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Story Card Sunday: Rainbow Stripes

Hi all!

I'm back with a new pocket page-friendly Story Card for you. 


Let me show you how you can make one with DIY Steel Dies from Technique Tuesday. On your mark. Get set. Let's do it!

Start by cutting a base card with the Story Card dies, a frame with the Quotes Card dies and a word with one of Technique Tuesday's Say It word dies. Technique Tuesday makes a number of word dies, but the one I am  going to use today is the Awesome one.


Take some strong two-way tape and apply strips of it to the base card. You'll see I left a little bit of tape off the edge of Story Card so I could easily remove the liner as I worked.


Remove the liner from one piece of tape. Dump flock (or glitter) onto it. Use a little wax paper to rub over the flock (or glitter) and burnish it to the tape.

Scs_46_3Shake away any excess flock. Remove the liner from a second piece of tape. Dump a different color of flock (or glitter) on it. Again, use wax paper to burnish it. 



Again, shake away any excess flock.

Repeat the last couple steps over and over with different colors of flock until your card has all kinds of stripes.


Once you've completed your stripes, adhere the frame and word to the card so you get something like this. 


So there you have it! I'll be back again next Sunday with another Story Card. Hope to see you then!



Love this story card...specially the texture and rainbow effect.

Ok I SO love this! Thanks for the great idea!

WOW! Looks beautiful.

I LOVE it. LOVE how you created your colors. Thanks for sharing.
Crafty hugs,

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