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Funny, Sarcastic and Sassy Stamped Card Ideas

Get ready to grin, chuckle or even laugh out loud. Today is all about funny, sarcastic or even snarky card ideas. Whether you are making cards or gift tags for youngsters or mature adults who still have a good sense of humor, these projects are for you!


(If you see a project you like, you can use the coupon code TTSass through Thursday, 9/26, to get 20% off any of the stamp and dies in our Sassy Sentiments Collection.)


Enhance Your Sassy Sentiment with a BUNCH of Images

One way to enhance a sarcastic or sassy birthday sentiment is to be a little over the top with the images on your card. You can do that by making extremely colorful images. Or by adding a whole bunch of images. Here are a couple examples by Norine.

TechTues-SassyBday-Sept19-2 Norine Borys

Norine didn't include a balloon or two on her first sassy, umpteenth birthday card. She filled the top of this card with colorful balloons. She used a masking technique to make all those balloons look like they are overlapping each other. By including an large number of balloons, Norine re-enforces the idea that someone is having their "Umpteenth" birthday. (The birthday sentiment stamp and balloon image are both from the Umpteenth Birthday stamp set.)


For her second card, Norine used the masking technique and a combination of birthday present images from the Umpteenth Birthday and the Sassy Birthday stamp sets. She stamped a simple "Happy Birthday" sentiment from the Sassy Birthday stamp set on the front of her card. Now just image any of the punny, sassy or snarky birthday sentiments from either of those stamp sets on the inside of this card! 

TechTues-SassyBday-Sept19-8 Norine Borys

Visit Norine's blog to learn more about the pens, paper, or inks she used to make these sassy birthday cards!

If you want to learn more about masking, here's a video tutorial!


Stand Out with 1 Colored Image

Another way to boost a sarcastic sentiment about someone being unique or a one-of-a-kind friend is to add a bunch of images but only color one of them.


Ana used the June the Giraffe stamp set with matching dies to make this card. She stamped and die cut out five, funny giraffes. But she only colored one of them so that it really "stands out". You can learn more about this project on Ana's blog. What a fun way to tie together the images and the sentiment to make an extra sassy card! 

See more funny giraffe cards on our website!


Create a Scene for Your Sassy Card

Once you start making cute critters, you'll probably find that they are even cuter and funnier when you make a scene on your card. Scene cards take a little more work to make but they also are a lot more special. Allison and Jane's cards show two different ways of making punny scene projects.


Allison stamped and cut out this adorable "kid" using the Gertie & Garth Goat stamp set and matching dies. Then she used one of the many sarcastic sentiments from the goat stamp yet and cut it out using the rectangle from the Oval & Rectangle Stitched Labels crafting dies. To make the scene Allison used the Funny Farm stamps to make the barn and fence. You can learn more about how Allison made this card on her blog. What a funny stamped card that could work for birthdays, graduations, thank you cards and more!

See lots more funny barnyard scene projects over on our website!


Instead of using stamps and dies to make a background scene like Allison did, Jane Clark used alcohol markers to make the scene on this funny card. Honestly... making that kind of scene takes more artistic skills than I have so I wouldn't even try to make a background like this. But I think Jane's sassy card is AMAZING! 


After coloring her farm scene background, Jane stamped and cut out one of the cute chooks (which is what they call chickens in Australia) using the Chicken Family stamps and dies. To add some action to her sassy card, she added a wobbler to the back of her chicken. When you touch the card, the wobbler makes the chicken move so that it looks like it is springing around. She stamped one of the funny chicken sentiment onto the background. Here's a link to Jane's blog post about her punny cards.

Check out more s-peck-tacular chicken project ideas!


Spotlight Your Sassy Sentiments and Die-Cut Images

Scene cards and cards with lots of stamped images really fill up a card. But a single image plus a stamped sentiment can really accentuate the sassy-ness. Here is an example by Dana.

Cheeky Chicken-Card-Sassy-Dana Kirby-Technique-Tuesday0To get started, Dana stamped the running chicken image from the Cheeky Chicken set of stamps and dies. The Cheeky chicken is designed to go with the other images in the Chicken Family stamp set. But the Cheeky Chicken stamp set includes sentiments that are more on the edgy side of life.

Dana added just a bit of red to the comb on top of the cheeky chicken's head. And bit of orange to its beak. She stamped the sassy birthday sentiment onto the circle on her card. But as you can see, most of the card is white. What an easy way to spotlight her cheeky chicken and sassy sentiment!


Here's another card featuring a mostly white card with the Cheeky Chicken image and sentiment. But this time Dana used a sassy birthday sentiment. Wouldn't one of your extra sassy friends laugh out loud if you sent them a snarky card like this one!


Inset Your Snarky Message

If you are like me, when you want to draw attention to your funny or sarcastic sentiment, you pop it up with a bit of dimensional adhesive. But here is a nice alternative... you can inset your sentiment like Allison did on this funny card!


Allison used the Gertie & Garth Goat stamps and dies to make the happy goat. And she used the Funny Farm stamp and dies to make the bales of hay for her project. But what makes this card different is how she made the sentiment. She used the largest die from the set of Postage Card dies to cut out a piece of white cardstock.


Then she stamped her sentiment (from the Gertie and Garth stamp set) onto her white, postage-edge piece. Next she used the rectangle from the Oval & Rectangle Stitched Labels crafting dies to cut out her sentiment. She used foam adhesive to pop up the white, postage-edge piece, the goat and the hay bales. She positioned the sentiment underneath so that it is set into her card. What a nice way to draw attention to a sassy or snarky sentiment!


Stamp Black Sentiments on Vibrant Backgrounds for a Sassy Feel

These colorful cards by Lisa Spangler make me happy! And if you are a cardmaker, having a pile of vibrant, sassy cards like these ready to send out at a moment's notice would probably make you pretty happy too.


One of Lisa's go-to techniques is to make loose watercolor backgrounds like these for her cards. But when you make watercolor backgrounds for your cards, don't move to the next step too quickly. Make sure your background pieces are completely dry before stamping on them or trimming the edges.

Once Lisa had cut down her background pieces, she used black ink and stamped the funny, sarcastic sentiments from the Snail Mail stamp set on her projects. Visit Lisa's blog to learn more about these cards. 


Want to keep the fun going? Stamp on the back of your cards too!


Plus don't stop there. Check out the coordinating envelops that Lisa made. What a WONDERFUL stack of humorous cards and envelops  too!

See more Snail Mail project ideas!


Here's another card by Lisa with a much smaller watercolor background.


She used the Sassy Coffee Stamp Set on this funny card. Wouldn't your coffee-loving friends and family members love to get a card like it!


Make the Boys in Your Life Laugh

What is it about boys and frog cards? Our customer care team frequently get calls and emails from people who have made cards using the Felix the Frog stamps and dies. They tell us how much fun they've had making frog cards for their sons, grandsons, or the men in their lives who are still young at heart. And they also tell us how much the guys in their lives enjoy receiving frog cards like these!


Allison made not one, but two sassy frog cards. (You can see all of Allison's sassy card ideas on her blog.) On her first card, she made a traditional green frog. But she also added some darker green spots to make him be even more interesting.



Allison's second card features a big-old orange, die-cut frog. Wouldn't the youngsters and more mature men smile if you gave them a thank you card with an orange frog on it? 


Daniel West also made two funny cards. And both of them feature AMAZING colored, stamp images.


On his first card, Daniel used the Felix the Frog stamps. You've seen Felix on several projects already. But if you look closely at Daniel's card, you'll notice that something different and very funny is happening on it. Don't see it? Look closely at the frog's mouth. Daniel's frog has just caught a bug and is eating it. What a HILARIOUS card!


The next project features the Love Stinks stamp set. Now some people around TTWHQ (Technique Tuesday World Headquarters) think the Love Stinks stamp set is a little (or a lot) over the line. But I can imagine many people (boys, men and really anyone who likes to push some boundaries) would enjoy making and receiving a card featuring smiling poop and toilet paper emojis.


Plus don't forget to admire the coloring Daniel did on this snarky card. I never thought I'd write this on our blog (or really anywhere) but the delicate shading on the poop and the toilet paper is very well done!


Emphasize Your Sassy Sentiment with Pops of Color

You may not have noticed this but every, single sentiment on every, single card in this blog post was stamped using black ink. Don't get me wrong... nearly all of my stamped sentiments are black too. But sometimes don't you crave just a little bit of color, especially on your funny cards?


The Little Prickly stamp set includes cactus and succulent that are designed to be fun to color. And guess what else? The sentiments are all designed to be colored too!


Each of the "punniest" words are in an open font so you can add color to the most important word. So stamp and die cut out your cacti and succulents. Then use the same colors to make your sentiments really pop. Seeka shows a lovely example on her beautifully colored, punny card. You can learn more about her project on Seeka's blog.

See More Funny Card Ideas Featuring these Cacti!


Sarcastic Cards Can Still Be Pretty and Elegant

It's been a while since I read Cinderella (or watched the movie) but, if I remember right, it has lots of pretty moments that appeal to my feminine side. But like many women, I find the whole idea that I need a prince charming to give me the good life rather offensive. Maybe that's why I like these cards by Yasmin so much! They combine pretty, feminine elements with sassy sentiments that would appeal to lots of women who are making a good life for themselves!

To make this card, Yasmin stamped the Cinderella sentiment from the Sassy Fashion Stamp Set on the largest element from the set of Essential Stitched Labels dies. She heat embossed her sentiment using gold embossing powder. Yasmin also heat embossed one of the dress images from that same stamp set onto pretty patterned paper. Then she fussy cut it out. The pink twine, gem, gold embossing and elegantly embossed background are all really LOVELY! 


 Yasmin's second cards is just as pretty and feminine as her first card. But this time she stamped one of the shoe images from the Sassy Fashion set along with another sassy sentiment. Even on the days I am feeling most cynical about prince charming, I'd still love to receive a gorgeous funny card like this one. And I'm always up for some shoe shopping! Yasmin shares more details about both of her sassy cards on her blog.


I hope you've enjoyed seeing all these funny, sassy, sarcastic and even snarky project ideas. I've had a lot of fun writing about them and hope we've inspired you to make some funny projects of your own!


P.S.: If you saw some funny project ideas you'd like to re-create, good news. From now through 9/26/2019, you get 20% off many of the products used to make these cards. To take advantage of this special offer, visit the Sassy Sentiments Stamps and Dies Collection on our website. When you check out enter coupon code TTSass.

BUAHFelix-Felix-the-Frog-Stamp-and-Die-Bundle Love-Stinks Sassy-Coffee
Snail-Mail BUCheek-Cheeky-Chicken-Stamp-and-Die-Bundle BUChiFa-Chicken-Family-Stamp-and-Die-Bundle
BUGerti-Gertie-and-Garth-Goat-Stamp-and-Die-Bundle BUALPri-A-Little-Prickly-Stamp-and-Die-Bundle Sassy-Fashion
BUAHJuneG-June-the-Giraffe-Stamp-and-Die-Bundle Umpteenth-Birthday Essential-Stitched-Labels-Crafting-Dies-Technique-Tuesday-FB


They are all to cute. Love each and everyone of them

Very cute and funny cards. I have many of these stamp sets so appropriate more ideas for using them.

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