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12 Vacation, Adventure and Travel-Themed Scrapbooking Project Ideas

Are you scrapbooking a recent vacation to an exotic location? Or were your summer adventures closer to home? Here's a collection of travel, recreation and vacation-themed scrapbook layouts, pocket pages, and traveler's notebook spreads to inspire you. Plus we've included some bonus projects so you can see how these same stamps and dies work for cardmakers too!

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Keep Things Simple... Only Use Black Ink

When you are just starting to stamp, typically the only color of ink you have is black. But when your collection of ink pads starts to grow it's easy to forget that sometimes the crisp look of black ink is really the best. This layout by Maggie Massey shows how to use simply stamped images and some sassy sentiment stamps to really highlight your travel and recreation photos.



Maggie started with colorful photos that capture those joyous moments of jumping into a lake. She stamped two of the phrases and the map image from the Sassy Vacation Memories stamp set onto the white background of her layout. Then she used the That Arrow Card Paper crafting dies to make the small flip page plus the die cut words and arrows. What a great traveler's notebook spread to celebrate a sunny day at the lake!

Bonus Project!


Who says travel and vacation stamps are just for scrapbook pages? Check out this adorable card that also features the Sassy Vacation Memories stamp set!


Mix Black Photo Captions with Colorful Travel Die Cuts

One way to draw attention to your travel photos is to make black and white captions and use some black arrows to draw your eye to the pictures. Candace used those black and white elements plus small, colorful die-cut travel icons on this layout about their trip to Arizona.


To make her back and white photo captions, Candace stamped and cut out 5 travel-phrases using the Travel Buddy Stamp Set and the Captions and Labels Crafting Dies. She also stamped the "Going Places" globe but cut away the circle part of the globe and layered the remaining words over the word Arizona. I think that is so creative!

Candace used the Amazing Arrows dies and black cardstock to make a bunch of arrows. I really like how she used the black arrow accents to draw your eye to her photos.

To add some small pops of color, she used the Travel Icons crafting dies to make a green compass, red globe, yellow road sign, and pink five stars die cut accents. The strategic pops of color from the travel-themed die cut pieces look great with the subtle map in the background!

Bonus Project!


Tired of black arrows? Check out the white arrows on this colorful card. Although this card isn't about travel or vacations, it sure is beautiful!


Make Patterned Paper Photo Captions

If you are like me, you struggle to combine stamping and patterned paper. Here's an example of how to make it work. The trick is to use subtly patterned paper and bold ink colors that make very crisp, clean images.


To make accents for her layout, Ashley used the same Travel Buddy Stamp Set and the Captions and Labels Crafting Dies that Candace used on the previous project. Ashley also used black ink to stamp the "ready for new adventures" element but she stamped it onto subtly patterned paper.

By using black ink with the delicately patterned paper, Ashley was able to create a fun travel and adventure-themed photo caption that is also easy to read!


Highlight Your Winter Adventures with Black Accents

Here's another traditional scrapbook layout showing how to use simple black and white stamped images and die-cut black arrows to highlight your vacation photos!


Candace started with a big, dramatic winter photo, and huge letters as the anchor for this lovely layout. She used black ink to stamp phrases and the compass from the Adventure Awaits stamp set. The classic images included in that stamp set will complement nearly any photo and work well for nearly any scrapbooking style.

To finish this winter adventure layout Candace cut out more black arrows using the Amazing Arrows crafting dies. She sure knows how to use those black arrow die cuts to draw your eye to the things she thinks are important!

Bonus Project!


The classic travel images and adventure-themed sentiments in the Adventure Awaits stamp set will also help you make cards for graduations, new jobs, missions, and other life transitions!


Make Some Loose Watercolor Elements

So you may be wondering "what if I want to make some very loose, kind-of abstract layouts?" Or "what if my journey isn't an actual trip but instead is a story about finding love?" Say hello to this layout by Neftali Zambrano.


To create the title for this layout Neftali used the Sending Love crafting dies to cut out the scripty word "Love" using 3 different colors of cardstock . She used the Love is in the Air Stamp Set to make the balloon-filled sky and the phrases on her layout. What a lovely way of celebrating one of the most important adventures in most people's lives!

Bonus Project!


Oh my gosh... check out this hot-air balloon card! Daniela used watercolors to make the stamped balloon image. And then she added lots of gorgeous layers!


Make Travel Embellishments in Colors that Complement Your Photos

You know those pre-made embellishments that are lovely but don't really go with the colors in your photos? (Plus they can be pretty expensive!) Make you own vacation and travel-themed accents in the perfect colors to match your photos!


Amanda Baldwin used the Travel Buddy Stamp Set and the Captions and Labels Crafting Dies to make this traditional scrapbook page. She stamped and die cut out a whole bunch of "Going Places" globes in shades of blue and green to complement her photo. Then she arranged them on her layout in a grid pattern. She added some stitching through the middles of the globes and then folded up each side to add a little dimension.

Amanda used some of the other ticket, sign, and globe-shaped stamps and dies to make some additional travel-themed embellishments for this layout. You can learn more about how Amanda made this project on her blog. What a creative and inexpensive way of making unique scrapbook accents that truly highlight your photos!


Add Emphasis with a Repeating Monochromatic Pattern

Wow... look how Ashley used those same stamps and dies on this project! Ashley started with an amazing, large, black and white photo from a recent vacation.


To create a sense of balance on her travel layout, Ashley made a page of her own patterned paper. She used three different shades of blue and the "Going Places" globe stamp to create a repeating pattern. Then she added one more die-cut, popped up "Going Places" globe in the center of her patterned paper to add just a hint of dimension. The monochromatic globe pattern complements the dramatic black and white photo on the opposite page.

She kept the photo side all black and white, with some journaling and a few more stamped elements from the Travel Buddies stamp set. I really enjoyed seeing the Travel Buddy Stamp Set and the Captions and Labels Crafting Dies on Amanda's traditional 12 x 12 layout and on Ashley's smaller scrapbook page too!


Look for Multi-Step Stamps for Scrapbookers

The next pocket-page project is by Tina Stepanova. Her layout is all about a father-daughter hike. It's lovely, isn't it!

Now, you may recognize the "Favorite Travel Buddy" accent. You've seen it on a couple other projects featured in this blog post. And just like the other designers, Tina made it using the Travel Buddy Stamp Set and the Captions and Labels Crafting Dies. But look closely at the other stamped elements on Tina's pocket page. Look at the phrase stamped on the picture in the bottom right pocket. Look at the pile of stamped and die-cut embellishments at the bottom of her picture. And do you notice anything different about the stamp set at the top of the picture. That's right... there are some other coordinating stamp sets in play here!


In addition to the Travel Buddy Stamp Set and Captions and Labels dies that you've already seen, Tina used the My Trip Stamp Set and the Things Change Stamp Set. When we designed those sets, we really had scrapbookers and memory keepers who love to stamp in mind.

Using these stamp sets, you can make accents using multiple colors of ink and different combinations of travel phrases and icons. Simply stamp an outline shape in one color. Add a travel phrase in another color. And then use more ink colors to add some icons to finish your travel accent. That means you can make truly unique embellishments that no one else has ever seen. So if you like to make one-of-a-kind scrapbook layouts, check out the mega-bundle of coordinating vacation and adventure-themed stamps and dies. It's called the Travel Stamps and Dies Bundle!


Make Extra Embellishments for Later Use

Once you start making travel embellishments using the Travel Stamps and Dies Mega-Bundle, you may want to make some extras to use on future projects. This works really nicely when you are taking a traveler's notebook along on a trip and are capturing your memories as you go!


Remember that pile of embellishments Tina showed at the bottom of her pocket-page project picture? I don't know for sure but I bet she used some of those extra accents to make this traveler's notebook layout about a challenging hike.


Tie the Story Together with Die Cut Cameras

Nearly every traditional scrapbook layout and pocket page includes photos. And the memories are often from the perspective of the person who was behind the camera (or phone) who was taking the pictures. Nathalie's layout shows how easy it is to tell the story using colorful die cut camera accents.


She used the Snappy Cameras Crafting Dies to cut out camera pieces from cardstock and patterned paper that matched the colors in her photos. Then she mixed and matched the die-cut camera parts to make her embellishments. Finally she added some phrases from the Perfectly Wonderful Stamp Set to finish the layout about their train ride. You can learn more about her project on Nathalie's blog.


Don't Forget About Heat Embossing

This project by Theresa Doan is so simple and so STUNNING! I want to go on a family hike and then scrap-lift it.


To get started, Theresa stamped the large tree image and one of the Thoreau quotes from the Walk in the Woods stamp set on the right side of this layout. After heat embossing those stamped images, she added her journaling. A gorgeous picture and another heat embossed quote from the same stamp set were all it took to finish this simply, amazing Traveler's Notebook project!


Make Emboss-Resist Patterned Paper

If you like your heat gun and embossing powder, you are going to appreciate the colorful patterned paper that Christine Burillo-Kirch made for this layout about their trip to get find their first Christmas tree. She used the emboss-resist technique to make it!


Christine stamped and heat embossed the hand-drawn images from the Hello Winter Stamp Set on white cardstock. Then she blended blue shades of ink over the white, embossed images to make her own wintery, patterned paper.

She used the Cars on the Border crafting dies to create the road and cute car traveling along the bottom of her layout. You can learn more about how Christine made this project on her blog. I love how it all came together to create this winter wonderland of a layout!


Bonus Projects!

Cars-Road-Border-Card-Teri-A-Technique-Tuesday Hawkins_jill_nowifi_00_wm

The Cars on the Border crafting dies were originally designed to go on cards. Here are two examples. The sentiment on the first card is from the Adventure Awaits stamp set. And the second card features one of the sentiments from the Sassy Vacation Memories stamp set.


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We hope you enjoyed seeing all of these travel, adventure, and vacation-themed scrapbook pages. If you'd like to show us some of your recreation or travel layouts, please tag us on Facebook or Instagram. Or send your project pictures to us at Ideas at We'd love to see what you make!



Thanks for these great tips and samples. I'm always looking for fresh ways to capture my travels.

What an absolutely wonderful blog post! Soooo many ideas and tips for creating beautiful travelogues and cards. I think I need to start doing this for all my travels! Thank you for the inspiration!

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