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Make Your Own Constellation for a Card!

Hi everyone!

Constellations (or night skies) are a really popular design to see on T-shirts right now, and I've come up with a fun way to mimic that look. Check out this card I made.

The World Card from TechniqueTuesday.comSee that starry night background? I made it myself! 

And here's how you can make your own DIY Constellation paper to use on a greeting card. 

Start with a piece of black cardstock. Spray bleach onto it. Let the bleach pool up and let it dry a few hours.

DIY Constellation paper from TechniqueTuesday.comAfter the bleach is dry, swab purple chalk around most of the bleach drops. Apply some purple chalk onto some of the black spots too.

DIY Constellation from TechniqueTuesday.comNow take some blue chalk and apply it onto the bleach spots like so.

DIY Constellation from TechniqueTuesday.comYou've got one more round of chalking to do. This time you are going to swab on some pink chalk.

DIY Constellation from TechniqueTuesday.comI caution you that it won't look pretty as you do the chalking. Be patient! I assure you that this starry night background is going to get prettier and prettier with each step.

DIY Constellation from TechniqueTuesday.comNow that you have completed the chalking, you are going to want to spritz some white spray mist on top of your background. If you don't have any spray mist, mix a little paint with some water and then put it into a spray bottle!

DIY Constellation from TechniqueTuesday.comLet the white spray mist dry. 

To keep the chalk colors from coming off, spray the panel with a light misting of hairspray.

The World card from TechniqueTuesday.comFor my card, I stamped a couple stars on it with Technique Tuesday's Look Out World clear stamp set

Look Out World clear stamp set from TechniqueTuesday.comAnd then I heat embossed a sentiment from the stamp set onto a strip of black cardstock with white ink and white embossing powder. 

Sure love the look!



Wow Teri! That looks really effective! I'm going to give it a go :) x

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