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Big Timber Week: Create a Background with Letter Stamps

Hi all!

Welcome back to Big Timber Week. We hope you've enjoyed all the great ideas we've shared so far this week for using the Big Timber Outline and Big Timber stamp sets.

Today's post is all about using the stamps to create a background. This is a fun way to use one or all four of the stamp sets.

Hi Letters card from TechniqueTuesday.comSee the background on that card? It was created entirely with the Big Timber Lowercase and Big Timber Outline Lowercase stamps. It could have easily been created with the Big Timber Uppercase and Big Timber Outline Uppercase stamps as well. 

Let me how you can use alphabet stamps to make your own background paper like I did!

Start by using two stamps to spell "hi" in the middle of a large stamping block. Now, you are going to randomly place letter and punctuation stamps all around it. You'll end up with something like.

Alphabet Stamp Background Tutorial from TechniqueTuesday.comRemove the "hi" word. Place those letters on a small stamping block.

Alphabet Stamp Background Tutorial from TechniqueTuesday.comInk up the remaining stamps. You can use one color of ink or multiple colors of ink. If you choose to use multiple colors of ink, apply the lightest color of ink first. Use the darker ink color second. 

Stamp the background on cardstock. And then ink up the "hi" letters. Stamp those right onto your background like so.

Alphabet Stamp Background Tutorial from TechniqueTuesday.comAnd there you have it. 

We hope you've enjoyed Big Timber Week! Craving more Big Timber projects? Check out this planner page from Laura O'Donnell and this scrapbook page from Daniela Dobson.



great technique, will have to try this.

Looks terrific! Love the ombre effect.

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