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You know all the people in your life who make you laugh and smile? Today's blog post is all about making photo captions and journaling blocks to go with those happy and funny photos!

In this blog post I am going to show several project ideas and share tips for using the brand-new Laugh and Smile stamps. These stamps are designed to work by themselves to help you make photo captions, journaling blocks, and accents for your layouts. And they get even better when you use these stamps and the matching sets of dies together!


I've been using a Traveler's Notebook to keep a gratitude journal. I used the Laugh and Smile stamps to make a bunch of pre-made phrases that I plan to use in my gratitude journal. I hope you get some ideas about how you can use these stamps and dies for your own scrapbook pages and memory keeping projects!


Step 1:
Line the stamps up on your stamp positioner.

When you are using solid stamps like these, you often need to stamp everything more than once to make sure you have good ink coverage. That's where a stamp position really helps. Since I was stamping a bunch of these smile and laugh completer phrases, in several different colors, I wanted to make sure they were stamped perfectly so I knew I would probably have to stamp them more than once.


Most stamp positioners also have grid lines. I recommend you use the grid lines to get the stamps lined up as straight as possible. The straighter your stamping the easier it will be to cut out the completer phrase strips later.

Step 2:
Use extra magnets to hold your paper down.

Solid stamps, like these completer phrase stamps (and some kinds of ink) are rather sticky. To help make sure your paper doesn't move, cut out some smaller pieces of paper. I cut out several 2.25" x 4" pieces of smooth white card stock. I also recommend sliding your paper as tight as possible into a corner of your stamp positioner. Then, if your paper does move, you can just push it right back into the corner and usually get it back into the right place.


Step 3:
Apply a generous amount of ink.

When you are using solid stamps, like these laugh and smile completer phrases, you'll need to use more ink to get good coverage. I used Versamagic ink for my projects. I find they work well with solid stamps. And I love the opaque, velvety look the Versamagic inks create!


Here's another tip. If you are using die-based ink, the ink may appear blotchy right after you stamp. Usually if you give the ink a little time, the die ink will spread out a little and things will look better.

Step 4:
Stamp the completer phrases several times. And run your fingers or the palm of your hand across the stamp positioner to make sure all the ink is transferred to the paper.


Step 5:
Cut out your completer phrases. I used my paper trimmer and extra sharp scissors to cut mine out. I also used some foam adhesive to make some of the completer phrases be more dimensional.


Step 6:
Stamp all the different Laugh and Smile words so you have some of them in your stash too. And you may want to also die cut out some of the scripty Laugh and Smile words!

The Layered Smile dies include both the scripty word smile, a mat die that you can either stamp on or layer with the scripty die cut, and some little accents you can use to highlight your photos or journaling. (If you are a member of the Fresh Cut Studio auto-ship program, the Layered Smile dies will be in in your June auto-shipment.)

In addition, there is a separate set of Layered Laugh dies that work the same way. (We made them a separate set so that both of these sets of dies would be more affordable.)



Now that you've seen the steps I used to make my laugh and smile accents, let me show you some project ideas.

Laugh-and-Smile-Laugh-out-loud-silly-facest-photo-June-2019-Technique-Tuesday-3 Laugh-and-Smile-Laugh-out-loud-silly-facest-photo-June-2019-Technique-Tuesday-3
Laugh-and-Smile-Laugh-out-loud-silly-facest-photo-June-2019-Technique-Tuesday-3 Laugh-and-Smile-Laugh-out-loud-story-card-June-2019-Technique-Tuesday

I hope you enjoyed hearing about these tips and seeing these project ideas featuring the new Laugh and Smile stamp set. And I hope you'll watch my Introducing the Laugh and Smile stamp set video too. In that video I share some additional tips and show a bunch more projects ideas for using these stamps and dies!


P.S. Are you a member of the Memory Keepers Studio auto-ship program? We will start shipping the Laugh and Smile stamp sets to members on June 10th.

Not a member? You can pre-order these stamps now. Or if you'd like to save 25%, sign up to become a Memory Keepers Studio auto-ship member!

Laugh-and-Smile-Memory-Keepers-Studio-Clear-Stamps-Technique-Tuesday Layered-Smile-Fresh-Cut-Studio-Crafting-Dies-Technique-Tuesday Layered-Laugh-Crafting-Dies-Technique-Tuesday


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