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A Message from Ali Edwards


Answer Ali's question by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday (9/16/2012) for a chance at winning this mondo big, super fantastic Technique Tuesday prize package. It is valued at over $200!

The lucky winner will get everything you see in the picture: all of the stamps (17 sets worth!); the two packages of Technique Tiles; the ink pads; the pack of Real Life by Ali Edwards - Story Cards - Red; a Technique Tuesday Portfolio and a Life is a Journey Mini Album Project Kit! 

Can we get another woohoo?

The winner will be chosen at random and announced next week!

Thanks again for celebrating two years of Studio AE with us this week!



I would like to see an alphabet stamp set with AE handwriting. So I could write (stamp) words in my language.

And I would like to see a teen stamp set with typical sentences they use and maybe with a little Ipod image or Converse Chucks (or both).

A winter set with sports like ice skating, sleighing, skiing, ice hockey, ...
and a set with sentences for different animals like horse, bunny, cat, dog, ...
and one with a campfire-theme.

I love how all the different stampsets by AE fit together in a layout just because of the same great handwriting mixed with some other types here and there.

Greetings from Germany,

G. Duve

whoot whooh...how fun this would be to win...I could make all kinds of goodies with that load...heehee...thanks for the chance to win some great goodies...

Wow - what an awesome prize! What about a scrap/craft related theme? Something like "make something today" or "love to scrap". I also think it would be fun to see something related to books - "love to read" or a stamp of a library card. Whatever Ali makes is always fabulous!

I love Ali's stamps; they are my favorites! I'd like to see some more stamps with baby or child themes and a sympathy theme. Thanks for the chance to win a great prize!

i would love to see sentiments that fit in triangles or pennants as these are so much fun to create banners. love your stamps. my handwriting is not pretty so this helps so much. thanks

I feel like I have seen it all. Thanks for the chance to win

There are NO stamps better than technique tuesday stamps! The thick stamps have clear images and they are sturdy enough and cling well enough I know I'll have my favorite images around forever!
I would love to see some large sillohuettes of trees, and stuff. I make a LOT of cards that have moons, and need some steps to put I front of a moon! Trees, wolf, flowers, people holding hands! Sillohuettes!
Love you guys and your biggest fan!

Encouraging phrases to use on a card to uplift someone.

Thanks for the chance to win. I'd like to see quotes in masculine writing.

I LOVE your products and would love to win this!

I would like to see a stamp set with sentiments especially for cancer patients: like a stamp in the shape of a ribbon that can be colored in, sentiments like: "I am here for you".

I love all of your stamps! I would love to see another travel stamp set.

More sentiments that fit into the project life 3x4 sized cards. I know it's happening, just can't wait to see more! Love my stamps!

I'd like to see some stamps with either hash tags or my frequently used pinterest boards .. Like dream home, please make me, I want, office spaces, living room ideas, foods to make, party stuff etc :) thanks

I would love love to see sentiments regarding military families. patriotic/deployment/gratitude for service.
WHatever you come up with next will be fab. I'm sure!

This pack is totally awesome. I would love to win this. All the stamp sets and ink pads. I would love all the other stuff as well. Thanks for the opportunity. :)

Love Ali Edwards and love stamps!!!

Hmm, the AE line is so awesone it is hard to pick what would be a good expansion. Since she just launched her card a day campaign maybe sentiments for inside the card or inspirational quotes in funky frames for mixed media art journals. Thanks for the opportunity to win such an amazing prize pack.

its so hard to decide because everything you have is great to work with

I would like to see interchangeable salutations and greetings for family members that would fit into medium size octagon shape.

Thanks for a chance at awesome giveaway!

I would love to see some more Christmas setiments. I love using these in christmas cards, but since every year is new, I always want new ones.

Thanks for the chance to win.

I love all of the stamps. The only I can think of is more everyday stamps. Thanks for the chance to win.

Wow, what an AMAZING prize, thanks so much! There are so many great stamp sets, that is hard to thing about something else, but I guess more circles would be nice, love them!

I would love to see a teacher appreciation set, to be able to make cards for teacher gifts with various sentiments. Keep up the good work-love your products!!!

I am LOVING geometric patterns right now! I'd love to see more of the Hexagons, chevron, other geometric elements on washi tape, papers, chipboard....This set above is so FULL of great stamps! I LOVE it!

I like the idea of sentiments that fit in common size punches- 1 inch circle and square and some of the other main punch sizes.

I know this would look great at my house to share with my friends.

I am new to AE but as someone who has documented life since day one I am thrilled to have found all AE has to offer in whatever size, shape or form! It always fits something. :)

i would love to see sentiments or quotes encouraging those fighting cancers, or having difficult time in life.

these items would be so helpful for any project. I would love to win it.

I would like to see a how to scrap a page with multiple pictures of all sizes. I have a lot of these pages and they never seem organized.

Would love to see sentiments for lunch box notes! And even an old fashioned lunch box image!

I would love patriotic quoptes

Something patriotic.

Good Morning, I would enjoying seeing a hospital themed set. It could include such things as a cast, bandages, staples, surgeon's light, etc. Some sentiments like "ouch, that hurts" or "nice break" for example.

Also some car and racing themes would be nice too.

I enjoy using your sets and always want more!!

I'd like to see a set of fairies as there are very few out there. Also card sentiments that are different than the usual happy birthday , thanks etc. Maybe like you make me smile or you made my day, wishing you were here,you brighten my day etc.

Whooooo hooooo!

OH MY I have to say there is NOT one I haven't liked so far. Its ALL good good stuff. I would love to see a set with some peace signs included. Anything alittle trendy I think would be fun!!!

If I had to choose a theme for stamps, I would have to say, Happy Anniversary stamps are the most difficult to find. I am a card maker and scrapbooker. Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful prize pack.


More everyday words in various sizes in Ali's beautiful script. I would love to have a set that I could journal with almost entirely. That's my wish. Beautiful giveaway!

I love that all the words and sentiments are in Ali's handwriting. Maybe a set where there is one big sentiment, and then a bunch of add-ons, so you can mix and match.

i love Ae products a big fan of stamp sets and for future would love to see various chevrons and hexagon's stamps!!
Thank you so much for a chance to win this wonderful prize package :)

I'm drooling..so many stamps!! LOVE it!

I always like general sentiments & words like love, gratitude, etc. I also like the ones with words like today because they can be applied to so many projects. Is there a school themed set? If there isn't, I would be interested in a set with some general learning & growth words. Thanks!

This prize pack is amazing!!!

I really like the silhouette stamps you have. I'd love to see more like that. (like an older couple walking and holding hands with an anniversary/love lasts sentiment) Thanks for the chance to win this generous giveaway!

I would love more sentiments! And an awareness ribbon with "Hope" on it with encouraging sentiments.

Iam new to scrapbooking and card making (my family is breaking me in slowly). I was told you all are a great company. I will be going to convention on November to Bellveue and am looking forward to taking some of your classes, so right not the bag looks great and I don't think I know enough about your product to recommend what I would like in it. The one thing I am haveing fun with is brads.

Love your stamps more than anything!

i would love to see coordinating sentiments(with ur trade mark font/hand writing) with some nice basic shapes...
thanks for the chance

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