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Colored Pencil and Embossing on Dark Cardstock - Tutorial

Hello, it’s Julie, and today I have a new tutorial to share with you. I’m using a flower stamp, heat embossing, and colored pencils on dark cardstock. For this project, I'm using the Hello Hollyhocks stamp set, which works beautifully with these heat embossing and colored pencil techniques. These techniques would also be great with any of the flower and nature stamps from the Greenhouse Society Collection.




Step 1:
I’ve started here by stamping my Hollyhocks image and the little butterfly from the set on some dark brown card stock using embossing ink. Then I got out some clear gloss embossing powder and heat embossed the stamped images.

Hollyhocks-Coloring-Tutorial-Technique-Tuesday-step-2 Hollyhocks-Coloring-Tutorial-Technique-Tuesday-step-3 Hollyhocks-Coloring-Tutorial-Technique-Tuesday-step-4

Step 2:
Next, I started in on my coloring. I used Prismacolor colored pencils for this, and started with a layer of White on the flowers. This gives me a good starting place for the colors I’m going to use later. A lot of those darker colors are a little bit transparent, so starting with this white layer means the brown of the cardstock isn’t showing through as much. I went back in later with more white as I added more color. The white pencil will help blend the colors, but also make those colors pop a bit more.

Step 3:
Once the white was down, I added Pink. I put it in lightly all over the flower, but I made it darker where I needed the shadows to be on the flower. It looks a little weird at the end of this step, but trust me, it’ll work!

Step 4:
Next is Process Red. This time, I stuck to the areas I wanted to be darker. Still looks a little weird, but we’re getting the base down for those shadows.

Hollyhocks-Coloring-Tutorial-Technique-Tuesday-step-5 Hollyhocks-Coloring-Tutorial-Technique-Tuesday-step-6 Hollyhocks-Coloring-Tutorial-Technique-Tuesday-step-7

Step 5:
In this next step I added the Mulberry. I added this darker color in the shadier spots, and then used the lighter colors to blend the layer edges together. I went back and forth between them to smooth everything out.

Step 6:
The Tuscan Red was next for the deepest shadows, and more blending. Here I used mostly the darker colors to smooth things out. And that finished off the flowers.

Step 7:
On the butterfly, I did my usual layer of White first. Then I added bits of Orange and Canary Yellow to the wings, and a bit of extra white in a few spots. To finish the butterfly, I used Black to fill in the body.

Hollyhocks-Coloring-Tutorial-Technique-Tuesday-step-8 Hollyhocks-Coloring-Tutorial-Technique-Tuesday-step-9 Hollyhocks-Coloring-Tutorial-Technique-Tuesday-step-10

Step 8:
I moved next to the leaves. I used White again for the first layer, and then Chartreuse for a first layer of green. I mostly did the areas I wanted to be highlights when I used the Chartreuse.

Step 9:
Next came Apple Green and Grass Green. I laid in the Apple Areen first, in the areas I wanted to be darker or shadowed, and then Grass Green over that in the darker areas. I blended the edges with the Chartreuse, and then added highlight lines with the White.

Step 10:
Dark Green came in next for the deepest shadow areas. The Apple Green blended the Dark Green edges in, and the Chartreuse made the highlights a little less stark.

Hollyhocks-Coloring-Tutorial-Technique-Tuesday-step-11 Step 11:
A White layer went into the centers of the flowers, of course. Then Canary Yellow for the base color, and some Orange to add some depth.


Using pencils to color the heat embossed flower image was so much fun. I hope you saw something that you can use, or that inspires you in your next project!

Want to see some more gorgeous projects using the Hello Hollyhocks? Go on over and see some of the absolutely gorgeous projects the design team has made on our website!


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Merci Julie
Your tutorial is clear and simple. The result with Prismacolor is beautiful.
I have already used color pencil for stamped project. This beautiful color pencil flower is worth a try with the embossing method
Yolande, Mtl,Qc.

Very pretty! Also love the design of card

Thanks for the tutorial. Your coloring is beautiful!

Love the tip of putting white as the base color and also for blending.

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