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Story Card Sunday: World to Me Spinner

Hi everyone!

Sunday means it is time for a brand new Story Card.

A Story Card made with clear stamps and steel dies from

And guess what? This week's card has a special twist. It spins! Check this out.

Cool, huh?! Let me show you how you can make a spinner card just like it.

Start by die-cutting two base cards with the Story Card steel dies. Cut a large circle with the Circles steel dies, as well as two 1 3/4" circles. You'll also want to cut a heart with the Here Globe steel dies.

A Story Card Sunday tutorial from

Adhere the large circle to the one of the Story Cards.

A Story Card Sunday tutorial from

Stack the two base cards on top of each other. Do not glue them together. You'll see why in a minute. 

Set a circle die (the second largest one in the Circles steel dies set) on top of the stack. Run the entire stack through your die-cutting machine. If you are afraid of them shifting around, use a little Washi tape or Painter's tape to hold the die and base cards in place.

A Story Card Sunday tutorial from TechniqueTuesday.comAfter you've run the stack through your die-cutting machine, you'll end up with something like this.

A Story Card Sunday tutorial from TechniqueTuesday.comNeat, right?

Now you are going to do a little stamping.

Pull out those small circles you die-cut earlier. Stamp the World to Me stamp onto one of them. And stamp a phrase from the Hello Darling clear stamp set onto the other. Affix the heart under the phrase.

A Story Card Sunday tutorial from TechniqueTuesday.comTake one of the base cards. Set one circle in the center of it. The stamping should be facing the table.

Run a line of thin thread or fishing line from the top to the bottom of the card. Apply tape onto the card and onto the circle so the tape does not move. My advice? You can't use enough tape! (Wink!)

A Story Card Sunday tutorial from TechniqueTuesday.comAdhere the second base card to the first base card. It will look somewhat like this when you do.

A Story Card Sunday tutorial from TechniqueTuesday.comPlace the second circle onto the first circle.

A Story Card Sunday tutorial from TechniqueTuesday.comAdd a gem or enamel to the heart.

Flip the Story Card over and add a few more gems or enamel dots to your design.

A Story Card Sunday tutorial from TechniqueTuesday.comThe end result? A cool spinner card!

A Story Card Sunday tutorial from TechniqueTuesday.comI hope you enjoyed this week's tutorial! 

Tune in next week for another Story Card Sunday tutorial! Next week's post features some fun masking and inking techniques! Hope to see you then!


Ps. It's the last day to get the World to Me stamp for free! You can get it for free when you join the Memory Keepers Studio, Fresh Cut Studio or Greenhouse Society auto-ship programs by the end of today, May 31st.  


What a fun card!

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