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DIY Snow Globes for the Holidays

Hi all!

Looking for a fun but easy (and economical) holiday gift to put together? Make a snow globe!

Technique-Tuesday-Snow-Globe-House-Teri-AndersonThis little globe was easy to put together. And if you have kids or grandkids, this would be fun craft to work on with them. Let me show you how you can make one.

Start by cutting a circle from vellum with the Circles steel dies. I'm using the largest circle in the set. You will also want to cut a couple houses with the Happy Home steel dies.

DIY Snowglobe Christmas Craft from TechniqueTuesday.comAdhere a home onto the circle. Use the other home for the windows and doors. Adhere them onto it as well. 

Now you are going to need a two-part plastic ornament. I found standard size ones, which you can often find at big box craft stores, work well for this project. 

Open the ornament. Add some sequins (or beads) to one half. It's up to you how much to put in.

DIY Snowglobe Christmas Craft from TechniqueTuesday.comInsert the vellum circle. It will look a bit like this. If you are concerned about the circle moving around, use a little tape or a glue to keep it in place.

Now add a pinch of batting to the other side of the ornament.

DIY Snowglobe Christmas Craft from TechniqueTuesday.comClose up the ornament and you'll end up with something like this.

DIY Snowglobe Christmas Craft from TechniqueTuesday.comCut a 7" x 1" piece of cardstock. You can use it plain or stamp a pattern on it. (I stamped the polka dots with the Lots of Dots stamp set.) Roll the piece of cardstock into a circle. Connect the ends with a staple.

DIY Snowglobe Christmas Craft from TechniqueTuesday.comThe cardstock will serve as the stand for your snow globe.

DIY Snowglobe Christmas Craft from TechniqueTuesday.comI think one of the coolest things about these snow globes is you can use them a home decor or you can use them on a Christmas tree as an ornament. If you want to use it as an ornament, flip the ornament over as you assemble it together so the hole is at the top. Use a clear glue to seal the ornament. Use the same glue to connect the cardstock snow globe base to the bottom of the ornament. Add a little twine or ribbon to the top of the ornament and it will be good to go. 

DIY Snowglobe Christmas Craft from TechniqueTuesday.comThanks for stopping by today! Hope to see you again soon!



Oh my gosh, these are too sweet and adorable! Love how simple they are to make!

This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing :)

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