Getting the DIY Party Look: Customized Straws
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Getting the DIY Party Look: Tissue Paper Flowers

Teri here, and I am so happy to see you again today.

I think one of the neatest decorations from my DIY Party were the tissue paper flowers I made.

I made a few dozen pink flowers to decorate the party table, the room and even the party banner.


These were really easy to make, thanks to Technique Tuesday's Circles DIY Steel Dies.

I piled up a stack of tissue paper (about 8 sheets worth) and ran them through my die-cutting machine with a circle die.


I stapled the circles with a stapler so they'd stay together. I crinkled them up with my fingers and then uncrinkled them, seperating one sheet of tissue paper from the next. 


I think they kind of look like rosebuds. 

Then I placed a glob of glue onto a piece of scratch paper and dipped the flowers in it. Then I dipped them into a pile of glitter.



The end result was something like this.


The cool thing is each one looked a little different. I also loved that I could place them anywhere I just wanted to add a pop of color, even on some on the party table.


Thanks for joining me to today. To learn more about the Spring Party, go here and here.



So fun, I'll scrap
lift this for sure!
Carla from Utah

Great, easy way to make pretty tissue flowers! TFS how you did it! :)

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