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Don’t miss out on this chance to win your favorite animal stamp set!

Remember standing in the pet store and wanting to adopt some cute little critter so much? When I was a kid we adopted several cats (I think I named at least 2 of them Twinkie) and later a dog (who was a beagle named Snoopy). Those pets worked out reasonably well. But sometimes the desire to adopt an animal isn't quite so logical. I remember one year I went off to camp and fell in love with owls. There were several summers I was sure my life would not be complete if I didn't own a horse. And I'm pretty sure I coveted my best friend's turtle even though it really did stink.
For all of us who haven't been able to adopt the critters that our hearts desired, there is some good news today. This week we are having the first ever animal adoption drive right here at Technique Tuesday. And there are so many animals to choose from! Ever want to have your own lion? Check out Leo. Would you like to have a goat but without having to muck out the barn? You are going to want to look for Gertie and Garth the Goats. And who can resist June the Giraffe? Starting today, you can enter for a chance win one of our Animal House stamp sets. Here's how: 
  1. Choose your favorite  animal stamp set from all the critter stamps on our website.
  2. Leave the name of your favorite animal stamps in a comment here between now and June 29th.
 We will announce a winner here on our blog on July 1st. It's that easy to adopt the animal of your dreams!


Bailey the Bunny Stamp Set is my favorite! Love Bailey and all the cute sentiments that go with him.

Chickens!! I love the Chicken Family and the Cheeky Chicken sets!

Felix the Frog is up for adoption?
I promise to give him a good home!
As long as he doesn't mind letting
me make cards with his cute stamp!

All your critter sets are super cute so it was a really difficult decision but if I was lucky I’d choose ‘Phyllis & Finn’. Thanks for the chance to win x x

I'd love to adopt Felix the frog but I love all of them because the punny sentiments are so funny. X

The Chicken Family! I would love to give the Chicken Family a home!

They are all cute. The fox would be good to adopt

The farm animals are all so cute! And the barn!! I'd start with duck, swan, goose to fill the barnyard!

I'd love to adopt Felix the Frog although it's very hard to choose as I love them all. The punny sentiments are such fun!!!

The goats. Because the possibilities are endless, and they’re cute.

The Duck, Sean and Goose for me!

I'd love the duck, swan and goose!

Sammy the Squirrel, because I am a little nutty myself!

I’m loving Phyllis and Finn, the fish. I’m sure I could do a lot with them!

Oh what a tough choice to make!! I LOVE Parker & Penny Pig …

Since my name is Phyllis, I have to go with Phyllis & fin, the fish stamp set.

I would adopt the duck swan and goose! I love seeing these guys in nature and don’t have a stamp set like that :)

I love the sentiments paired with the different animals - so fun! If I'm going to adopt, it's gonna be Felix the Frog.

I absolutely love giraffes so June the Giraffe would be my fave please

I am in love with Felix the Frog and all his croaky sayings.

I LOVE the sentiments in the Floyd and Frannie Flamingo stamp set! Also, Mr & Mrs Flamingo are adorable!

Floyd and frannie flamingo are my adoptees

I would love to win Sammy the squirrel!

I tell everyone I want a baby goat, so I choose Gertie and Garth Goat for my adopted animal. Thank you for a chance to win!

I love the Pig stamp set! They are so cute and fun! Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!

Lorenzo Llama has no problama being so amazing!

Cheeky chicken is adorable 😍

duck ,swan ,goose is my favorite set, I like that they are so versital, and just darnn cute!!!!

I would give the Gertie & Garth goat stamp set a good home. Thanks for the chance.

It's going to have to be Hanna the horse for me but they are all great.

I like Phyllis & Finn the Fish. I would rather color fish than take care of them. Such cute critter sets!

they're all so darn cute, but it's Sammy the Squirrel. that is my favorite.

I would love to adopt the Turtle Trio Stamp Set. Sooooo Cute!

It's gotta be the goats--my daughter has been obsessed with goats her entire life, in fact in our family they are known as "goat friends". She is now an adult, has two cats but no goats and STILL loves goats, although she knows she cannot have them where she lives. As a child, she talked of becoming a vet, live on a goat farm with lots of goats! I could use this stamp for so many things and I have to admit, I like goats too!

I want Lorenzo the Llama!
Too adorable.
Carla from Utah

I love the Chicken Family Stamp Set
I would use it over and over. I can just imagine the cards I would make with it.

All the stamp sets are adorable and well worth “adopting “
My favorite is leonardo-the-lion-stamp. I think that would be particularly
fun to use

I adopted my dog Peia 5 years ago. She was a puppy when we adopted her from a shelter. I can't imagine my life without her ❤

I love Lorenzo the Llama stamp set...sooo funny 😀😁 thanks forthe chance to win

Definitely the Chickens. I grew up with chickens and a menagerie of different animals.

I love all the animals but the foxes, Frederick & Fiona, have a special place in my heart!

Love the Parker & Penny Pig stamp set!

Since I was a toddler, I've been an animal lover. Through life I've owned cats, dogs, chickens, a rooster, ducks & two miniature goats. And, I've loved them all. I cried for 10 days after our rooster was killed by a mink. My hubby thought I was a little nuts. I have to say my favourite animals of all time are dogs & horses. I've yearned for a horse all my life, but money, location, children, etc. just never allowed me to have one. So, that said, I have to say while I so very much like quite a few of the animal stamps, Hanna the Horse wins hands down. It's so nice of you to give us a chance to win a set for free. Thank you!

I would love to give Felix the Frog a new home. He would be my new prince!! :-). He would certainly get a lot of exercise in my craft room... err, I mean pond. Lol

I love giraffes, but I gotta go with the Chicken Family stamp set. Who doesn't love chickens?? So cute! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Floyd & Fannie Flamingo! I love the flamingos as much as the sentiments!

Parker and Penny Pig is awesome....I would stinkin cute for sure
I love the farm animals. I’m addicted to every one.
I def would choose the pigs!! Heehaw!

Thank you!

Well, there are so many cute animal stamps to choose from it is a difficult choice. I do love the foxes Frederick and Fiona as well as the flamingos! All are adorable.

I would love for Sammy the Squirrel to join my pack! He’ll get along fine with the cats, right? ;o)

I would love to adopt Zsa Zsa the Owl … soooo cute!

The Cheeky Chicken speaks my language :)

(man, I just added a bunch to my wish list too!)

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