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Create Ombré Background Papers with Teri

Hooray for Tuesday!

And since this is the blog of Technique Tuesday, it seems rather fitting that today's blog post involves a technique.

I am going to show you how to easily create an Ombré background with Technique Tuesday’s watercolor crayons.

Here is what you need:

Let's get started.

Start by scribbling a watercolor crayon on a stamping block.


Spritz the color with water. You only want to spritz it once or twice so there isn't too much water but there is some.


Quickly swipe the stamping block across a piece of watercolor paper.

The end result will be really light smattering of color.

Now, apply a little more color with the watercolor crayon to your stamping block.

Spritz it again with water. Again, you only want to spritz it once or twice.

Now, drag the block across your paper again. This time go a little slower so the paper absorbs the color a bit more.

See how it's got a two-toned look? That is Ombré.

Now, let's kick things up one more notch. Go back to your stamping block and apply one more round of color to it. Spritz it again once or twice with water.

Drag the block even slower across the bottom of your paper so even more color is absorbed. Go really, really, really slow. No, really. Go super slow.

The end result? A three-toned Ombré background.

Let your background paper dry and then use it on a card or a scrapbook page!

I created a couple of Ombré backgrounds and used them to make some quick thank you cards with Technique Tuesday's Thank You stamp set.

I tore a strip of vellum and laid it on top of my background paper, which covered part of the color.

To enhance the stamped sentiment, I added rhinestone flourishes to both of my cards! I love that extra bit of class rhinestones add.

If you decide to try this technique, everyone at Technique Tuesday would love to see your take on it. Send us a link through Twitter or Technique Tuesday's Facebook page.



I LOVE this...such a cool look!

wow that looks fabulous...thanks for sharing...awesome idea

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