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Greenhouse Society: February Reveal

February is here, and we've got a brand new Greenhouse Society stamp set.

Dogwood - Greenhouse Society clear stamp set from TechniqueTuesday.comPlease meet the Dogwood - Greenhouse Society stamp set. Isn't it lovely?!

The Dogwoood - Greenhouse Society stamp set consists of six clear stamps on a 3" x 4" storage sheet. The stamp set starts shipping around February 25th to Greenhouse Society members.

Not a Greenhouse Society member yet? We have you covered! It's available for purchase by non-members for $12.99.

If you like botanical-themed stamps, you may want to consider joining the Greenhouse Society. We release a new stamp set every month as part of this collection. Members get the Greenhouse sets for $9.99 each (plus shipping and handling) and enjoy other benefits. Check out the Membership Agreement and FAQ page on our Web site for more details on joining the Greenhouse Society.

Just what can you make with the set? Check out these fun cards created with it.

Dogwood card from Michelle Woerner. Created with the Dogwood stamp set and the Straight Talk - Hello steel die.)

Dogwood card from


A card by Birgit Edblom made with stamps from

(By Birgit Edblom)


Stamped  Dogwoord card from

 (By Teri Anderson)


Thanks all!

The crew will be back again on the 25th with more great ideas for this stamp set! We hope to see you then!



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