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Another Sneak Peek + You Could Win!

Animal House Sneak Peek + a Giveaway!

Wow... can you believe January is almost over? It's time to start the new release countdown! From now through January 31st we will be sharing sneak peeks each day. Then on February 1st and 2nd, we'll be revealing all the new products and we'll be having a blog hop featuring lots of projects we hope will inspire you. So let's get started with today's sneak peeks!


Get ready to meet some new, cute critters. These fur-balls will be joining the Animal House Collection of stamps and dies on February 1st. Like all the Animal House stamps and dies, these cuties are designed to help you make cards that are fun to color. So far we've made these critters be pink, purple, orange, gray, and also very SPARKLY!


What kind of animal do you think they are? What color would you make them? Or what sentiments would you put with these animals? Tell us what you think for a chance to win!

Leave a Comment for a Chance to Win One of Three $20 Gift Certificates!

From now through February 2nd, there are a bunch of ways you can enter for a chance to win a gift certificate to the Technique Tuesday store. You can enter once, several times or all of these ways!

  • Between now and midnight on February 2nd, leave a comment here on our blog on each of our sneak peek and blog hop posts. Tell us what you liked about that day's post. (If you do this every day, you'll have 5 chances to win.)

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We will announce the three winners right here on our blog on February 5th. Good luck everyone!



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What cute stamps

This looks like a cute little skunk! I like the traditional black and white but the pink is adorable.

I am already a follower on Facebook! Love your stamps.

Stinkin cute skunks. Traditional color or maybe pink & white. Can't wait to see the release..

Super cute little stinker!!!

I follow you on Facebook and Instagram.
I think the cute creatures are skunks. I think one of the sayings is, ‘You smell like a rose’.

I think that this little cutie is a skunk! Adorable, and thanks for the chance to win!!

They look like cute little badgers! Would be so cute in lavender. How about a "badger of honor" sentiment?

I'm following you on Instagram!
Thanks :)

Liked and following you on Facebook :)

Love the "stinkin' cute skunks"!
"stripes are always in fashion"
"be a stripe of a different color" and the skunks could be tie dye patterns

cute! can't wait to see the sentiments with the skunk!! I'd love to do a card like the old Pepe Le Pew cartoon, you know, one a skunk, another a cat that is colored like a skunk!

I've followed you on facebook for as long as I knew your stamps existed!

The beauty of making our own greeting cards is
that we can color an animal (or anything) whatever
color we want. The "picture" is supposed to be
fun and happy. These little skunks look friendly.
thanks for asking my opinion.

I do believe we are getting skunks! They are so stinkin' cute. (Sorry I just couldn't resist.) Can't wait to see what else is coming. :D

I am already a follower of yours on Facebook. :D

Awesome little skunk!

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Looks like a skunk! I would love to own this stamp. Mine would totally be about Pepe La Pew, mon cherie!

I'm going to go with skunks- although much much cuter ones than I've ever seen :)

I think they look like skunks and I love them in the pastels but they would look just as darling in black and white!

Also, I like and follow your page on Facebook already!

Following on Instagram too


Skunks! I look forward to seeing the whole set.

This looks like a cute skunk. (Is that an oxymoron?😉) Very cute...and fun to color black/gray/blue and white. “Don’t be a stinker...???” 👏🏻

I think they're
skunks! I would
make mine in
shades of purple.
Carla from Utah

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Carla from Utah

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Carla from Utah

These cuties look like skunks and I love how you made them in bright happy colors! Can't resist a cute critter so these are a favorite

Already follow you on FB and just love your stamps!

Stinkin' cute sneak peeks!
I would make my first skunks pink :)

... and they would be saying "I think your stinkin' cute"

,.. my mind was saying "I think you're stinkin' cute"
... my fingers did not want to play along - oops!

I already like and follow you on FB :)

Skunk!! :)

Yep these adorable critters look like the cutest skunks ever!! I would color them in retro/funky multi colors for their bodies and shimmery, sparkly, snow white stripe down their backs. Peace, Love, and Funky Skunky Fun!! :)

I have joined the #TechniqueTuesday Facebook community (Mindy Drummond / Mindy1414)

Yep, you be seeing me on Instagram too (@mindy141414).

Love the skunks. Follow you on Facecbook

That’s a cute skunk! I would probably color it black and white!
Thanks for sharing...

It looks like a skunk. I would color it black and white.
Thanks for sharing...

Love these little guys.

Can't wait to see the new release!!!

I'm already a follower on FB (Arianna Barbara).

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I liked you on fb

Everyone seems to be in agreement - those skunks are stinkin' CUTE!

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