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More Ways to Add Color with Watercolor Crayons

Getting that Watercolor Look

Looking for an easy way to add color to your paper crafting projects? Look no further than our watercolor crayons.

These crayons allow you to add delicate shading or rich, dense color to stamped images, to the edges of your projects, to your own hand-drawn images, or to alter the color of pre-made embellishments.

These crayons are as easy to use as childrens’ crayons or colored pencils. Yet you can get results that are comparable to expensive marker based systems. The color these crayons lay down is much richer, more pigmented, and more lightfast than the products for children. And unlike marker solutions where you will need at least 3 shades of each marker color to do simple shading, and you’ll need to learn a bunch of blending techniques, you can create beautifully shaded images using just one of these crayons.

We're going to spend the next highlighting these wonderful sticks of color with some simple and fun tricks for using them (and some cool projects, too) from our Creative Team!

On your mark. Get set. Let's see what you can do with them.


Use them to color Technique Tiles!

TTincredibleLaura O'Donnell created the square embellishments on this card by mixing Technique Tiles - Squares with watercolor crayons. She simply applied the watercolor crayons to the chipboard tiles and then spread the color with water.

She embellished them a little more with stamped words and images from the Incredible by Ali Edwards stamp set.


Create a background paper with them.

TT_Char_WatercolorCardCharlene Austin applied three crayons worth of colors onto cardstock and then swept over the color with a wet paintbrush to make the colorful background here.

"It’s amazing how vibrant those crayons turn out," Charlene said.

She finished her card off by creating some circles with the Fun Flair by Ali Edwards stamp set.


We'll be back Tuesday with some more tricks for using these crayons and cool projects made with them.

By the way, want to add some of our crayons to your supply box? We've got a special offer for you. From now until Sunday (March 10th), you can get 25% off our watercolor crayons. Fill up your cart with our watercolor crayons and enter coupon code CRAYONS at check-out to receive the discount.




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