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A Super Fantastic Way to Say Thanks from Laura

Here's a quick way to say thank you to a favorite coach, courtesy of Laura O'Donnell.

Take a picture of your child's team and mount it to card.

Add a few words from the Super Fantastic by Ali Edwards stamp set.

Technique-Tuesday-Super-Fantastic-Ali-Edwards-Clear-Stamps-Medium(By the way, we only have a few of these Studio AE stamp sets still available so get it while you can.)

Embellish the card just a little, and get something like one of these beauties!

TTincrediblecoachGreat idea, Laura!

To find out more about Laura's cards, check out her post here.


Easter is Almost Here

Easter Sunday was always a big deal in my family when I was growing up.

My mom and I would get up early on those days. We put on fancy new outfits and then head out bright and early to our church's Easter serices.

I always loved walking into the church on those days and seeing so many of friends dressed up in fancy new outfits for the big day. It was so fun, seeing how everyone "cleaned up" for the big day.

And equally fun was knowing that immediately after the service, we'd walk out outside and find the church grounds had been turned into an Easter Egg hunter's paradise. Literally, hundreds of pink, yellow, blue and green dyed Easter eggs would be hidden on the church grounds, waiting for all of us kids to find them and pluck them up! 

With Easter being March 31st (yes, that's just 3 weeks away!), I guess it's time to get in my craft room and starting making a few Easter cards and gifts.

Lucky for me, Technique Tuesday's Creative Team is here again with some clever Easter projects that they've made with our Easter Seal stamp set.


Take it away, team!


(By Laura O'Donnell)


(By Charlene Austin)


(By Kris Chirhart. Made with Easter Seal and Seal Companion - Star.)



(By Teri Anderson. Made with Easter Seal and Passion for Polka.)


Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!

And, with that, I guess it's time to get hippity hopping to my craft table!


March Studio AE Blog Hop from Technique Tuesday

It's the 10th, which means it is time for another Studio AE Blog Hop!

Spring forward to the blogs of:

They have some fantastic ideas for the new This Story by Ali Edwards stamp set, which is on sale now.

Technique-Tuesday-This-Story-Ali-Edwards-Clear-Stamps-MediumBe sure to leave a comment or two (or seven) as you hop! We will pick one person at random to receive a $25 gift certificate to

The winner will be chosen at random and will be announced here on the 15th on the Technique Tuesday blog.


Make a Spray Mist with Watercolor Crayons

We hope you are enjoying our focus on Technique Tuesday's watercolor crayons this week!

We sure have liked sharing our tips for the crayons with you. And we are here today one more time with one more fun and easy technique for these wonderful crayons: Make a spray mist with them!

TT_WaterMist_1It's super easy! All you need is a watercolor crayon (or two or three), a pair of scissors, a spray or misting bottle and water.

Start by shaving off some color from your watercolor crayon.

TT_watermist2Dump the shavings inside a spray or misting bottle.

TT_watermist3Add a little water to it. Shake it up good to mix the color.

TT_watermist4(By the way, you might feel your spray mist isn't dark enough. Well, don't fret. Simply shave off a few more flecks of color and dump them inside your bottle!)

Now, it's time for the fun part: Using the mist!

Simply hold it over a piece of cardstock or watercolor paper and spray it a few times until you change the paper's color.

TT_watermist5We created the pastel pink, blue and yellow paper strips here with mists we made using this technique.

2_Wonderful1_edited-1They look pretty spiffy on a card or scrapbook page!

2_wonderful2_edited-1We paired our strips with some twine, a couple Technique Tile buttons and a sentiment from the Incredible by Ali Edwards stamp set.

Easy peasy!


PS... You still have time to take advantage of our special offer on our watercolor crayons. From now until Sunday (March 10th), you can get 25% off our watercolor crayons. Fill up your cart with our watercolor crayons and enter coupon code CRAYONS at check-out to receive the discount.

Even More Tricks for Watercolor Crayons

We have got one more round of fun tricks from our Creative Team for using Technique Tuesday's watercolor crayons.

On your mark. Get set. Get ready to be inspired.


Make a tri-color background with them!

Jaclyn Miller scribbled three different watercolor crayons and then spread the color lightly with water to make the tri-color background on her card here.

She used the Fun Flair by Ali Edwards stamp set to heat emboss circles right over the top of her watercolor design. She finished her card off with a sentiment from Stay the Course.


Color an image with them!


Kris Chirhart stamped the Happy Birthday box from All Occasions from Ali Edwards with black ink. Then she traced over it with a watercolor crayon. To give the box a more watercolored look, Kris lightly spread the color with water.

The arrow from With Flair was also colored with a crayon, then blended with water.


Stamp with them!


Kris again used watercolor crayons and the All Occasions by Ali Edwards stamp set to make a card. This time, she sponged two crayon colors onto the hello stamp and stamped right onto cardstock with it.


We'll be back tomorrow with another trick for using our crayons.

Still wanting to add some of our to your supply box? We've got a special offer for you. From now until Sunday (March 10th), you can get 25% off our watercolor crayons. Fill up your cart with our watercolor crayons and enter coupon code CRAYONS at check-out to receive the discount.

PS. Don't forget: True Stamp happens on Saturday. Technique Tuesday founder Bev Grey will be teaching during the online event. It's not too late to join in the fun. Six classes (one taught by Bev!), tons of inspiration, lots of fun... all right to your computer! You can find registration and event information right here.

More Ways to Add Color with Watercolor Crayons

Technique-Tuesday-Crayon-Vignette-Standing-LargeWe're back with a few more tricks (and cool projects) from the Technique Tuesday Creative Team for using our watercolor crayons.

Let's get started.


Color twill with them!

DSC_0136Tanis Giesbrecht used a blue crayon to dye white twill tape ribbon for this card here. She simply scribbled a crayon on the twill tape ribbon and then spritzed it with water.

Tanis also used the watercolor crayons to make the blue background paper.

"For that background, I just scribbled colour on a large acrylic block, spritzed it with water, swirled it with my finger and smooshed the white paper on top of it to pick up the watery colour. Easy peasy."

In addition to the crayons, Tanis used stamps from two Technique Tuesday sets on her card: Howdy and Puffy Hearts.


Create vibrant stripes with them!
Hugs by Daniela Dobson
Daniela Dobson used four watercolor crayons (Grass Green, Ruby Red, Turquoise and Golden Yellow) to create the pretty stripes here. She applied color to the top of her paper panel and then used a waterbrush to drag the color down.
She stamped the journaling box from From the Heart by Ali Edwards right on top.
For the heart, she stamped the journaling box on a second panel of paper. She heat embossed polka dots from Passion for Polka over the top with clear embossing powder, cut the heart out and then added color with a crayon.
Hugs close by Daniela Dobson


We'll be back Wednesday with one more round of tricks for using these crayons (and cool projects made with them).

Still wanting to add some of our to your supply box? We've got a special offer for you. From now until Sunday (March 10th), you can get 25% off our watercolor crayons. Fill up your cart with our watercolor crayons and enter coupon code CRAYONS at check-out to receive the discount.


Getting that Watercolor Look

Looking for an easy way to add color to your paper crafting projects? Look no further than our watercolor crayons.

These crayons allow you to add delicate shading or rich, dense color to stamped images, to the edges of your projects, to your own hand-drawn images, or to alter the color of pre-made embellishments.

These crayons are as easy to use as childrens’ crayons or colored pencils. Yet you can get results that are comparable to expensive marker based systems. The color these crayons lay down is much richer, more pigmented, and more lightfast than the products for children. And unlike marker solutions where you will need at least 3 shades of each marker color to do simple shading, and you’ll need to learn a bunch of blending techniques, you can create beautifully shaded images using just one of these crayons.

We're going to spend the next highlighting these wonderful sticks of color with some simple and fun tricks for using them (and some cool projects, too) from our Creative Team!

On your mark. Get set. Let's see what you can do with them.


Use them to color Technique Tiles!

TTincredibleLaura O'Donnell created the square embellishments on this card by mixing Technique Tiles - Squares with watercolor crayons. She simply applied the watercolor crayons to the chipboard tiles and then spread the color with water.

She embellished them a little more with stamped words and images from the Incredible by Ali Edwards stamp set.


Create a background paper with them.

TT_Char_WatercolorCardCharlene Austin applied three crayons worth of colors onto cardstock and then swept over the color with a wet paintbrush to make the colorful background here.

"It’s amazing how vibrant those crayons turn out," Charlene said.

She finished her card off by creating some circles with the Fun Flair by Ali Edwards stamp set.


We'll be back Tuesday with some more tricks for using these crayons and cool projects made with them.

By the way, want to add some of our crayons to your supply box? We've got a special offer for you. From now until Sunday (March 10th), you can get 25% off our watercolor crayons. Fill up your cart with our watercolor crayons and enter coupon code CRAYONS at check-out to receive the discount.



Studio AE: March Reveal

March is here, which means we are ready to show off the newest Studio AE stamp set from Ali Edwards and Technique Tuesday.

This Story by Ali Edwards consists of 10 clear stamps on a 4" x 6" storage sheet.

This set is a wonderful reminder of how every moment in our own story matters.

Are you new to our Studio AE stamps?

Each month Ali Edwards and Technique Tuesday release a new Studio AE stamp set. We make only make a limited number of these sets - enough for Studio AE members plus a few extra.

Studio AE members enjoy a 25% discount on our Studio AE stamps, reduced shipping rates and other benefits. If you would like to learn more about joining Studio AE, read the membership agreement and FAQ. If you'd rather not become a member, we make a few extra sets each month and offer them to non-members for $19.99.

This Life by Ali Edwards is on sale now. It begins shipping on March10th.

In honor of the new set, we have a scrapbook page Laura O'Donnell made with it.

How sweet!

Tune in on March 10th for the Studio AE blog hop. Ali Edwards, Laura and our Creative Team will be joining together to bring you more great ideas for this stamp set. The fun starts right here!