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They Call Me "The Card Girl"

To my family and friends, I'm the card girl.

They have come to expect handmade Christmas cards from me every year.

I have great intentions every year of starting work on my cards in July and completing them by September. Somehow though it becames October and then November. December hits, and I'm ready to hit the Christmas cardmaking panic button.

Leave it to our Creative Team to come to the rescue.They are here today with some inspiring ideas for Christmas cards.

(Special note to my family and friends: If you are looking at this post, please turn away right now. Leave this page. You might find a card like one of these beauties in your mailbox... wink!)

(By Laura O'Donnell. Made with Tis the Season Banners by Ali Edwards and Good Cheer by Ali Edwards.)

(By Linda Barber. Made with Twinkle On and Jingle All the Way by Ali Edwards. )


(By Ashley Harris. Made with Jingle All the Way by Ali Edwards and Chevrons Two Step.)

(By Teri Anderson. Made with Jingle All the Way by Ali Edwards.)

(By Ashley Harris. Made with Tis the Season Banners by Ali Edwards.)

(By Teri Anderson. Made with Merry Christmas Snowflake Seal and Passion for Polka.)



Beautiful Christmas cards!

All the samples look fantastic!
Have a great weekend!
Hugs and smiles

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