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A Patriotic Banner for the 4th of July

Hi, Technique Tuesday fans!

Looking to add a patriotic touch to your home for the 4th of July? Here's a fun idea: Make a patriotic banner to hang on your front door! 


With Technique Tuesday's Nested Stars DIY Steel Dies, you can quickly put together this rustic home decor project.

One of the cool things about TT's DIY Steel Dies is you can cut a lot of different materials with them. From paper to washi tape to chipboard to foam, there's a lot of possibilities.

For this project, I used a pre-made burlap banner. Don't have access to one? You easily make your own by just cutting a triangle from burlap and adding some string to it.

So let me show you how to make the stars. You'll need craft foam and wool felt. Wool felt costs a bit more than the cheap synthetic craft felt, but you will find it cuts easily with steel dies. (By the way, I found wool felt for this project at a fabric store. I've also found it on Etsy by searching for "wool felt".)

To make the stars, you'll cut one small and one large star from wool felt. You'll also cut one medium star from craft foam.


Cut as many stars as you want for your banner.

Stack the stars together. Use a strong glue to adhere them on top of each other.


Place some blue floss through a needle. Use the needle to poke holes into the stars. You should poke a hole at each point and in between the points. This pre-poking will make it easier when you start sewing.


Use the needle to bring the floss through the holes.


Keep going until you've brought floss through all the stars.

When finished, adhere the stars to the banner with a strong adhesive. 


To finish the banner, I cut a couple more stars and stamped the word "freedom" from the My Hero stamp set on a strip of cardstock. I stacked them together and put them right in the middle of the two stitched stars.



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