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Summer is the time I like to slow down, relax a bit, and take in the sights. So this month's Animal House stamp set and crafting dies are perfect for those slow, lazy days of crafting.


The Sloane and Slater the Sloths Stamp Set includes a couple of cute sloths hanging around on their branches, a few leaves and a bunch of punny sayings. You'll get to meet them officially on Monday, when we do the big July reveal. Come back and visit us then to see everything. Or sign up for the blog's RSS feed, and have it sent to your inbox or feed reader as soon as it's posted!


If you're a member of the Animal House, you'll find Sloane and Slater the Sloths in your mailbox mid-month, with the rest of your auto-shipment.

Not a member? You can pre-order yours on July 1. Or, if you would like to save 25% on cute animal stamps and dies each month, check out the Animal House auto-ship program. Members enjoy discounts, exclusive special offers, plus free shipping on their add-on orders.



How adorable!!!

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