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Another Sneak Peek + You Could Win!

Animal House Sneak Peek + a Giveaway!

Wow... can you believe January is almost over? It's time to start the new release countdown! From now through January 31st we will be sharing sneak peeks each day. Then on February 1st and 2nd, we'll be revealing all the new products and we'll be having a blog hop featuring lots of projects we hope will inspire you. So let's get started with today's sneak peeks!


Get ready to meet some new, cute critters. These fur-balls will be joining the Animal House Collection of stamps and dies on February 1st. Like all the Animal House stamps and dies, these cuties are designed to help you make cards that are fun to color. So far we've made these critters be pink, purple, orange, gray, and also very SPARKLY!


What kind of animal do you think they are? What color would you make them? Or what sentiments would you put with these animals? Tell us what you think for a chance to win!

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They look like skunks. I LOVE skunks, and have petted one before (she had been de-stinkified :) . SO cute. You can color them to make them different, which is adorable.

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I follow you on FB.

Is that a cute skunk?! There are lots of varieties so coloring them different
is not far fetched. lol

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I already follow you on Facebook. :-)

Looks like a cute lil skunk.

It’s a skunk. The sentiment should say: “I heard you are under the weather. That stinks!”

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I like that you are showcasing skunks. I don't see very many stamps with skunks!

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I'd color this little cutie with a black stripes and my sentiment would be, "Life would Stink, Without you in it."

I already had liked and followed your Facebook page.

These are so cute! They look like skunks. I have a cute skunk living in my yard that I call Petunia. I see her once in awhile out in the meadow, and I talk to her from a safe distance.
I'd color a rainbow skunk!

I'm already a follower on FB!

I think they look like little skunks! Love knows no bounds...

Following on Instagram too!

I follow you guys on Instagram!

Following you in IG and FB! Great peeks! They look like skunks and they are so cute!

It could be a badger. Looks cute whatever it is.

I follow you on Facebook...

Could be a skunk, though the ears could be a mouse! Both are darn cute!!!

just went an followed on facebook!!!! I think its a very cute skunk!!! I think she smells like a rose and should be named ROSE!!! cant wait to get mine!!!

just followed on instagram!!!

I think it looks like a cute little skunk! I think I’d color her in many different colors and with some sparkle too!

I think they are skunks. I think black heat embossing would be fun!
I am now following you on both Facebook and Instagram
I am so glad I discovered you!

I already follow you on Facebook

I already follow you on Instagram too!

So I “ liked “ you on FB.

A Skunk!
Black and grey comics or black and pink!!!
“ You are so STINKIN’ cute!!”
“ puff puff give” (just’s just it smells like’s legal)
“ You are powerful”
“ you are strong”
“ you blow me away”

Lolol. So fun!!

That’s a skunk by golly and they are too stinking cute.

Cute little skunks!

Those stamps are adorable!!

Looks like a cute little skunk! Can't wait to see the whole set!

Looks like they will be an adorable addition to the collection. So stinkin' cute!

I already follow you on Instagram and Facebook!

OH MY! I didn't think skunks could be cute... I was WRONG! Darling! Can't wait!

I am a follower on FB and commented on the page!

I follow on Instagram for all the awesome inspiration!

They look like skunks !
Very cute, but P U... haha

I like you on Facebook!

I follow you on Instagram!

Oh I love skunks!

I like and follow your FB page!!

I follow you on Instagram!!

Oh my the skunk is adorable!! So Stinkin' Cute would be a great saying. I follow you on FB and Instagram!

Looks like an adorable little skunk to me! The Animal House line is so cute!

They look like Stinkin’ Cute skunks! Love the idea of coloring them pink!

Others have said this and I can’t help but say it also ... the skunks are Stinking Cute.

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