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Greenhouse Society: July Project Parade

And here we go! The new Rose - Greenhouse Society is ready to start shipping.

And lucky us! We've got the Technique Tuesday Creative Team here today with a couple beautiful cards made with the new stamp set. Hit it, gang!

Photo (19)

(By Tobi Crawford)



(By Birgit Edblom)



Like what you see? Not a Greenhouse Society member yet? We have you covered! The Rose - Greenhouse Society stamp set is on sale for a limited time to non-members for $12.99 (plus shipping and handling).

If you like botanical-themed clear stamps, you may want to consider joining the Greenhouse Society. We release a new stamp set every month as part of this collection. Members get the Greenhouse sets for $9.99 each (plus shipping and handling) and enjoy other benefits. Check out the Membership Agreement and FAQ page on our Web site for more details on joining the Greenhouse Society.

Be sure to check the Technique Tuesday blog again on August 15th when we reveal the next Greenhouse Society stamp set. Hope to see you then!



What great cards! And such a pretty stamp set!

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