more masculine card if you're still trying to think of the best card for a dad, uncle, or brother. 


6. Homemade Christmas Card Ideas for Teachers

I'm taking a German course right now that will conclude just after the holidays. It's been a while since I was last in a classroom, but I've found it to be a magical experience, and I'm so grateful to Frau Wesseling for helping to make it so, so I decided I wanted to make a card for her as well this year. I don't know what holidays she celebrates, so I want to stick  with a more neutral sentiment like "warm wishes."

I've always loved this Pine Bough Stamp Set, and honestly I've just been searching for an excuse to use it! I know I'll really enjoy coloring in this Cardinal on the pine bough. I'm really inspired by Ana's no-line coloring here, and excited to try my hand at it!

Who's new on your Christmas card list this year? If I had the time, my list might just grow forever!

Want to read more about no-line coloring? Ana wrote about this card on her blog!


7. A Creative Christmas Card for your Secret Santa

I don't know for sure yet if I'll get the chance to take part in a Secret Santa gift exchange this year, but I'm keeping something like this in my back pocket just in case!

The Dear Santa stamp set is a go-to for me when it comes to Secret Santa related crafting, and having a card like this on hand means if I'm invited to an event I haven't yet foreseen I always have a backup card to give!


Check Out A Couple of Bonus Simple Christmas Greetings for Friends 

Friends and extended relatives expand the Christmas Card list quickly! Here's just a couple more of the Christmas cards inspiring me as I start my planning and my crafting.

Recipient-based-NL-Graphics-Bows-on-the-Border Shana's card and gift tag with Bow on the Border Crafting Die and the Classic Christmas Sentiments

Recipient-based-NL-Graphics-Hello-Winter Jill's card was crafted with the Hello Winter Stamp Set and Sweater Weather Crafting Die Bundle

Are you ready to get crafting? Then check out our Christmas Stamps and Dies!



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