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Story Card Sunday: Sweet Little One

Hooray! It's Story Card Sunday once again.

Here is today's Story Card!


And here is the scoop on how you can make one like it for your pocket-style scrapbook page.

We are going to kick things off today with some die-cutting.

Start by cutting a base from kraft cardstock with our Story Card die.


Now cut a mat and center with the Magic Circle Card die from patterned paper. You'll need just the center for this project.


Don't put away the Magic Circle Card die quite yet. We are going to use it one more time.

This time, set the die on white cardstock with the cutting side down. Now take the circle that comes with the Magic Circle Card die and place it on the paper like so.


Use a piece of Painter's tape (or Washi tape) to hold the dies in place so you can run them through your die-cutting machine without them moving around.

Once you've run the dies through the machine and removed the tape, you should get something that looks like this.


Set the circle and center aside to use them later on another project of your choosing. For this Story Card, you'll only need the frame.

Adhere the frame to your kraft-colored Story Card base. You can use it as it is or you can add a few stitches like I did. I simply poked holes with a needle and then ran floss through them.


After you've completed the stitching, add the patterned paper center we cut way back when we started this project to the frame.

And now comes the "really fun" part!

Pick a 1" circle stamp to use inside the open space. (I chose one from the Baby Flair by Ali Edwards stamp set. Check out the So Into Circles category on our Web site to see some of the other circle stamps we offer.)


Stamp with your chosen stamp on cardstock. And cut it out with either a circle punch or circle die.


Finish the card off by adding three stars (also included with the Magic Circle Card die) die-cut from patterned paper or cardstock. To give them added dimension, use foam tape to adhere them to the card. Also, consider adding some gems to their centers.

2_scs_4_closeAnd there you have it!

Hope to see you again on Sunday for the next installment in our Story Card Sunday series.



Sweet card! I love how you created that little loop in the die and I adore the stitching! Thanks so much for sharing!

Really pretty, I love this card !!!

Teri I LOVE this!!!!!!! And I LOVE Story Card Sunday! :) So much fun inspiration! I am loving these dies for cardmaking!

oh my word this is so pretty.. i love it

Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

This is so cool!!!

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