Story Card Sunday: Sweet Little One
Happy Halloween!

Meet the amazing...

Teri AndersonToday I am really excited to introduce the creative, the oh-so-cool, and the amazing... Teri Anderson! When you initially meet Teri, you might think she is quiet but she has so much to say. Sometimes what she says is unbelievably funny and irreverent. Yet at other times, her words are so very wise. Her paper crafting style ranges from quirky to classic. She makes traditional layouts, cards, and pocket-style pages too. Plus she designs amazing stamp sets that manage to be clever, playful, and very usable all at the same time. Since I can't seem to find words that capture the essence of Teri, I decided to add a couple pictures and ask Teri to share a little more about who she is. Take it away, Teri!


How did you start crafting?

My mom always kept a scrapbook when I was a kid. (Think photo album with pictures and trinkets taped in it!) I started keeping my own scrapbook when I was in high school. After college, I got a job and moved to a town in another state where I knew nobody but many people there scrapbooked. So I really got into scrapbooking then as a way to get to know people and to give me something to do outside of work. I liked it, made some awesome friends (who are still dear to me to this day) and got into making cards and other paper crafts!

What type of music do you listen to when you are crafting?

I love music! Besides crafting, going to concerts is another love of mine so I listen to a lot of music! I’m pretty eclectic in my tastes and listen to about everything from rock to country. On my “most frequently played” playlist right now are songs from: Goo Goo Dolls; Toby Keith; John Mayer; Ben Folds; Journey; Heart; Pearl Jam; Taylor Swift and Sheryl Crow.

What are some of your favorite paper crafting techniques?

Does good old direct to paper stamping count? Because I really love inking up a stamp and stamping it on paper.

I’ve also been having lots of fun lately inking more solid stamps (like the ones in Chevrons Two Step), misting them with water and then stamping them on paper. I love the artistic look it creates.

I’ve also been enjoying making backgrounds with watercolor crayons. I scribble a few crayons on watercolor paper and then spread the color with a waterbrush. I let it dry and then stamp on top with black ink.

Favorite stamps?

My current favorites would have to be: I Give Thanks; Thumbs Up by Ali; Wildflowers and Fill in the Blank. But picking a favorite Technique Tuesday stamp set is like picking a favorite child. Hard! I think my favorite stamp sets change with each stamp release. There’s always some new set that makes my heart go pitter patter!

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about Teri. Everyone at Technique Tuesday, especially me, thoroughly enjoys working with her! If you would like to win one of Teri's stamp sets, here is your chance. Leave a comment here by midnight EST on Nov. 1st. Tell us which of Teri's designs is your very favorite. (You can see all of Teri's stamp sets on our website.) We'll announce four lucky winners here on our blog on Nov. 3rd. 



lovethe energy, action and color in the examples shown. thanks, and i look forward to seeing more!

Good to Snow is definitely my favorite! Thanks for sharing!!!

I love making background color cards and playing with all kinds of crayons, pencils, markers, etc.

I love making background color cards and playing with all kinds of crayons, pencils, markers, etc.
forgot to add I would like to be entered into the contest to win!

I had to work hard to look beyond the stamp that recommended chocolate, but once I shook my head and took a genuine look at Teri's varied and wonderful stamps, I fell in love with "Be Jolly" - I'm a sucker for a nice Christmas tree, and the opportunity to change to decor on the tree and really have fun with the decor just grabbed me in a really wonderful way.
I love Teri's stamp set named : Be Jolly!
She is one gifted lady!

I liked Teri's "Say Cheese" the most! I actually met Teri at a papercrafting convention and she is just as sweet as she is talented!

So nice to get to know a little more about Teri. Her work is awesome! I especially like the "Be Jolly" stamp set. I see lots of possibilities for quick and creative Christmas cards in that set.

Well it's tough. Teri's designs are fabulous.
But I have to go with Good To Snow. I love
snowmen and this set is quite unique.

I looked through each one and I really like the Good to Snow. The snow balls and snowmen are just absolutely adorable!!

I have always enjoyed Teri's work. I love all of her Keep Calm stamp sets as well the I Like You set being another favorite.

Love Teri Anderson! My favorite set is "I Like You", which I just bought and can't wait to ink up! The sentiments are fun and sweet.

I agree, Teri is definately creative and has lots of fun favorite? Can't pick just one, I love all of the sets with the "keep calm...." messages! (get crafty, think vacation, eat chocolate, go shopping, twinkle on.) Keep those ideas coming!
kathy M

Ok, my VERY favorite of Teri's sets is "I Like You." Such super-cute sentiments! I also love Twinkle On. With the holidays approaching, I just had to add that!

I would have to pick "Awesome". It has so many great sayings that would be fun on cards as well as my pages.

With Flair is my favorite set...thanks for the inspiration Teri!

Wow, to pick a favorite is going to be hard! I'm so into the "keep calm...." trend these days so any of the Turn 29, Smile Big, Eat Chocolate, Go Shopping, Twinkle On, etc. is my favorite!

Love getting to know Teri better! I love and recently got Say Hello, with the matching hello die. Can't wait to use it!

I love Teri's stamp sets. I own quite a few already! My newest favorite is Say Cheese! (at least it is until a new release lol!)

I liked all the stamp designs but my favorite ones are the twinkle on would love to win. thanks for the chance

Be Jolly and Banner Up are my Favorite Stamps by Teri!!! You pick!!!!

Teri's work, which I seem to encounter in many different places, always impresses and inspires me. Fun to get to know her a little better.

I see many, but my favorite is the PL spread using the In A Nutshell and Fill In The Blank stamp sets (need more fill in the blank type stamps).
Awesome job Teri!

Thanks for letting us get to know Teri better... I've seen her work before and she is so talented! Well, if I have to pick I would say I Love Teri's *Awesome* stamp set.

It was really hard to pick just one that was my favorite, but Good to snow is so cute. Picking the top 5 would have been easier.

Loved learning more about Teri and seeing her awesome, fun designs! My favorite set is Bright Ideas!!

Of course my favorite stamp set is "Eat Chocolate". It is trendy and above all, it's sentiments are true! Love it!! Best wishes designing Teri.

Thank you for showcasing the designers. It is really nice to learn a bit about those that design the Technique Tuesday Stamps. Thanks for the chance to win!

Cute stamps! Thanks for the chance to win!

Happyville is my favorite Terri stamp set, so versitile.

So cute!

Give Thanks 'cause it's got lots of possibilities. Very cool!

My order just arrived today with some of Teri's stamp sets in it. Woohoo, can't wait to play.

My favorite is Get Crafty. I like the stamp that says Keep Calm & Get Crafty as well as Keep Calm & Eat Chocolate.

yay Teri.. I have met her already and she is amazing..

Teri is awesome! I love her fun style - both in her paper crafting and her stamp designs.
Her Awesome and With Flair sets are my favorites. :)

Keep it up Teri! I love the "with flair" set because it is so versatile. I can think of a zillon different ways to use them. Thanks for sharing the techniques above. I am really excited to try them, especially the watercolor crayon one.

So many to choose from. My favorite is Good to Snow! I like her other ones too.


I just love Teri's stamps! I already have a bunch of them, but I don't have "Big Thanks". I would love to win that set. Thanks for the chance. :D

If I have to pick one it would be "Fill in the Blank" -- So fun!

It is so hard to choose a favorite of Teri's stamp sets! They are all unique and awesome. If I must choose one it would have to be "Eat Chocolate". Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter! ~dale

I love Teri's ideas. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

Wow, I just love all the stamp sets but my favorite is Happyville Home! Love how you customize the buildings to style and color

Wow-it was so hard to pick 1! I like in a nutshell, noted, I like you...and so many others! Thanks for the chance to win!

Say Cheese is my favourite. She has cute designs!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Yay, Teri! She really is a wise woman who's super friendly, talented, kind, and generous!

Love how Teri's personality shines through on her posts. Even though I haven't met her IRL, it seems like I have. I like "Good to Snow and I like You." So many cute ones!!

I love Happyville-Home! Thanks for sharing, Teri!

I met Terri at CKC several years ago and she is as awesome in person! She is adorable and so smart and witty. Love all of her stamps but I think "keep calm and eat chocolate "is my fav!!!

You are totally talented!

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