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Don’t miss out on this chance to win your favorite animal stamp set!

Remember standing in the pet store and wanting to adopt some cute little critter so much? When I was a kid we adopted several cats (I think I named at least 2 of them Twinkie) and later a dog (who was a beagle named Snoopy). Those pets worked out reasonably well. But sometimes the desire to adopt an animal isn't quite so logical. I remember one year I went off to camp and fell in love with owls. There were several summers I was sure my life would not be complete if I didn't own a horse. And I'm pretty sure I coveted my best friend's turtle even though it really did stink.
For all of us who haven't been able to adopt the critters that our hearts desired, there is some good news today. This week we are having the first ever animal adoption drive right here at Technique Tuesday. And there are so many animals to choose from! Ever want to have your own lion? Check out Leo. Would you like to have a goat but without having to muck out the barn? You are going to want to look for Gertie and Garth the Goats. And who can resist June the Giraffe? Starting today, you can enter for a chance win one of our Animal House stamp sets. Here's how: 
  1. Choose your favorite  animal stamp set from all the critter stamps on our website.
  2. Leave the name of your favorite animal stamps in a comment here between now and June 29th.
 We will announce a winner here on our blog on July 1st. It's that easy to adopt the animal of your dreams!


I have had my eye on Hanna the horse for some time now. I have recently moved to Ocala Florida the horse capital of the world. Oh the cards I could make.

My top 3favorites:
Chicken family
Llama family
Bunny family.
Soooo cute and love the punnys

It's tough to pick a FAVORITE!! I LOVE the Giraffe, Clementine the Cow or the Turtle Trio!! THANKS for sharing and for the chance to WIN!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!!

Duck Swan stamp is darling!

Love the giraffe stamp. Thanks for the chance to win!

All of the animal stamps are adorable. But I would pick Fredrick and Fiona Fox stamp set.

I'm crazy for flamingos so Floyd and Frannie Flamingo is my favorite stamp set! Love all the punny sentiments that go along with them. Thank you for the chance to win!!

I llove the llamas llots...llol

Love Gertie & Garth the Goats

I love Floyd and Frannie Flamingo Stamp & Die Set. I am a fan of flamingos!

Duck, duck, goose for me!!!

I love them all, but to pick one it would be the
Turtle trio.

It's hard to just pick one I love animals and grew up on a farm. I love Clementine the cow, Sammy the squirrel, Felix the frog, Leonardo the lion, and Zsa zsa the owl. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity..

Phyllis and Finn the fish are so fun and most definitely fin-tastic! I love their sweet sentiments too.

I would love JUNE the Giraffe. or any of the animal stamps THANKS for the chance to WIN!

June the giraffe.

My fav is Leonard the lion. He's adorable! Maybe I choose him because I'm a Leo...our maybe because he's just different! My second choose is Sammy the in SQUIRREL!! SHINY METAL OBJECT!!! I'm really distracted. What we're we taking about again??

There are several I'd love to adopt, but my first choice was Sammy squirrel. Just love how cute he is and the wonderful sentiments that go with him!

Chicken Family. It’s so cute!

Felix the Frog is my favorite, although I love June the Giraffe, the Turtle Trio. Oh, so hard to choose!

so much fun with Lorenzo the Lllama. Both of my grand daughters are all about Llamas this summer!

Honestly, I would absolutely love to have any of the animal stamps! They are so incredibly adorable! ! But since you asked us to pick one- I'd have to say that Felix the Frog is my most favorite!!! I mean how can you resist the sentiment "that frogs eat whatever bugs them!!!" There are many days that I wish I was a frog!! It would make life a lot easier! !! :)

Felix the Frog......instead of ribbit .....loveit!!!

They are all so cute! But if I had to choose just one, I think it would have to be the owl stamp! Love the sentiments included in that set and the owl is just adorable!

The sentiments in Duck, Swan, Goose are just hilarious and I also love Parker and Penny Pig. So many cute critter sets!

I have always wanted a turtle and the Turtle Trio is super adorable. TFS

The owl is adorable!

I am a big giraffe fan so it would be June the Giraffe for sure!

June and Hanna would just be perfect at our farm! 😉

So many cute critters! I love all of them and the fun sentiments. My favorite is Clementine the Cow! She is so adorable and I love the sentiment -- What's Moo?

Love Penny and Parker.

Duck, goose, swan would fit right in with my chicken hen house. Have many of the animal house critters, love them all.

Thank you for the chance I love the turtle cute

Love that little turtle trio.

Hands down, my fav is Bertie and Garth goats!!! But Lorenzo the llama is a very close 2nd 😁

Even though it's hard to choose, Chicken Family has cute, sassy sayings that can brighten anyone's day.

There are so many great ones, but Sammy the Squirrel is my favorite! Thanks for a chance to win!

Love the ducks and swans! Love the sayings that go with it! Unique and different!

June the Giraffe is so sweet! I would love to have a giraffe. My granddaughter has giraffes in her nursery decor.

I love the Hanna the Horse clear stamps and matching dies!

It is so hard to choose but if I had to I would go for Sammy the squirrel, thanks for the chance to win

My favorite is June the Giraffe she is adorable.
We go to Animal Kingdom and go on their safari ride and I love to see the giraffes, I think it was last year one of the females had a baby and he/she is just beautiful!
Thank you for the chance to win June.

This was an easy one for me...Parker & Penny Pig! I have been collecting pigs since I was in Kindergarten, over 50... uh and a well... I'm a bit older now and still collecting! Love the fun sayings with them too.

I love your images.. I love the funny farm.. the barn, fence and hay stack are awesome.. Awesome that it comes with dies.. The animals need a place to live in right?? LOL

Frederick & Fiona The Fox are my faves!! So cute!!

Chicken family or cheeky chicken it’s so hard to chose just one.

I would love love to adopt Phyllis & Finn the Fish Stamp Set! There are lots of great sayings and phrases to make my cards so awesome! Thanks for the chance to TT!!!

I love Floyd and Frannie Flamingo. My girlfriends and I have a running joke about flamingo legs.

Lorenzo the llama is so cute. Great puns.

Felix the Frog... so cute!

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