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Meet Michelle (plus a chance to win stamps!)

Michelle-CroppedHey, Friends of Technique Tuesday! Today I want to introduce Michelle. Michelle recently graduated with a marketing degree and joined the Technique Tuesday team. She has been working behind the scenes but starting now you are going to be seeing newsletters, videos, and blog posts where Michelle will be sharing her projects with all of us. I asked Michelle to tell us a little more about herself and share some of her wonderful pictures. So here is Michelle - in her own words!


I hope you enjoyed seeing Michelle's pictures and that you can see her spirit of adventure, how much she enjoys the great outdoors, the love she has for her family, and how deeply she cares about helping other people. I feel very blessed to have Michelle on the Technique Tuesday marketing team!

I also know that Michelle would like to get to know all of you better, too. Please leave a comment here or share a link to a photo about one of your recent adventures or a special family moment. Leave your comment by 11:59pm on Sunday, July 7th. We will be giving away some of Michelle's favorite stamp sets (Life Is Good, Possibilities, Wise Guys, and Stay the Course). We'll announce the four winners (one winner per stamp set) here on our blog Monday, July 8th.


PS: You may also want to check out this video where Michelle shares some tips for making a masculine birthday card!


Thanks for the tips on "boy" cards. LOVE your work, too ... very inspirational.

WOW---that's geat! Congrats on becoming a part of TT's team! One of my family's recent adventures was actually this past Saturday. We had all went to the mall, so my hubby can go give platelets at the blood clinic. While my kids and I were walking around the mall, we saw a furniture store and decided to pop in to browse. We ended up 'couch-testing'...surprisingly enough, it was such fun! I was delighted to hear their opinions...which was comfy, hard, stylish, too plain, etc. It was an amazing time, and one that will stay in my memory for awhile.

Michelle, welcome to Technique Tuesday; I look forward to hearing more of your stories. I am a card maker not a scrapbooker, but I truly enjoyed your take on life. You have such a positive outlook. Hope you have a very blessed day. Blessings, Nita/Spokane, WA

I think most of us spend our lives trying to figure out why we are here, and I love Michelle's view, as it mirrors so many of my own feelings. I look forward to seeing more from Michelle and think she will be a great addition to an already awesome team.

By no means recent but my first thoughts of special family moments is a Father's Day moment when I gave my DH a small photo frame of our boys and he hit the button; they'd recorded that they love him. It's on his night stand and every now and then one of us will play the recording when we pass by. Thanx for the trip down memory lane and the blog candy opp!

Welcome Michelle ,

Looking for more inspiration from you!

Awesome to meet you Michelle! Looking forward to all you will be showing and teaching us! ~God bless~

Congratulations! I can't wait to see your art!

Welcome Michelle! May the adventures begin!

hank you, Michelle, for sharing such a wonderful video. One of my special moments is happening right now. Our 5-year old grandson, Henry, is visiting with us. He is at such a wonderful age right now and has a caring spirit so we are receiving a lot of hugs and kisses. He also says the craziest things which make us laugh. We live by a very large lake and go down to the lake to swim almost every afternoon. Of course, he has no fear of the water and has mastered his flutter kick, floating on his back and jumping off the dock. At this age children remind you of that free spirit that is in all of us. What a joy it is to have him with us and for our daughter and son-in-law to give us this special time with him. I hope you enjoy reading about my special family moment. Good luck, in your new position.

Great to find your blog. I'm sure I'm going to enjoy seeing what you create with some of my favorite stamps.

awesome, love the yogo poses glad to meet you Michelle

diane S

My husband and I took a "mini" road trip to Sioux city, Iowa recently. It was a big deal for me because we rode our motorcycles and it was my first long ride after completing 6 months of chemotherapy. It was a wonderful and freeing feeling, sun shining and being with my husband. I wish I had pictures, but ya gotta have two hands on the bike!

Congratulations on joining the TT team!
My favorite family activity is taking a road trip full of occasions to talk together and listen to books on tape....which I am about to do in three hours!

Welcome to Technique Tuesday. Very excited to see more of your cards and learn more about you. You are a very blessed young lady. Keep your family close.

love the pictures- reminds me of home (Michigan).

Welcome, Michelle. I look forward to more of your technique videos.

Great video - outdoor adventures are truly the best!

What can be more special than the birth of a grandchild. We have two and they continue to give us special moments.

A couple of weeks ago I took my daughter to St. Louis to find an place to live for her upcoming new adventure - grad school! We had so much fun exploring the city and our favorite place had to be the City Museum downtown. We got to act like kids and not worry about what other people thought since everyone was acting like a kid. :D Thanks for a chance to win a great prize.

Loved these videos. It's great to see some masculine cards. Also loved the "make 10 cards" video. What a super easy idea. Thanks for sharing. Hope I can get a box. Love Technique Tuesday.

Welcome! I just used the hand/heart picture recently with my granddaughters and our blooming fruit trees. Just something about the very essence of our hands. Can't wait to see your pages.

We are going to go a week from today to Gettysberg for the re-enactment of Picket's Charge. I am not a big battle re-enacter fan, but this year is the 150th anniversary, and they are expecting 10,000 peaople to partcipate, 80 cannons, and my husband, who is a history buff will love it!!! We went a couple of years ago and it was much smaller. It is hard to even imagne what those folks went through.

Welcome Michelle! You just might be the one to convince me to get on the Ali Edwards stamp of the month club. *smile* (it may not take much urging.)

What a fun life! I love the water, too, and look forward to seeing more of your beautiful photos, and will be interested to see how you tell your stories on your pages! Welcome!

Welcome to Michelle! I make cards, mini albums & scrapbook layouts. Love your inspiration!

Welcome aboard!
I was part of Greenhouse Society for a year, but sadly had to quit due to funds. I do keep a wish list and pass it along before birthdays and holidays - for those who say I'm hard to buy for!!
Thanks for a chance to win!

Hello Michelle, I heard of your recent addition to the TT family and I was glad to hear about your story and seeing some of your pictures. here's one of mine http://instagram.com/p/bJsAIcp7_Y/ (hoping the link works) about my pregnancy...I've been taking pictures every month to see how my belly has grown. I can't wait to meet my baby and start our new life as a family of 3. THank you for the chance to win a stamp set as well!
Kisses from France

Hi Michelle,

what a beautiful young lady you are, you are an inspiration for the young in creating.
thanks for sharing a part of you life with us


Nice video Michelle. Thank you for sharing it with us. I am a huge crafter, stamper, scrap booker, crocheter, painter, and any kind of paper crafting. If it is metal, plastic, cardboard, glass; etc., I recycle it and paper and embellish it. I also do a ton of journaling and card making.

I went up to the Porcupine Mountains and camped for two weeks. Best time ever. The chipmunks ate food right out of your hands. They would even jump up on your chair and sit with you and wait for more food. I couldn't believe it! I was afraid they might bite, but Nope! The wild life was so beautiful. I may go back there again, now that I re-hashed the memories in my mind.

Thanks again! Welcome!

Our most recent affair was celebrating my husband's birthday and Fathers' Day. With three dads, including my husband and two "doggie daddies" we had quite a fun time. Everyone was there, including all 5 dogs, for a fun day of food, swimming and birthday cake.

Welcome aboard Michelle. I look forward to seeing your projects. My recent adventure was a trip to Colorado and the Royal Gorge (just before the fire they had there) and did the zip line by myself. That may not be as much of an adventure for you young things as it was for this old lady. It was fun and I saw the beauty in the Royal Gorge.

Hello Michele! What a pleasure to meet you! As part of the "older" generation, I have memories that would take a long time telling!! Slowly I'm turning those memories into albums so my granddaughters will know what life was like in the "late 50's, 60's, 70's...", you get the idea, I'm sure! As #5 child in family of 6 kids and born on the road (my Father was working road construction at the time!), I have a strong desire to travel. And have! I've been in 47 of the continental states, plus Canada & Mexico!

I can't wait to see what's next in your adventure with Technique Tuesday! One of my favorite stamp makers!!!

Welcome Michelle, looking forward to seeing your tips and techniques in the blog

I just went camping with my 6 and 3 1/2 year grandchildren. We took them out on a fishing boat and got lots of perch. They absolutely had a ball, and it was so enjoyable to watch their excitement.

Can't wait to see her projects!

Hey Michelle, really enjoyed your video and hearing about your love for nature. I too love it and try to get out as much as possible. And thanks for sharing photos of your family and boy friend. Can't wait to see all you create. Welcome.

So glad to meet you Michelle! I too, live in Oregon-the Southern end though. I grew up wanting horses, and when I was 16 saved enough money to buy my first horse. Your photos of riding on the beach remind me of camping at 7 lakes basin with our 4H group-fun times!
I can't wait to see all of your projects!

Really like the theme that Michelle has, gives me something to think about with some of my pictures.
Welcome Michelle, look forward to see what you will bring to the table next.

Great video! Enjoyed 'meeting' you. I share your love of the outdoors and paper crafting!!!

Myself and my two daughters helped build a float for the Canada Day parade. We had a lot of fun and laughs.

Greetings Michelle! Congratulations on joining the Techn. Tues. Team. I'm a TTT fan and love the various stamp sets, but that Ali Edwards is my favorite :)

We just went camping a month ago and I love sitting outdoors to relax with my family. No phones, computers, or other constant reminders of all the things that need to be done in a day....like laundry! Just a time to relax and get back to the basics.

Thanks for sharing your ideas with the rest of us! I'm looking forward to learning more from you!

Kim G

Pleased to meet you Michelle! Looking forward to seeing your work. And nice name by the way.

Looking forward to your ideas and inspirations to help with my millions of photos I have taken over the years.

It is nice to meet you Michelle. I too love the great outdoors and all it offers my peace of mind.

Welcome!!! My recent family adventures include numerous softball and baseball games for tournaments this weekend!!!!

Welcome Michelle!!! A recent special family moment for us has actually been this entire week. My hubby's been on vacation and we decided to stay home and just spend time together. It's been absolutely amazing. :)
- April W

Welcome Michelle. I wanted to attach a pic of my granddaughter. She is 17, in Thailand, and on a trip serving God and teaching English. I can't easily send her things and she found a Starbucks card I gave her for her 17th bday. So at my11ish direction, she registered it, sent me her username & password and I added some money to it for her. I got a lovely pic of her with a bag and Starbucks cup with a thank you. It was the best coffee and first cheese danish she had in 8 months. For me, it was the best picture knowing I was able to bring grandma joy into her life!

Welcome, Michelle! My most recent adventure was the aquarium with my 2 boys. We had a blast!

My favorite recent memory was, well, it's more than one grouped together. My one and only son is 15 and can be a pill at times like any teenager. But this summer, we have had some of the best giggle feasts ever. I can't even remember what they've all been about but they bring to mind laughing on the sofa, in the kitchen while making dinner, while doing gardening, etc. Love it!

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