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Green Week: A Card From the Heart

Hi all!

With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner, it seems like a good time to celebrate with lots of green projects. We'll be sharing a green project every day this week here on the Technique Tuesday blog.

So let's get things started with one totally sweet, totally fantastic card from Linda Barber!


Who would have thought hearts would look good in green? But Linda sure did a great job putting these guys together! 

Linda created her hearts by die-cutting several patterned papers with two of our DIY Steel Dies: Nested Hearts and Heart Card. Then she stacked things together to make the hearts.


What's so cool is that even though the hearts use many of the same die-cut elements, they look totally unique because she used so many different patterned papers. Way to go, Linda!

Turn in tomorrow for another fantastic Green Week project! 



beautiful card!

Really cute idea and card,

This card is adorable and so unique! Green with pink is my favorite color combination :)

Really cute card! Very talented,Thanks for sharing!

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