Join Us on Monday (and Tuesday and Wednesday...)
Day 2 of this party is going to be good!

Let's Blog Hop and Celebrate Studio AE!

Time sure flies when you are having fun!

And we sure have been having lots of fun with all of you, thanks to Studio AE!

Today kicks off our September Studio AE Blog Hop. It is the start of a five-day celebration in honor of the last two years of Studio AE stamps. Be sure to hit our blog every day through Friday. We are giving away lots of prizes, gifts and the opportunity to be a guest on our blog.

So let’s get started with September’s Studio AE Blog Hop.

Please check out the blogs of:

You’ll find great ideas for the Celebrate Fall by Ali Edwards, this month’s Studio AE set and more.

(By the way, the set starts shipping today. Not a Studio AE member? You can order it for a limited time through our Web site and through some retailers. Be sure to check with your favorite store to see if they carry Studio AE stamps.)

Be sure to comment as you hop today. We’ll give away two prizes at random from all the comments made on the blogs of our Creative Team members.

One person will win the Days of the Week by Ali Edwards stamp set, while another will the Months by Ali Edwards stamp set.

Technique-Tuesday-Days-Of-The-Week-By-Ali-Edwards-Clear-Stamps-Medium Technique-Tuesday-Months-By-Ali-Edwards-Clear-Stamps-Medium
And leave a comment for us here, too! Since we are celebrating this week, tell us what your favorite kind of sweet treat is. Do you love cupcakes? Is pie with a scoop of ice cream more your thing? Whatever it is, tell us! 

We will pick one of you at random to win 12 packs of our Story Cards. Yes, 12 packs! That’s a $60 value! That means, you’ll get packs in red, green and gray of our Hello Days by Ali Edwards, Remember This by Ali Edwards, Real Life by Ali Edwards and Observations by Ali Edwards Story Cards.

Technique-Tuesday-Hello-Days-Story-Cards-Gray-Small Technique-Tuesday-Remember-This-Story-Cards-Red-Small
Technique-Tuesday-Real-Life-Story-Cards-Green-Small Technique-Tuesday-Observations-Story-Cards-Gray-Small
Can we get a woohoo?

Here's to a fun week of Studio AE!



Our favorite sweet treat at the moment is frozen yogurt...we've got new stores on just about every corner! Would so LOVE to have the Ali's year's PL would be ready to go!

I love all sweets but to pick one to go with the AE stamp i am going to say candy corn and peanutes combined, like a Pay Day candy bar. Thanks so much!

I love the story cards and the stamps have added to my pages and Project Life.
I love almost anything with peanut butter and chocolate. But right now I love anything homemade--especially tortes.

I love pumpkin scones from Starbucks! Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to you!!It's hard to find a weet treat I don't like but one of my favs is pecan pie. Thanks for the hop. I know I will enjoy seeing all the lovlies the girls have made.

My favorite sweet treat is cheesecake and of cousre all things chocolate. Thanks for a great giveaway!

Love the new story cards - can't wait for my September stamps to arrive now!! My favourite sweet treat has to be chocolate brownies - Costa Coffee in the UK does great ones with chunks of white chocolate - yummy!

My favorite sweet treat is Swiss chocolate, love love those Lindt chocolates and any other Swiss chocolae. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

It's pretty hard to pick just one thing - I have such a sweet tooth...but I do love a yummy tiramisu! the new Story Cards.

My favorites are brownies and homemade ice cream - not necessarily together :)

Name just 1 sweet treat? There are many, but I will go with carrot cake! Thank you for the opportunity to win!!

Red Velvet anything is my all time favorite sweet!!!

I love the Jack Daniels chocolate pudding from our local Lone Star restaurant, but I usually have to fight my daughter for it!

Big...huge...WHOO-WHO! And..,my favorite "treat" (especially in the fall) is a gingerbread man. You know the ones...with the raisin belly buttons...yum! And let's not forget a great cup of coffee to go with.

I love homemade maple ice cream.

Anything chocolate is my fave, but I love chocolate ice cream.

I like vanilla fudge :) Thanks for sharing the love xx

Vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate chip cookies are by far the best in sweets. Love this combination.

Love dark chocolate and everything Ali Edwards.

Love the story cards.

warm chocolate chip cookies...and I think I need to find TT's chocolate set...

Thank you so much for leaving the comments open for a bit longer than usual for a giveaway! A favorite sweet treat of mine is the Starbucks blueberry bar - it's a lot like a date square but made with blueberries. Happy anniversary!

anything involving chocolate! but a local bakery makes thee best double-chocolate cookies. there is a hint of coffee and they are delicious!

My most recent favorite is a home made ice cream sandwich, which consists of 2 home made chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream I between. Yummy!

Mmmm my favorite sweet treat is macadia brownie with sour cream ganache. Thanks for the giveaway

My absolute favorite sweet treat is Key Lime Pie! Thanks for the chance to win!!

My favorite sweet is chocolate ice cream!

This time of year I'm thinking caramel apples and apple crisp. I love, love, love Studio AD, to create with, not to eat.

My favorite sweet treat is Mississippi Mud Cake! I only make them about once a year because they are just too good!

That is such a big giveaway that I think I'll have to share with my scrap buddies! My favorite sweet is a DQ Blizzrd - sooo yummy!

I just LOVE her handwriting. My fav sweet traet would have to be anything chocolate. Thanks for the chance

Woo to the hoo!! Happy Anniversary/Birthday, Studio AE! I've been so very happy with my subscription!

My favorite treat? Definitely ice cream or frozen yogurt!!

My favorite sweet treat is cheesecake. It good anytime of the year.

Thanks for the chance to win!

great stamp set. I love for a treat Carmel pop corn.

Anxiously awaiting my AE September set!
Great gifts - love the stamps!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Anxiously awaiting my AE September stamps.
Great gifts - love the stamps!
Thanks for the inspiration!

warm chocolate chip cookies, and I think I should check out TT's chocolate stamps...

My favorite treat is ice cream. Especially mint chocolate chip. :-)

I can't go past carrot cake with walnuts and cream cheese icing. It has to be cream cheese icing people - please don't try to fob me off with lemon icing!I'm off to blog hop now. Thanks for a chance to win.

I would have to say cake. It doesn't really matter what kind of cake... it's just a vehicle for the frosting...


Such great projects this month! As far as sweets I love everything, but I always have to have chocolate. Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.

Congratulations on your anniversary! These are by far my favorite stamps! Thanks to AE and to TT!!!

So hard to choose a favorite!! Would have to be good icecream (vanilla, sweet cream or chocolate chip). Nothing from a store, but homemade from a stand...preferable with good homemade caramel and fresh whipped cream!!

Chocolat is my favorite treat. I would love to win. Thanks for a chance

WOOHOO! Love Studio AE... Congratulations on the 2nd Anniversary!

My favorite sweet is a fresh fruit salad - watermelon, cantaloup, strawberries, grapes, etc. - with a dash of poppy seed dressing!

Best wishes for another year!

my favorite treat would be Triple Chocolate Cake...mmmm.

Chocolate ice cream with raspberries! Yummy!

Yay for 2 years of Ali goodness!! My favorite treats...dessert. LOL, I'm not biased, I try & eat them all equally:)

My favorite sweet treat is peanut butter pie! Love it!

My favorite sweet treat is birthday cake and ice cream. Iris

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