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Marigold Flower Cards, Handmade with Techniques Ranging from Simple to Complex

Hi again from Toph! I've got a confession for you: I'm pretty new to card making. Luckily, here at Technique Tuesday, our team designs stamps with card crafters of all skill levels in mind! Whether you're a beginner like me or you're perfecting some of the more complex techniques, you'll find our stamps to be a great tool in your creative pursuits. We've compiled a list of eight diy marigold flower cards to help inspire your next craft, no matter how simple or complex it may be.


1. Naturally Compelling Marigold Flower Card Ideas!

The soft tones and watery blending on this card really connected with me. Marigolds always make me think of my dad's garden growing up, and Norine's handmade marigold card design feels as if it tapped directly into my own sense of nostalgia. The emotional response to a card might be quite personal, but the techniques that get us there are something anyone can learn. Let's see what techniques Norine used here!

Norine's diy marigold flower card is a stamped marigold on white card stock shaped like a postage stamp backed with an orange polka dotted paper. This handmade marigold card features the sentiment that reads: Sending happy thoughts.
Norine achieved this lovely watercolor effect with water reactive Distress inks. She lightly spritzed the paper with water before stamping, then went back over the stamped image with ink on a paintbrush. The paintbrush allowed her to both catch any spots where the original ink was lighter than she wanted and also to give the marigold more depth by introducing more shades of green, yellow, and orange. Once the image was finished, Norine die cut it out using the Postage Card Crafting Dies and added the small dots using a needle tool and a straightedge. She then backed this with the solid colored cardstock that coordinates with the polka dotted background. She finished it all off by heat embossing the sentiments and then painting the banner in with the same color green from the Marigold stems.

Norine writes in about this card on her blog,so you can learn more about it here! Looking for a simpler marigold flower card craft? Then keep reading!


2. The Elegance of Clean and Simple Marigold Cards

As fun as more complicated cards can be to try, a good clean and simple card can convey a certain elegance. With just a few basic techniques, Bev brought this handmade marigold card to life. 

Bev's easy marigold flower card to make shows one stamped marigold on white card stock framed by a blue background. A tag placed in front of the Marigold reads with the sentiment you have a heart of gold, and yellow dots are included as a design element. The image also shows the marigold flower stamps and dies used to make the card

Bev stamped the Marigold onto white cardstock and used copic markers to color in the blooms and stems. If you start with the lightest shade you're using and progress to the darkest shade, you can blend copics or similar alcohol based markers quite nicely. Bev stamped the "You have a heart of gold" sentiment onto another piece of white cardstock which she then die cut using the Essential Stitched Labels Crafting Dies. She attached the sentiment to the marigold image, backed it all with a blue cardstock, and then added the yellow droplets as a finishing touch.

Clean and simple cards are instant classics! This is a fairly easy marigold flower card to make, so I bet I could make a card like this one! What about you?


3. A Deceptively Simple Marigold Flower Birthday Card

Wow, what a striking image! Shana's card uses negative space quite adeptly. This visually appealing card seems even simpler than Bev's in some ways, but it employs some more advanced techniques. Read on to see if you've got the tools to tackle a card like this one!

Shana's visually simple flower card features a stamped and die cut marigold framed by black card stock. The white sentiment reads Have a lovely birthday, and the marigold flower birthday card is tied off with white string.

The black background really sets this card apart. The fiery hues of the die cut marigold flower really pop against this black background, as does the white birthday sentiment stamp. This white sentiment is what makes the card just a bit more complicated because in order to successfully stamp white onto black you'll need to know how to heat emboss. This technique is a little more advanced, and you'll need a specific set of tools. First you'll need an anti-static tool to prepare your card, then once you've cleaned the card with this you'll need to stamp the card with a slow drying ink like embossing ink or pigment ink. You'll apply the embossing powder by pouring it over the wet ink, catching any excess with a funnel, often created with a simple folded piece of paper. You can remove any additional excess with a small paintbrush. Once all of the excess powder is out of the way you'll have to use a heat tool to set it, and you might want a pair of tweezers or some other tool to hold onto the card during this process because you don't want to burn your fingers!

Not prepared for heat embossing today? What about some other tools like vellum and craft foam? Because Bev's next card sure is a fun one!


4. Practically a Marigold Flower Bouquet in a Card!

Bev's diy marigold bouquet thank you card uses three stamped and die cut marigold plants in a row to create a bright and exciting project, then uses creative design elements in very practical ways. 

This diy marigold bouquet thank you card features the words Thank you in distinctive black lettering across the bottom. The images on the card include three stamped, colored, and die cut marigolds in front of a white background framed by light blue. The image also shows the marigold stamps and dies in the background behind the homemade thank you card.
Bev stamped and die cut these marigolds, then arranged the colored flowers on the card. The vellum looks like it's simply an aesthetic design choice, but it actually serves a practical purpose too because it covers the varying heights of the marigold stems. The thank you sentiment is die cut from thin craft foam, which gives this marigold card these lovely layers while still staying thin enough to easily mail off to a friend! Finish it off with a couple of orange dots and you've got a homemade card that's simple to craft but still visually exciting!


5. Expanding Our Marigold Flower Card Making Ideas!

If you like your flower cards to have a bit more complicated design, Julie's here might get your creative juices flowing! 

This example of marigold flower cards handmade by our designers features two different sentiments combined to read I love your smile. The stamped and die cut marigold floats just above a background with a radiant pattern, and it's all framed within a light green card stock.

Julie created this card's background by daubing Distress Oxide Inks onto her cardstock over a stencil. The marigold flower was stamped, die cut, and colored with ZIG Clean Color pens and a water brush. The die cut marigold is then placed just to the left of the stencil's center. This creates a strong line of sight as the radially expanding background complements and gives a sense of growth to the largest marigold blossom. Julie used sentiments from the Laugh and Smile Stamp Set and finished off this attractive card with three clear droplets that shine like morning dew on a marigold flower.

Isn't it lovely! This diy marigold flower card sure would make me smile.


6. A Slightly More Complex Marigold Flower Birthday Card Idea

One way to stretch our creative muscles is to try a card of a different shape! Allison's marigold birthday card here shows us what we can do with a slimline card.

Among the marigold flower card ideas homemade in various styles, this is the only slimline card displayed. Two sets of marigolds and stamped and died and stacked to fill the longer narrow card. This one is classified as a marigold flower birthday card idea because the featured sentiment reads Have a lovely birthday.

Allison's card seems to create a marigold plant that's reaching for the sky! She stamped and die cut two sets of marigolds on white cardstock, colored them in with Copic and spectrum noir, then laid them artfully atop one another. The background is created with brick stencils and oxide inks, and the sentiment "Have a lovely birthday" is stamped directly onto this stenciled background.

Read more about Allison's cards on her blog!


7. What a Colorful Marigold Flower Greeting Card Idea!

What better than a marigold to let your loved ones know that they've got a heart of gold? Julie's card here is definitely eye catching! While marigolds do get their name from the yellow color they typically bloom in, they're also found in darker shades like this reddish orange that Julie used.

The card in this image is one of the more visually busy marigold flower card making ideas. The background of this card features a mixing and splattering of colors and strips layered on top of each other, the stamped and die cut marigold itself is colored in with contrasting deep red and lighter orange. The sentiment featured reads You have a heart of gold.

The background on this card looks incredibly complicated at first sight, but the technique isn't too hard to learn! Distress Oxide Inks are a dye and pigment fusion, which allows for much freer color layering. Simply press the colors you want to use onto your craft sheet, spritz with water, then transfer to your card stock by pressing the paper directly onto your colorful palette. Once the inks have dried, you can continue to layer as much ink as you like. Julie added additional interest by layering strips of complementary patterns vertically on the card. The marigolds were colored with ZIG Clean Color pens and water brush, and then they were die cut and attached. The sentiment "you have a heart of gold" was stamped onto the circle of card stock and placed just above and to the right of the marigold flower.

Just in case you haven't pulled out your own Distress Oxide Inks yet, I've got one last marigold flower diy card you won't want to miss!


8. Marigold Flower Card Ideas, Homemade and Eye-catching!

Wow! Shana's card here sure stands out! The bright colors and geometric patterns make it look so complicated, but if you learn the tricks of the trade you'll be able to impress your friends and family easily! 

This Marigold flower diy card features the sentiment Sending Happy Thoughts. The background of this handmade marigold card design includes an array of white triangular shapes contrasted with the red and orange ink surrounding them. The stamped and die cut marigold flower is placed towards the bottom left of the card next to the sentiment banner. Three orange sequins decorate the handmade marigold card, and a handful of additional sequins are on the table surrounding it.

Want to know how to make a captivating background like Shana did here? The real secret behind this handmade marigold card design is a geometric stencil. Shana ink blended the deep red and orange over her stencil, leaving these lovely designs starkly white in contrast. Once the background is set, Shana was then free to attach the stamped and die cut marigold flowers as well as the separate piece of cardstock with the "Sending happy thoughts" sentiment stamped on it. She finished it off with a few shiny sequins, just to dazzle us all a little more!

Stencils seem to be all the rage these days! Want to see another card Shana's made using this stencil? Check it out on her blog!


Stamps and Cards for All!

Cards that look simple aren't always simple to make, and cards that appear visually exciting are sometimes the easy to craft! I hope you're as inspired as I am by the wide array of projects our design team have crafted with the Marigold Flower Stamp Set with Matching Dies. What are you planning to try out next? Whether you're making clean and simple marigold cards or exploring more complicated marigold flower card crafts, I want to wish you happy crafting!  



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I've been making cards for nursing homes and this post gives so many good ideas of what you can do with one stamp. I will incorporate them Thank you.

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