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Story Card Sunday: I Give Thanks For...

Hello again!

Are you ready for another installment in our Story Card Sunday series? Well, here we go.

Meet this week's Story Card.


This Story Card is versatile enough that you can use it to decorate a Thanksgiving table by wrapping up some utensils. But it's also good to use in a pocket-style scrapbook page like this.


Here's how you can make one just like it.

First, we are going to do some cutting. Cut two bases with the Story Card die. You'll want to cut one from white cardstock and another from kraft cardstock.


Now, cut out a center and a frame from patterned paper and cardstock with the Hi Banner Card die. Keep one frame and one center. Set aside the leftover die-cuts to use on a project of your choice later on.


You'll also want to cut two flags from patterned paper with the flag die that's included with the Hi Banner Card die.


Now, let's start assembling!

Adhere one Banner Card frame and center to one of the Story Card bases you cut out. And then adhere the two patterned paper flags.


Poke two holes into the card like so.

And run a piece of twine or string through the holes. Tie a bow.


Stamp a sentiment of your choice on the card. (I used one from Technique Tuesday's I Give Thanks stamp set.)

If you want to use this card in a pocket page, you are good to go.

If you want to use this card as a place setting utensil wrap, you've got a couple more steps.

Flip the card over. Place strips of two-way tape on it, leaving enough room for your utensils.

Remove the tape's backing and place the second Story Card base on top. Slide the utensils between the two base cards.

And there you have it!


Please join us again next Sunday to learn how to make another Story Card.


PS. Who are the lucky winners from the Meet Teri post? Well, the four winners are: Donna Mikasa; Cheryl Mussell; Debbie Taylor; and Nancy Haskins. Congrats, ladies! Check your email for a message from Teri about your prize!


May have to give this design a try in a couple weeks ;)

wow cute.. love this idea.. thanks for sharing..

Yay! Thank you, Teri! It was nice "meeting" you and I'm thrilled to be a winner! Love the place card idea, too!

This is absolutely precious. I'm so glad I read the whole post and learned how you did it. What an inspiration you are. Thanks for taking the time to share! ♥

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