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Meet the amazing...

Teri AndersonToday I am really excited to introduce the creative, the oh-so-cool, and the amazing... Teri Anderson! When you initially meet Teri, you might think she is quiet but she has so much to say. Sometimes what she says is unbelievably funny and irreverent. Yet at other times, her words are so very wise. Her paper crafting style ranges from quirky to classic. She makes traditional layouts, cards, and pocket-style pages too. Plus she designs amazing stamp sets that manage to be clever, playful, and very usable all at the same time. Since I can't seem to find words that capture the essence of Teri, I decided to add a couple pictures and ask Teri to share a little more about who she is. Take it away, Teri!


How did you start crafting?

My mom always kept a scrapbook when I was a kid. (Think photo album with pictures and trinkets taped in it!) I started keeping my own scrapbook when I was in high school. After college, I got a job and moved to a town in another state where I knew nobody but many people there scrapbooked. So I really got into scrapbooking then as a way to get to know people and to give me something to do outside of work. I liked it, made some awesome friends (who are still dear to me to this day) and got into making cards and other paper crafts!

What type of music do you listen to when you are crafting?

I love music! Besides crafting, going to concerts is another love of mine so I listen to a lot of music! I’m pretty eclectic in my tastes and listen to about everything from rock to country. On my “most frequently played” playlist right now are songs from: Goo Goo Dolls; Toby Keith; John Mayer; Ben Folds; Journey; Heart; Pearl Jam; Taylor Swift and Sheryl Crow.

What are some of your favorite paper crafting techniques?

Does good old direct to paper stamping count? Because I really love inking up a stamp and stamping it on paper.

I’ve also been having lots of fun lately inking more solid stamps (like the ones in Chevrons Two Step), misting them with water and then stamping them on paper. I love the artistic look it creates.

I’ve also been enjoying making backgrounds with watercolor crayons. I scribble a few crayons on watercolor paper and then spread the color with a waterbrush. I let it dry and then stamp on top with black ink.

Favorite stamps?

My current favorites would have to be: I Give Thanks; Thumbs Up by Ali; Wildflowers and Fill in the Blank. But picking a favorite Technique Tuesday stamp set is like picking a favorite child. Hard! I think my favorite stamp sets change with each stamp release. There’s always some new set that makes my heart go pitter patter!

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about Teri. Everyone at Technique Tuesday, especially me, thoroughly enjoys working with her! If you would like to win one of Teri's stamp sets, here is your chance. Leave a comment here by midnight EST on Nov. 1st. Tell us which of Teri's designs is your very favorite. (You can see all of Teri's stamp sets on our website.) We'll announce four lucky winners here on our blog on Nov. 3rd. 



I love so many of Teri's stamps but the one I have used the most is Fill in the Blank and I can't wait until my Say Cheese arrives!

I love "Keep calm and eat chocolate" ! I have sooo many friends for whom I could use this stamp! (So appropriate for me too)

Great post on Teri---I always love her cards in PaperCrafts magazine! Thanks for sharing more about her, she really inspires my creativity. I love her BE JOLLY stamp set! Thanks for the chance to win!

My favorite stamp set is, hands down, "I Like You". Such sweet sentiments that I know I would use often.

This is an awesome prize pack!!!
Say Cheese or Fill in the blank are my favourites!!!

How very nice to meet you Teri. I like your designs featured here because duh... I hadn't thought of doing a layout with ATC size cards until I saw yours. A lot of times I have difficulty because I just can't find the creativity for a full 2-pg 12X12 layout, but I always seem to be able to create a 2.5X3.5 (silly, I know). I also like your thoughts (at least this is how I interpret them) because I like changing it up... to whatever I'm in the mood for at that time. I like your versitility. :)

What a great technique. Hard to decide which I like best but
Good to snow.

Teri's Be Jolly stamp set is on my wish list! Love your work, Teri. (And we have similar tastes in music!)

I love good to snow!

I absolutely love Teri's cards. My fav design is the new say cheese stamp set.

It's so difficult to choose just one favorite...they are all great! I know I could do some fun designs with "Happyville -Family." Thanks for the chance to win!!

I love Teri's work--have followed her in Paper Crafts along with the many design teams she has been on!

I can't just pick 1 favorite, but I did narrow it down to 2--Say Cheese and Smile Big.

Teri -- you have a lot of great stamps sets but my fave is Eat Chocolate. It's what we all do when we need something to cheer us up or charge us up. I've used it to make a fun candy bar cover, to make a java jacket, on a card inviting a friend for coffee, as an accent on a gift and on tons of scrapbook pages. Keep up the great work!

Love all of your designs! If I have to pick a favorite it would be "awesome". I agree , choosing a favorite stamp set is like choosing a favorite child, depends on the day ; ) Enjoyed meeting you on your blog and I can't wait to try the watercolor crayon technique. I've always added the color after I stamp my image.

It was nice learning more about Teri. My favorite is her set Happyville--Sunshine.

I too would have a hard time picking a favorite stamp from Technique Tuesday. Love the Keep Calm sets and the fill in the blank ones.

My favorite stamp set of Terri's is the Happyville-Home set. I can think of many ways to put this set to good use. Thanks Terri for your fabulous creations.

I love your simple and fun style Teri! The stamps you create are so cute!

My favorite stamp set of Teri's is say cheese. I am a photographer and I LOVE it! I can definitely see me using this in my pages.

Great work Teri!

Well I'd love them all....each one is so unique and fills my mind with so many ideas. Love the "wildflower" one.

Pleased to meet you, Terry. Can't wait to see more of your art work

I like them all, but especially the With Flair.

I really love all your stamp collections, it's hard to choose a favorite because they are actually things I would use and phrases I would say which help personalize my cards and scrapbook pages a lot more. I think I would say the "Turning 29" or the "Good To Snow" stamp sets are my favorite. The snow men are so cute and the birthday phrases are so funny they remind me of my siblings. :)

I love the Say Cheese stamps. I can see getting a lot of use out of those.

Dude, for reals? You want me to pick a favorite? ALL of Teri's designs are fabulous!!! The Say Cheese and Good to Snow sets are next on my list! They are ADORBS!!!!

WOW -- so many awesome stamp sets! If I had to choose a favorite, it would be Happyville - Cars! Thanks for sharing about your paper crafting past!

Love to hear a great story about the people behind the amazing work.


These new stamps are just adorable!

I love your work, Teri. When I read your bio, I thought they were talking about me, as well. I'm a girl who is a little silly, too, but loves to laugh and have a fun time with my friends. Thanks for your great selection of stamps!

Thank you for the chance to win a set. My favorite would have to be Be Jolly!

Compliments to the talented Teri Anderson who loves inking up a stamp and stamping it on paper. Would really like the chance to play with the set of 20 "Banner Up" stamps she designed for Technique Tuesday!

Even though I like all of the stamps,I really like Happyville Home stamp set-I could use it for the cards I make for Operation Write Home.

I love your style! It is very clean and simple but very appealing to the eye. I think my favorite is "Say Cheese" I love the word Smile and the camera. Thanks for all you do!


I have several of Teri's stamp sets. But the one I still want is the Howdy stamp set.

I love Teri's style and I think my favorite set is the Happyville Balloons.

Yay for Teri. I love her card designs! I love sentiment stamps, so my fave stamp is her "With Flair" set! :)

In a nutshell is my fav and I use it all of the time for my PL, love ya Teri!

Love posts like this and getting to know more about Teri! Thanks to Teri for sharing. So hard to pick a favorite of her stamp sets but I love the Awesome stamp set & Big Thanks!

I think "Be Jolly" is my favorite set designed by Teri. Love the design of the tree with different "ornaments" as well as the sentiments.

I love Teri's designs! Probably a favorite is the Puffy Hearts, and I also love her choice of using Wildflowers!! Thanks for a chance to win also!

I love the Wildflowers!

Hi I love Teri's card hello again! I love to send my friend cards. This one is colorful and so pretty, yet elegant looking!

It is fun to meet the people behind the creativity. I have had TT stamps from way back. Always looking for new ideas.

It was great to meet and learn about the people who designs stamps. Nice to meet you Teri! You design some cute and wonderful stamps! My favorite Teri stamp is Happyville Family.

I visited your blog and enjoyed your style of scrapbooking. The rainbow picture at the fair is amazing, I too love rainbows!! Thanks for your inspiration.

Love the Get Crafty set. Great stamps!!

I love Bright fun, trendy, and versatile

Just pick one? That's hard, I have a three way tie - Eat Chocolate (because there's symbols for chocolate and coffee which is 90% of my intake), Twinkle On (that champagne flute *swoon*) and I can't leave off Be Jolly because once I saw that the little circles match the circles on the Christmas trees to make ornaments I just couldn't leave it off the list! Love that!

I love all the stamps but I would chose me first set it would be::
Get Crafty I love the saying that go with the stamp set. Thank you for a chance to win

My favorite Teri stamps are Dude--because I have two boys--and everything in Happyville!

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