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Story Card Sunday: From the Heart

Hi everyone!

It's time for another Story Card Sunday tutorial, and I can't wait to show you a new way to use your steel dies! 

First, let me introduce you to this week's Story Card. 

From the Heart Story Card by TechniqueTuesday.comLike many of the Story Cards we feature on Sunday, this one is pocket page-friendly. It would also look swell on a traditional scrapbook page or greeting card.

Let me show you how you can make one just like it.

A Story Card Sunday tutorial from TechniqueTuesday.comStart by cutting a base card with the Story Card dies. Cut a small rectangle with the Pocket of Love dies.

Set the base card onto top of the Chain of Flowers by Cath Edvalson die with the cutting side up. Take a crayon and rub it over the pattern. You'll get something that looks like this.

A Story Card Sunday tutorial from TechniqueTuesday.comFun, huh? Move the die down and repeat last step. To kick your Story Card up a notch, use a different crayon.

A Story Card Sunday tutorial from TechniqueTuesday.comRepeat the crayon rubbing process over and over until you've covered your entire Story Card with the flower pattern.

A Story Card Sunday tutorial from TechniqueTuesday.comStamp a sentiment onto the small rectangle. The one I used is from the Hello Darling stamp set.

A Story Card Sunday tutorial from TechniqueTuesday.comAdhere the rectangle to your base card. To give it extra pop, use foam adhesive to adhere it.

Finish the Story Card by adding a few gems or enamel dots to it.

A Story Card Sunday tutorial from TechniqueTuesday.comTune in next Sunday for another fun tutorial! Hope you will consider coming back!



How cool! Thanks
for showing this.
Carla from Utah

I remember doing this! Great reminder of another way to use dies!

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