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Story Card Sunday: You Are Amazing

Hello all!

How is your weekend going? I hope swell!

I've got a brand new pocket page-friendly Story Card for you... because it is Sunday and all! 

2_scs_47_amazing_techniquetuesday Let me show you how you can make one like it. This was easy to make with Technique Tuesday's clear stamps and DIY Steel Dies.

Scs_47_1Start by die-cutting a base card from patterned paper with the Story Card steel dies. Cut two quote cards from cardstock with the Quotes Card steel dies. The two quotes cards should be cut from different colors of cardstock.

Layer the two quotes cards together, slightly off-setting one of them. Now, I wanted to stamp on my white card but I've flipped my layered cards over for the picture here.

Scs_47_2Stamp a sentiment on the quotes cards. (I've used a saying from Technique Tuesday's Keep Smiling stamp set.) Adhere the card to patterned paper. Trim away any excess.

Scs_47_3Finish the card off by adhering the quotes cards to the base card. Then add a few gems or enamel dots.


I'll be back again next week with another Story Card. Hope you will come back!


Going Places with Laura

It's no secret that I love a good pocket page! 

And Laura O'Donnell is a master when it comes to making them. Just check out this two-page spread she completed about a trip her family took for her daughter's indoor field hockey tournament.


Look at all those pictures! So great! And just check out how she embellished her pages with Technique Tuesday's Going Places stamp set and steel dies, as well as some other Technique Tuesday products.



I love how Laura created some of her own Story Cards for her pages.

She did a great job making some pre-made journaling cards her own by embellishing them with Technique Tuesday products. Just check the arrow card on this page here. She created the arrow card by cutting a frame with the This Arrow Card and then adding a camera die-cut with Going Places steel dies. Underneath all of that is a pre-made journaling card. 


Laura put this picture together so you could see how she created some of the journaling cards on her pages by mixing together Technique Tuesday's Story Card dies with some of the pre-made journaling cards out there.


Pretty cool, huh?

And here are a few more close-up shots of Laura's pages. 


I just love how those hearts (die-cut with the Going Places steel die) look like they are coming from the stamped "Loving Every Minute" words (from the Going Places stamp set). 


By the way, here's a complete list of the Technique Tuesday supplies Laura used on her pages:


Greenhouse Society: August Project Parade

Let the shipping begin!

The 25th means Another Anemone, the newest Greenhouse Society stamp set from Technique Tuesday, is ready to start shipping.

To celebrate, we've got some fun cards to show you that our Creative Team has made with the new set. Hooray!


(By Birgit Edblom. Created with Another Anemone & Take Care.)



  (By Teri Anderson. Created with Another Anemone & Scritch Scratch.)




 (By Teri Anderson)



Like what you see? Not a Greenhouse Society member yet? We have you covered! The Another Anemone - Greenhouse Society stamp set is on sale for a limited time to non-members for $12.99 (plus shipping and handling).

If you like botanical-themed clear stamps, you may want to consider joining the Greenhouse Society. We release a new stamp set every month as part of this collection. Members get the Greenhouse sets for $9.99 each (plus shipping and handling) and enjoy other benefits. Check out the Membership Agreement and FAQ page on our Web site for more details on joining the Greenhouse Society.

Tune into the Technique Tuesday blog again on September 15th when we reveal the next Greenhouse Society stamp set

Hooray for fun new stuff,


Story Card Sunday: Rainbow Stripes

Hi all!

I'm back with a new pocket page-friendly Story Card for you. 


Let me show you how you can make one with DIY Steel Dies from Technique Tuesday. On your mark. Get set. Let's do it!

Start by cutting a base card with the Story Card dies, a frame with the Quotes Card dies and a word with one of Technique Tuesday's Say It word dies. Technique Tuesday makes a number of word dies, but the one I am  going to use today is the Awesome one.


Take some strong two-way tape and apply strips of it to the base card. You'll see I left a little bit of tape off the edge of Story Card so I could easily remove the liner as I worked.


Remove the liner from one piece of tape. Dump flock (or glitter) onto it. Use a little wax paper to rub over the flock (or glitter) and burnish it to the tape.

Scs_46_3Shake away any excess flock. Remove the liner from a second piece of tape. Dump a different color of flock (or glitter) on it. Again, use wax paper to burnish it. 



Again, shake away any excess flock.

Repeat the last couple steps over and over with different colors of flock until your card has all kinds of stripes.


Once you've completed your stripes, adhere the frame and word to the card so you get something like this. 


So there you have it! I'll be back again next Sunday with another Story Card. Hope to see you then!


Going Places with Ashley

Here's a fun way to remember a family trip: Make a mini album!

Ashley Harris paid homage to her family by putting together this super cute mini album that features pictures from a recent beach trip.



Ashley kept it simple and practical by creating her book pages with Technique Tuesday's Story Card DIY Steel Dies and then stamping a phrase or design element with the Going Places - Memory Keepers Studio clear stamp set on each page.



Each page features a picture and a little bit of handwritten journaling.




I sure love the color scheme Ashley used. The neutral colors work so well with her colorful pictures.




Have you made something with the Going Places stamp set? We'd sure love to see it! Share your projects with us through the Technique Tuesday Facebook page or on Instagram. Be sure use the #TechniqueTuesday hashtag.


A Sweet Little Gift for the Kids

Looking for a quick and easy gift for the kids and grandkids? How about a bottle of bubbles?


All you need is Technique Tuesday's Going Places Fresh Cut Studio steel dies, some cardstock, string and some tiny bottles of bubbles.

Simply die-cut the heart and octagon from cardstock a couple times and then assemble the pieces together. Pop holes through the top of the octagons and bring some string through them and then tie them onto your bottles of bubbles. 


For a little added visual interest, consider stamping a word on the hearts. The "xoxo" I used here is from Technique Tuesday's Love You Lots stamp set


 You can also spruce up your hearts by adding a gem, pearl or enamel dot to them.


Going Places with Daniela

Looking to document your Summer adventures? Planning one last trip for the Summer and wanting to scrapbook it on the road?

On your mark. Get set. Check out this super cute mini book Daniela Dobson made with Technique Tuesday's Going Places and Best Place clear stamp sets and Going Places steel dies.

Summer 2014 mini album page 1 by Daniela Dobson

 From the colors she used to all the elements she mixed together, this book screams fun! 

Summer 2014 mini album page 2 by Daniela Dobson

I think one of the coolest things about this book is Daniela's put all the work into it ahead of time so that all she needs to do is add pictures and journaling when she's ready to scrapbook.

Summer 2014 mini album page 3 by Daniela Dobson

I just love the blue banners here. Daniela die-cut them with the Banners steel die and then folded them over tag page base. Such a fun idea!

Summer 2014 mini album page 5 by Daniela Dobson

And check out how she bound her tags together with a binding ring. If she wanted, she could easily punch holes into her vacation pictures and just add them to the ring. 

Summer 2014 mini album page 6 by Daniela Dobson

So fun, Daniela!


A Card from Teri

 Hi all!

Teri here, and I'm excited to share a card with you today.


I just love Technique Tuesday's Butterfly Collage stamp. It's so easy to work with. Whether you are scribbling a background with color pencils and stamping the Butterfly Collage on top or stamping it and coloring the butterflies in, you can get some really stunning results with this stamp.


For this card, I stamped the image with black ink and then colored the butterflies and label with colored pencils. 


By the way, can you believe that most everything on this card was stamped? Yep. From the butterflies to the yellow background, I stamped most everything (other than those black gems next to the label)!

The background paper was easy to create with Technique Tuesday's Scritch Scratch clear stamp.


So all I did was ink the stamp up and stamp on a piece of cardstock. Then I repeated those steps again and again.


Have you made anything with Technique Tuesday stamps lately? We'd love to see it. You can share your projects through Technique Tuesday's Facebook page and on Instagram. Be sure to add the #TechniqueTuesday hashtag to your photos.


Story Card Sunday: Awesome

Hello, Sunday! We meet again.

And guess what, friends? I've got a brand new, pocket page-friendly Story Card to share with you.


This Story Card was easy to make with steel dies and clear stamps from Technique Tuesday. Let me show you how you can make one like it.

Start by cutting two base cards with the Story Card steel die. You'll also want to cut one frame with the That Arrow Card die


Take one of the base cards. Set a circle die on it. Use a little Washi tape to hold it in place. Run it through your die-cutting machine.


Now use a piercing tool (or push pin) to poke holes all the way around the circle. Stitch embroidery floss through the holes.


Take a second color of floss and bring it across the circle, over and over. 


Stamp on the arrow frame. I used a stamp from the Follow The Arrows. Adhere the frame to the card. 


Add a few sequins or gems to the card. And mount the base card to the second base card. By the way, I used foam tape due the bulkiness of the floss.


When you are finished, you'll have something like this.


I'll be back again next Sunday with another installment in the Story Card Sunday series. I hope to see you then.