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Story Card Sunday: Really Cool

On your mark. Get set. Get ready for the latest installment in our Story Card Sunday series.

Say hello to today's Story Card.


Here's how you can make one just like it for your pocket-style scrapbook pages. And, bonus! This week's Story Card would even look nice on a greeting card!

You'll need the Story Card - Steel Die set to make this card.


Start by placing the Story Card and photo corner dies on piece of cardstock. Hold the photo corner in place with a piece of Painter's tape. (Washi tape works swell, too.) Run the dies and paper through your die-cutting machine.

Once you've done that, remove the dies. And now move the photo corner down about 1/2" down the card. Use the tape (again) to hold it in place and run it through your die-cutting machine.


Repeat the last step one more time so you have cut the photo corner out of the card three times.

Now it's time to stamp on your Story Card.

I wanted to give the card a border so I used one of the stamps from Technique Tuesday's In Stitches stamp set to stamp a line on each side of the card.


I also wanted it to have some words on it so I stamped a phrase using TT's Cool stamp set. With this Story Card's design, you could use pretty much any sentiment stamp of your choice.


Once you've completed the stamping, you'll want to flip the card over. Place a little adhesive around the edges of the photo corner openings and place some patterned paper over the openings.


Yes, it's not pretty. But flip it over and you'll get something like this.

Pretty cool, huh?

We'll be back next Sunday with another Story Card!


PS. Wanting to try our our Story Card die and get some stamps to use with it? Well, we have a Introductory Die and Stamp Bundle available right now for $29.99 (regular price $39.97). The bundle consists of the Story Card - Steel Die and our Important Stuff and Well Worn Journals stamp sets, as well as project ideas with links to videos.


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