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Hi card crafters! Toph here to share some of my favorite handmade Fathers Day cards from our design team!

June may be the month when we celebrate Fathers Day, but it's important to appreciate the important men in our life all year long. Whether it's your father, your uncle, grandfather, husband, or just a friend, we've got some projects here that we know would be great for the masculine figure in your life! Keep reading for many manly card ideas, and to see which card I'm most excited about this year!


1. Looking for Masculine Card Ideas? Try a Fathers Day Tool Card! 

What's more manly than a Fathers Day toolbox card? If you've got a man who's a cut above the rest, then the first thing you should reach for is our What a Guy Stamp Set with Matching Dies. Perfect for the handyman in your life, these stamps are meant to help celebrate a wide array of occasions throughout the year. 

three fathers day cards diy are displayed here. The first fathers day tool card includes the sentiment a cut above the rest. The second father's day toolbox card features the sentiment Love You Beyond Measure. The final father's day tool card has the sentiments Man of the Moment and I'm so Glad You Exist

Norine created these three different but complementary cards with the What a Guy stamps. On the lower two cards she stamped various images from the set with black ink and set them in the back ground. In the "Love You Beyond Measure" card she then placed her sentiments above the background with a strip of vellum, while in the "A Cut Above the Rest" card she stamped the sentiment and the images onto two different sheets of kraft paper which she popped above the background of stars with foam tape. The final card has a pop of color added with colored pencil and a matting of complimentary plaid patterned paper.

Want to read more about Norine's process? Check out these handmade Fathers Day cards on her blog!


2. Inspiration for Handmade Fathers Day Cards from Daughter

I have to be honest with you, my dad's less of a toolbox sort of guy and more of a quirky artistic type. I know he'd absolutely appreciate any card I made for him, but one of the best parts of hand crafted cards is the fact that I have the chance to find a card that suits my dad perfectly. I'm taking inspiration from a card like the one Julie made with our Nancy & Nick the Narwhals Stamp Set with Matching Dies. My dad's a unique sort of guy, so he deserves a unique sort of card! 

This example of homemade father's day card ideas from daughter is decorated with a smiling stamped Narwhal. Among the handmade fathers day cards from daughter this card highlights a unique man with the sentiment stamp reading Hope your day is as Unique as you are

Julie chose a deep blue card stock. She die cut this card stock with the Bubbles on the Border Crafting Dies and layered it above a plain base of the same color. She stamped and die cut the Narwhal and arranged the narwhal's tale through the bubble to give him the illusion of swimming at you through the ocean. She finished up the card by stamping the sentiment "hope your day is as unique as you are" onto yellow card stock which she cut out with the Essential Stitched Labels Crafting Dies.



3. What a Tasty Treat! Make this Candy Card for Dad

If your dad's a sweetheart, why not check out some Father's Day candy card ideas? Or maybe you're like me and have an uncle with a notorious sweet tooth, in which case this might make a great Fathers Day card for uncle! Personally, I think I'll return to the Sweet as Candy Stamp Set and this particular project for inspiration when I next need a thank you card for dad. 


This candy card for dad features three jars of candy and a sentiment reading You are a sweetheart

Norine used the technique masking to stamp the overlapping candy jars. Once the jars and candies were stamped, Norine used Copic markers to color it all in. The lines and hearts in the background were added by hand, and then she heat embossed the sentiment "you are a sweetheart" onto the black paper before attaching to the card with foam tape. 

Want to read about Norine's process in more detail? You can find her blog post about making this card here.


4. Check out a diy Fathers Day Card for Husband 

My husband isn't a father (unless I felt like making a "happy Fathers Day from the cat" card!), but that doesn't mean he's not worth celebrating on Fathers Day and year round! The Love Puzzle Crafting Dies are popular around Valentine's Day, but they'd be a great choice for making a homemade Fathers Day card from wife as well. 

This diy father's day card for husband is decorated with the love puzzle crafting dies which display the word love letter by letter on four different pieces of a puzzle. Additionally this homemade fathers day card from wife features the sentiment We just fit.

Daniel West ink blended the background here to create a nice spectrum of blues. He die cut white card stock using the Love Puzzle Crafting Dies to set above the blue background. Daniel then stamped the sentiment "We just fit" from the Love You to Pieces Stamp Set and placed it above the pieces of the love puzzle.


5. Saving the Best for Last with this Handmade First Fathers Day Card! 

The most exciting card I'm making this father's day season is a fathers day message for friend! Someone close to my husband and I just became a father at the beginning of the month, and we're all excited to welcome his new son into the world. As I decide what card to make for him, I'm drawing a lot of inspiration from Norine's Card using the Lucky Duck Stamps with Matching Dies.

This Handmade First fathers day card, which can also be used as a father to be fathers day card shows a small family of ducks. Two adult ducks stand in the foreground around a full nest of eggs. One small duckling stands to the side. The words on the card read Congrats on your growing family

Norine stamped and die cut this growing family of ducks onto white card stock and colored them in with Copic markers. She created the faint background by ink blending the green of grass onto white card stock and then placing a die cut piece of blue card stock above it. The sentiment "on your growing family" is actually hand lettered in!

Want to read about Norine's process in more detail? She wrote about it on her blog.


Six Bonus Homemade Fathers Day Cards

Let's be real, there are way more than five fantastic homemade Fathers Day card ideas that deserve consideration. Here are six more from our design team that knocked it out of the park! 

This fathers day tool card features a set of gears and the sentiment reads What a guy

Dana's card made with the What a Guy Stamp Set and Gears on the Border Crafting Dies.

This shark card is an example of masculine cards handmade by our design team. Two sharks and two fish swim in the foreground of the diy fathers day cards, and the sentiment reads You are totally great

Julie's card crafted with the Sid & Susan the Sharks Stamp Set with Matching Dies.

This example of Homemade Fathers day card ideas features an owl in front of a striped sparkly backdrop. The sentiment on the homemade fathers day cards reads I think you're owl-some

Jill made this card with the You're Owlsome Stamp Set with Matching Dies.

This example of diy cards for men is a father's day toolbox card featuring bolts and the sentiment I am nuts about you above a background of stamped saws, levels, and bolts

Shana made this one with the What a Guy Stamp Set with Matching Dies.

This example of handmade cards for men or fathers day cards diy shows three saws over a colorful background and features the sentiment A cut above the rest.

Another of Shana's creations with the What a Guy Stamp Set with Matching Dies

This handmade first fathers day card features kangaroos on a blue and green background and a fathers day message for friend that reads Congrats on your big leap.

Card for a new father crafted with  Kate & Karl the Kangaroos Stamp Set with Matching Dies.


Did you catch that last card up there? That Kangaroo card is the one I made for my friend who just became a father. I'm new to card making, but I was just so inspired by all our talented designers! I hope you're similarly inspired by the cards here. Do you have any handmade Fathers Day cards ready or plans for other diy cards for men? You can find more inspiration and make sure you have everything you need for your next handmade cards for men when you visit the Stamps and Dies About Men and Fathers page on our website!




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