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14 Stamped Lotus Flower Cards and Project Ideas

Did you know lotus flowers come in many different colors and are often multi-hued? I used to think of them as having very light-colored centers with delicate-pink flower tips. But when we started thinking about adding a lotus to our Greenhouse Society Collection of flower stamps and dies, we did some research. Now I know you can use nearly any color to create life-like stamped lotus flower projects. Here are 14 stamped lotus cards showing some amazing ways to use this month's Lotus stamps and matching dies!

Plus don't miss Julie's video tutorial featuring the Lotus Stamps and the Bubbles on the Border Dies!


Clean and Simple Stamped Lotus Card...


Now this is how I imaged lotus flowers... pretty pink-shaded flowers with light-yellow centers plus a lovely pale-green, cup-shaped lotus leaf. Allison stamped the main lotus flower image onto a simple white cardstock panel. Then she added color to the stamped buds, lotus blossom and stems.

She stamped the entire lotus image again but only added color to the leaf. Then she fussy cut around the stamped lotus leaf. To add visual interest, Allison used some dimensional foam to pop up the leaf.

Finally Allison stamped the "Celebrating You Today" sentiment (which is included in the Lotus Stamp Set) and die cut it out using the Oval and Rectangle Stitched Labels Crafting Dies. I really like the shadow the leaf casts (and the sentiment too) on the stamped lotus image!


Add a Stamped and Die Cut Lotus Flower

Photo-Jul-23 -6-43-09-PM

Dana used a mix of watercolor and alcohol markers to add color to her stamped lotus image. Then she die cut it out to using the matching Lotus Crating Dies. To finish her project she stamped the "Thinking of You" sentiment (also from the Lotus Flower stamp set) onto her white cardstock panel and added a couple raindrop accents. I love the simple beauty of this lotus flower card!


Purple Is Always Pretty


If you are like me, purple flowers are your favorites. So of course my favorite lotus flower color is now purple. Ana used a no-line coloring technique to make her stamped and die-cut lotus flower card. Then she used matching purple ink to stamp her sentiment. Isn't her purple lotus card wonderful?


Use Small Sections of Pattern Paper

Photo-Jul-23 -6-44-08-PM

When you take the time to add detailed shading to a stamped flower image, you often want it to be the focal point of your project. But when you use larger panels of colored, patterned paper, your stamped flower often seems to just get lost. If you use small sections of black (or neutral) colored patterned paper, it can help draw your eye to the flower image and sentiment that you've stamped using black ink.

For this card, Dana used the black striped paper along the top, the black lines of the lotus flower, and the black "Celebrating You" sentiment to create a lovely balanced card. These elements help draw your eye to the colored lotus flower. (By the way, she used the Oval and Rectangle Stitched Labels Crafting Dies to cut out her sentiment.)


Layer Extra Die-Cut Elements


Now you already saw a pale, pink lotus flower project by Allison. But check out what she did with this one! She colored the lotus flower and buds using orange shades.

To make this card even more interesting, Allison added several die-cut pieces of white cardstock under her stamped and die-cut lotus flower. She cut out the smallest white panel using the Essential Stitched Labels Crafting Dies. And Allison added some additional pazazz to the larger white panel using the Threaded Crafting Dies. I think those extra layers and little x stitches are nice additions!


Make a Vibrant, Multi-Hued Lotus Flower

Look at the lovely shading on this card! Seeka added vibrant pinks and reds to the tips of her stamped lotus flower. Then she nestled some yellow shading into the centers of her flower petals. To make her vivid, die-cut lotus flower really pop, she blended blue ink on opposite corners of the white cardstock panels. The blue areas really complement her colorful lotus blossom image. She left white space in the upper-right corner for her sentiment.


Make Vivid Backgrounds


White backgrounds can really make your stamped flower images pop. But so can darker ink-blended backgrounds. Here's the story about the collaboration that happened for this card.

When our manufacturing team gave us the first set of these stamps, I made a couple pale pink lotus flowers. Then I made several dramatic, ink-blended backgrounds using dark shades of blue. But then I got stuck. The pale pink didn't work on the dark backgrounds I'd created. As I was standing there looking at the options, Julie walked by and said "you need less contrast." She was right.

She grabbed a darker colored lotus she'd made using colored pencils, along with a couple of  strips of cardstock to make this card come together. Then she embossed the "Thinking of You" sentiment onto a accent she cut out using the Essential Stitched Labels dies. The dark-blue blended background sort looks like a shallow lake where a lotus flower might actually grow!



Look at the bright and cheerful background on this lotus card! Ana used shades of orange and yellow to color her lotus flower and to make her ink-blended background layers. Then she heat embossed the "Hi There" sentiment (which is also included in the Lotus stamp set) onto the die cut panel (made using the largest die in the Essential Stitched Labels set). Instead of looking like a lake at twilight, this lotus flower card feels like a bright, sunny-morning walk along a pond!


Watercolor Thinking of You Lotus Card


Isn't this watercolor stamped lotus card lovely! Norine started with a panel of watercolor paper. Then she stamped and heat embossed the lotus flower and the "Thinking of you" sentiment using white embossing powder. She used pinks and yellows to color the flowers and blue shades to create the background. Compared to many of the other cards, Norine's card has a more messy, loose feel but it is equally as beautiful!



Here's another pretty card featuring the lotus stamped image painted with watercolors. Julie started by stamping the lotus image onto watercolor paper. She used purples, pinks, and yellows to color the lotus flowers and buds. Then she die cut out her watercolor lotus flower.

She added leftover die-cut cardstock circles (from another project), some strips of patterned paper and cardstock, washi tape, and some raindrop embellishments, to the background of her lotus flower project. I really like how peaceful and serene this card is even with all the extra accent pieces!

Want to learn more about how to watercolor stamped flower images? Here's a link to Julie's How To Use Watercolor Crayons on Cherry Blossoms video tutorial. Another video tutorial you might like is called How To Use Watercolor Crayons With The Iris Stamp. You can use the watercolor techniques Julie shares in her tutorials with any flower stamp!


Create a Colorful Stamp Set Mashup Card


Don't you love it when you can mix and match stamp sets? Allison stamped and colored an incredibly beautiful lotus flower patterned background. But then she took a delightful detour. She created a tropical, parrot die-cut accent plus some small, tropical die-cut leaves using the Tommy & Polly the Tropical Birds Stamp Set with Matching Dies. (Tommy and Polly are part of our Animal House Collection of cute-critter stamps and dies.) I love how Allison used the same colors on the parrot and the small leaves that she used to color the background lotus images. And I adore the ironic juxtaposition of the beautiful, classic lotus patterned paper with the die-cut parrot accent and the funny tropical bird-themed sentiment. This whole card makes me smile!

Want to see more funny Animal House and Greenhouse Society product mashups? Emily's funny hippo and blooming branches card will also make you smile. Plus don't miss Allison's blog post featuring Sloan and Slater the Sloths along with the Hello Hollyhocks!


Make Heat Embossed Lotus Patterned Paper


This is one of those cards where you need to see a close-up picture of it to really appreciate it. If you haven't already clicked on Yasmin's project picture, you should do it NOW! She used white powder to heat emboss a background full of lotus flowers onto a light-gray cardstock panel. She also stamped and heat embossed another lotus flower onto white cardstock and added color to the die-cut flower image. Then she added the sentiment and some raindrops to finish her stunningly, beautiful card!


If you liked the last card, you're probably going to love this one too. Yasmin used the same light-gray cardstock and marker colors on this card. But she added color to the heat-embossed background flowers instead. Then she used a larger label from the Essential Stitched Labels Crafting Dies to cut out her sentiment. You can learn more about how she made this card on her blog!


Don't Miss Julie's Video Tutorial!


Who says your stamped lotus flower projects have to be realistic? Julie used blue and purple watercolors to make her lotus flower and then added hints of yellow and green. In her video she walks you through the watercolor process. But she also shows you how you can use the Bubbles on the Border die to make the pattern behind her stamped lotus flower. The blues and purples that Julie used along with the die-cut bubble pattern combine to create a water-like feeling that is perfect for lotus flower projects!

Hop on over to our website to see Julie's video tutorial and another stamped lotus card!


If you are a member in the Greenhouse Society auto-ship program, the Lotus Flowers were in your July shipment. I hope these projects give you some ideas about how to make some lotus flower cards of your own!

Not a member? You can order the Lotu stamps and dies now. 


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