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Studio AE: July Reveal

Meet Michelle (plus a chance to win stamps!)

Michelle-CroppedHey, Friends of Technique Tuesday! Today I want to introduce Michelle. Michelle recently graduated with a marketing degree and joined the Technique Tuesday team. She has been working behind the scenes but starting now you are going to be seeing newsletters, videos, and blog posts where Michelle will be sharing her projects with all of us. I asked Michelle to tell us a little more about herself and share some of her wonderful pictures. So here is Michelle - in her own words!


I hope you enjoyed seeing Michelle's pictures and that you can see her spirit of adventure, how much she enjoys the great outdoors, the love she has for her family, and how deeply she cares about helping other people. I feel very blessed to have Michelle on the Technique Tuesday marketing team!

I also know that Michelle would like to get to know all of you better, too. Please leave a comment here or share a link to a photo about one of your recent adventures or a special family moment. Leave your comment by 11:59pm on Sunday, July 7th. We will be giving away some of Michelle's favorite stamp sets (Life Is Good, Possibilities, Wise Guys, and Stay the Course). We'll announce the four winners (one winner per stamp set) here on our blog Monday, July 8th.


PS: You may also want to check out this video where Michelle shares some tips for making a masculine birthday card!


Great pictures...how sweet of you to share your stories with us. Thanks.

Welcome, Michelle! I enjoyed hearing about some of the meaningful parts of your life, several of which I can personally relate with! I also love nature and the outdoors, and water....even though I am likely older than your parents! The best parts of life come when all of my family is together, which is not often as we are spread all over New England, in PA and in CA. This summer, for the first time, we are all gathering together on vacation....we haven't done this since the last wedding! I am so looking forward to this vacation, and photos will definitely be a part of my scrapbooks this summer, too! Welcome, and I look forward to seeing more of your 'life' on your pages here!

Michelle, welcome to the Technique Tuesday family and thank you for sharing your photos and information on your life. I look forward to seeing more of your work and hearing about your adventures. Good luck with your new job and your life! Diane

I enjoyed seeing/hearing your pictures, especially that yoga pose in front of the lake. I've just been savoring hearing a two year old say "grandma" over and over, wanting me to do things with her.

My husband and I like to go out on adventures on our Vespa. We go out to lunch, hiking, etc.

I tried to go skydiving, but the cloud bank was too low, now I have to have the nerves for 2 more months.

yay and a huge WELCOME!!! I love your video and thank you so much for sharing all of this with us! I don't have any adventure pictures, but I do have a picture that I recently posted of my littlest one on my blog:
http://www.lisascreativeniche.blogspot.com/2013/06/post-for-factorydirectcraftcom.html Can't wait to see your work!

Welcome Michelle....really wonderful video...I feel I have gotten to know you a bit. I look forward to seeing your Project Life pages.

Great video and welcome Michelle! It's nice to see another Pacific Northwest soul working on scrap books.

I can't wait to see how the blog goes.


Welcome Michelle! Thanks for the fun video!

Love the pictures of your life as a child and then today! You've got a lot of great pictures that will make scrapping them so much fun. I love the memories that my pics and pages evoke as I scrap them and later looking back on the pages.

Hi Michelle. Welcome to the Technique Tuesday family! Wondering if you will be traveling to CKC events? My stamping buddy and I have been known to spend literally hours (yes!)@ your Seattle booth. We love to see all your beautiful samples (which make us want all the associated product!)Hope to meet you there this next November!

Michelle sounds like a great addition to Team Technique Tuesday. Her passion for documenting her life story is inspiring, and I look forward to seeing her posts. I know I need to start putting my story together, and hopefully her posts will be a springboard to inspire me to start mine, instead of always scrapping the grandchildren.

Hi Michelle,
One of our most recent and favorite trips was driving around the country of Iceland for one week.
Linda M

Welcome to Technique Tuesday; looking forward to seeing your projects. I enjoyed your video and also checked out the video using the Irony set which I have and just love.

Hi Michelle, so glad to meet you! Loved taking a look at your photos, especially the ones of you doing yoga poses out in nature. Gorgeous! I also love the outdoors and my favorite place is Yosemite National park! Can't wait to see the projects you'll be sharing!

Welcome Michelle! I have been very busy creating for my nephews birthday. He had a firedog party. I too love the life is good stamp. It's been on my wish list for quite awhile.

Great photos and nice to get to know you. One of my favorite photos of our family is in a park setting where we posed by a tree next to a river. My husband set the timer and ran back to get in the photo with me and our 4 young boys and it turned out wonderful. It was rare for us to get such a nice photo of all of us.

Just returned from Panama City Beach FL and still in unpacking mode. Took 3 of my 5 grandkids with me and had an absolute blast. Next time plan to take 2 weeks there.

Thanks for sharing your pictures.

I love the outdoors, woods or beach. I have so many beach pictures, they are my favorite to scrap. have not tried Project Life products yet but am excited to try them.

So glad to meet Michelle and see her beautiful photos! I also love spending time outdoors and would love to see how she puts her layouts together in a Project life book!

What a special young woman you are Michelle! One can see how much your family means to you and I know Technique Tuesday will be your extended family. Welcome!

Just back from Michigan's UP where we hiked, found waterfalls, visited lighthouses, and looked for Lake Superior Agates while eating fabulous food. Then down to the Upper Lower Peninsula where we looked for Petoskey Stones while walking in the water for several miles. Awesome times with few or no people in sight.

Looking forward to more of your techniques. I love the Irony stamp video.

Congratulations on becoming part of the TT family!

Welcome to the team Michelle!
Be looking forward to seeing
your projects.
Carla from Utah

Nice to meet you, Michelle. I have no adventures but my young grandchildren recently came out to California to stay with their dad. That was a pretty nice moments. Looking forward to seeing you on the blog.

Congrats on becoming the newest member of Technique Tuesday family, i look forward to seeing more of you and your ideas. We are celebrating the announcement of our newest family member as well. Odin James is expected to arrive on or around the 20 of October.


Welcome Michelle-Great yoga photos!

Lovely to get acquainted with Michelle!!

My family at home consists of Hubby, Son, and me. Our best times together are when we are all three just sitting around visiting. Love it that Son still likes to be with Mom and Dad!!!

I think that my most favorite moments bonding with my family happened during our yearly trips Cape May, NJ. We did take other bigger vacations every couple of years and went somewhere different and farther away. But we tended to always come back to this place where we shared so many laughs and fun times. I don't have a picture uploaded at the moment to share... But I did enjoy your pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.

I started my granddaughter stamping. We have had so much fun playing together . Recently she sent me a handmade card asking if I was packing yet to move in with her. Doesn't get any better than that!

My favorite times are times spent with family. A recent wonderful spring weekend was spent in Raleigh, North Carolina. My niece was playing basketball at the national Club basketball tournament at NC State. She plays for University of Virginia's team. My daughter and family had recently moved to Raleigh, so my nephew and his wife and I stayed there. In 3 days of games, she lost only one! My daughter, her husband, her kids-my grand kids, nephew and his wife were all there for 1 or more games, cheering them on. My daughter and i were there for every game - 6 of them. What a wonderful ending to the weekend, Kristin and her UVA team won the national championship, beating Penn State(where my daughter and I both have degrees from), but of course we were cheering for my niece. Being there for her was very important to us, as her dad, my brother died 11 years ago @ age 50 of brain cancer. We want her to always know we are there for her.

Welcome Michelle!!! So excited for you and loved your pictures... Can't wait to be inspired by your projects.

I am 60 years young and have just started getting into card making with a lot of stamping, post card are a great way for me to relax as I have E Tremors along with having a stroke on my left side. I love the peacefulness I get out working with my cards.
Thank You and God Bless

Lucky girl! My daughter, her two grandmas and I just went shopping together for a wedding gown this week. She is so fortunate to have these two wonderful women to share in her joy and shopping adventure. We all cried!

Welcome Michelle! Enjoyed "meeting" you! Your pictures are lovely. Your camping story reminded me of my camping trips I used to take with my late hubby. We would get in the car and drive and camp all over the east coast from Maine to Florida. You will find these trips with Drew will be very special as you are really living in the moment and making great memories. I look forward to seeing your work.

Our 20 year old grandson choosing to visit us before he enters the Navy next week. He's grown into a kind, caring, fun MAN!!!

Welcome Michelle--
One recent memory was during the 1st week of june and my son's baseball team took second place in their last tournament of the season.

My sister and I share the love of all things crafty. Every summer we get together and take a new class and then have our own mini retreat to craft the night away.

Loved getting to know you! My fav pics were the sunset over the lake with Drew and the one of the horse with the flowers. Did the horse eat them??? lol Can't wait to see some of your work.

I also like to say my favorite memory is the everyday things that make up my life. The people who bless my life. However I just lost my mother to leukemia, the time I spent with her, holding her hand and making sure she knew she was not alone. Right now I am a bit lost. I am unemployed, using the time to go through her things and finding memories that she left behind. I had gotten her into understanding how important memories and photos were, she did not do anything fancy, but the joy and tears I felt when I found the pictures of her and my dad, simply written on the white page below was"will you" and another with her in his arms, "Yes! I will marry you." What other words can you say. It was very powerful and greatly appreciated.

Welcome, Michelle! My recent and fun adventure was when we went away for a week with my husband while he was working. He has to go away a lot so we don't see him a lot so it was nice to be able to go with and just have family time!

Michelle, WE have a lot in common (minus the yoga moves) alas, I try hard but haven't attained your level. My favorite moment (of many) was just last night when I was handed an egg carton full of mud cupcakes including sprinkles (gravel) My yard has fairy gardens, jungles, spoiled chickens and nature trails complete with streams for foot soaking. My three granddaughters and I have favorite moments every day. Glad to meet you.

Michelle- you lucky girl -to be part of Technique Tuesday's team. My favorite times have been with my three grandsons. They mean the world to me and have enjoyed watching them grow up. We have been sharing memories on our yearly trips to Maui! Fun Times!

Thanks for all you do Michelle. Recently we went to a park in Virginia called Great Falls and it was a fun day with lots of great photo opportunities.

welcome to the team! i'll enjoy seeing your ideas in days to come! watching your video reminded me of the times 3 generations of my family went camping--always a new place with new things to see and experience. wonderful bonding times for us all. thanks for sharing, and for letting me share!

Right at this moment my parents on the center of my attention in my life needing to spend more time with them to help and care for them, but just spending time and loving them,both of them are having serious health problems mainly due to age 90 and 89, Loving making new memories and special times with them

welcome michelle ...great to get to know you and your family a bit ...one of my recent adventures this year was getting to help my sis with her first grandbaby ...while daddy worked and mommy went to school ...my sis and i took care of my great niece for them ...it was a great time with my sister ,nephew and gf along with the baby ...i live in another state so my dear hubby was great about letting me go for a few months :) ...it is fun helping my sis and her son scrap the first months of the new baby girls life :) .. the family is looking forward to another nephew having a baby so i will be busy making another baby book and scrapping for my brother who is going to be a grandpa next :)having showers and babies are so much fun !
not only that i have 4 weddings in the family this year so it is going to be a busy scrap year for me :) ...i am so enjoying it all too ....

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