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Easy Masking Technique featuring the Sweet As Candy Stamps

Hey there! Julie here, with a new tutorial for you. Today I am using the Sweet as Candy stamp set and this easy masking technique to make this fun masked candy jars image. Watch the video, or read through my tutorial below!



I’m going to start with ink, sticky notes, scissors, paper cut to 5.5 x 4.25 inches, and my stamps. I’m using the jar from the Sweet as Candy set, along with the candy and cookie stacks.


To make the mask, I took my jar stamp, and inked it up, and, making sure to line it up over the sticky part of the note, I stamped my image. Once that was done, I cut it out as close to the line as possible – even if that meant that sometimes I cut down the middle of the line. That helped me avoid leaving white spaces between my masked images.

I could have used the matching dies to get closer to the edges, but it’s not necessary, especially for an image that’s fairly simple like this one.


Masking-images-for-blog03 I set the finished mask aside while I figured out how to arrange the jars. I used a piece of printer paper, folded into quarters, to decide where things should go, and a little bit about what should happen when. I wanted one in front, and then a few more behind it and to the sides. As you can see, when I did my original, I added another jar in the back just to make it look a little better – having an uneven number of a particular item or shape in a composition helps with that. I also made sure that I was arranging the jars so that they were on different levels to give it some depth and not in a row, just ‘cause it makes it look kinda weird… I know, because I tried that first.


Masking-images-for-blog04a My first step was to ink up, and stamp my first jar a little off center.



I placed my mask on top of that first jar, and then inked up again. The next jar was over to the left and up a bit. I re-placed my mask on the new jar, inked up, and stamped another a bit further up. I went back to the first jar now, and put the mask back down before inking up and stamping the fourth jar on the right side.


Masking-images-for-blog08a For the jar in back, the first jar needed to be masked off, as well as the two on either side of it. I made a couple more masks to stick over them. I inked up again, and stamped my fifth jar!


Masking-images-for-blog11a For the next part I only needed one mask. I started with the pile of chocolate stamp, making sure that pile of cookies was stamped as close to the bottom of the jar as possible. I replaced my mask over that first jar, and moved on to the pile of candies in the first jar to the left. Once again, I tried to get the pile as close to the bottom of the jar as I could, making sure to keep it just inside the jar on the left side. The mask went back on, and lollipops went into the jar on the right. I put them in handles-up, just because I would rather grab one of these by the handle, personally.


Masking-images-for-blog12a I moved the mask to the left, and the last sweet to go in were the cookies on the far left.

Voila! A bunch of jars of candy. The one in back is covered up enough that I’m not worried about putting anything in it.


Masking-images-for-blog12b For the finished piece here I stamped using a waterproof ink, and used my Zig Clean color brush pens and a water brush to color the images.  A while ago, I made a video showing you how to use this method to color some strawberries. For this image, I'm looking forward to using another medium - maybe colored pencils... or alcohol markers!


Easy, right? I really enjoyed working on this project, particularly because I got to work with the Sweet As Candy set, which is just fun. Sweets without the calories, win-win! The Sweet as Candy set was the Memory Keepers Studio set from January 2020, so auto-ship members got them in their January shipment. Not a member? You can still order your own set!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you saw something you can use on your next project!


SwCan-Sweet-as-Candy-Stamp-Set-Technique-Tuesday DISwCan-Sweet-as-Candy-Crafting-Dies-Technique-Tuesday


Thank you for showing the tutorial through a video as a written tutorial. I'm not always able to watch i the video but can read a written version any time but it isn't always offered that way. thank you!!

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