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A Message from Ali Edwards


Answer Ali's question by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday (9/16/2012) for a chance at winning this mondo big, super fantastic Technique Tuesday prize package. It is valued at over $200!

The lucky winner will get everything you see in the picture: all of the stamps (17 sets worth!); the two packages of Technique Tiles; the ink pads; the pack of Real Life by Ali Edwards - Story Cards - Red; a Technique Tuesday Portfolio and a Life is a Journey Mini Album Project Kit! 

Can we get another woohoo?

The winner will be chosen at random and announced next week!

Thanks again for celebrating two years of Studio AE with us this week!



I'd love to see more everyday word/phrase stamps that can be used for Project Life. Ones for single girls with no kids would be good. Would love to see alphabet stamps with Ali's handwriting, a thin loopy set and a bold block capital. Inspirational stamp sets & ones for when things aren't going so well would be good too thanks :)

Would love to see a set with interchangeable words that fit a couple of main sentiments. something that would be an all occasion card set. Also would really love sets that include a card sentiment for the front and a saying for the inside of a card....preferably something that makes me giggle!
And I always love clean, crisp geometric shapes and designs that can be combined to make backgrounds and borders! Thanks for this awesome week of ideas!

Definitely some holiday sets. All HOLIDAYS. :-)

I love the small icons and images. And I've always adored those Christmas and December Daily stamps!

I'm loving the stamps that are currently available especially those by Ali. I love that her stamp sets and sentiments are very true to life and reality. I hope Ali continues to do that.

It'll also be nice to have stamps with meaningful quotes that can be used as sentiments on cards or layouts.

Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

Wow...this is hard cause I love all the AE stamps. They are perfect for scrabooking, and project life. All I can say is keep them coming. Love them!

I would love to see a set that had words related to "quiet times". At our house this is when the most meaningful pictures are taken. Thanks!!!

It would be great to see a food themed stamp set and also some faith based stamps (for Christmas, Easter, and maybe some scripture quotes for cards). Thank you for all of the great stamps you've already provided us with!

I'd love to see more "words of wisdom". An example of words of wisdom would be "we believe in you" or " we are always there for you".

I would love to see a wider variety of themes, and ones to use on cards. I love your stamps. Thanks.

Sports related and sympathy! Would LOVE to win this prize package!!!! Thanks!!!

I would love to see more sentiments for inside the card for all occasions.
Thanks for considering ;-)


Love the subway art theme mentioned by Jenn above! I also love steampunk themes - especially gears. Things that work with pages or cards for men and teen & young adult boys. I have two sons, one grandson, and tons of nephews. Thanks so much for the chance to win this amazing prize!

I would love to see the option to "build your own" stamp set: 4 sentiments, 2 borders and 3 images - but it would be great if the package included random sketches as a bonus. I'm not the best deisgner, but I can copy awesome :) and I always need a little starting inspiration.
Thanks for all you do!
(missed seeing Darcy and Sam at CKC Manchester this year)

I would love a set full of sentiments that would work great with cards and maybe some quotes that could go on the inside of cards. Thanks for a chance to win!!

Wonderful Prize package...WOW

I like to make the inside of a card as pretty or interesting as the outside...some quotes or poems or interesting sentiments for the inside would be a great addition.
especially if they fit into some of the other designs...circles, ovals etc

I would love to see a set with small words in your handwriting that we could put on embelishments,tags,corners of pp, circles, hexes etc...even have words such as and, for,it etc. To make small sentences/combo words.

Instagram is quite popular and ive noticed people take alot of foodie pics...that would be a nice set to have....and coffee stamps...Starbucks! Mario and Tim could use these!

Project life stamps...bring it on! Positive and negative words/quotes/sentences

A friends set is nice too/girls..

Travel sets are awesome...like to see more.

Words inside circles stamps...like a silhouette word cut! general everyday life....Opps, lazy days,....

That's all for now! Thanks for the opportunity to win the prize pack!

I'm a sucker for anything vintage. A good quote is always welcome and because I make cards for OWH..how about patriotic? Thanks for the chance to win! You guys are awesome!

Congrats on two years! Not sure I have anything more to add from all the great comments. Just wanted to be included for your awesome prize pack! THANK YOU!!!

I'd love to see words for scrapbook pages. I love using phrases to enhance my titles and journaling. Thanks for the chance to win, this is a great prize!

Religious sentiments would be good.... more school sayings are always great to me too the sports themes with a little larger subway types.

Fabulous give away. I would like to see something with a jazzy theme.

I would love to see more stamps I can use in Project Life. Thanks for the chance to win!

I am surrounded by boys so anything masculine or boy themed is always a plus for me! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

I'd love to see stamps that are heritage/family history themed. I'm working on a heritage album and could really use some stamps to help! :)

Words of wisdom from Mom. I am thinking of doing a graduation mini album and would love to have a set like that to include one tidbit on each two page opening. Thanks for the chance to win an amazing prize package.

I collect angels, so I'd love a stamp line - could be whimsical, old fashioned, childlike....I love all depicitons of angels!

Would love to see more sentiments, especially for project life. I am truly a great fan of the Ali Edwards stamps and have been for a while now.

Roller stamp with cute alpha font would be great. If we could select up to 8 letters at a time to stamp any word we wish would be really neat. Thanks for the giveaway.

Project life related stamps that are for daily events. Examples include phrases like...ate this..saw this..did this...this happened...got this...I've got mail..i watched this...todays weather..etc. Some sports related stamps would also be great for the football season. Since we watch many games on tv and go to them as well.

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

I would love to have more family, beach, vacation themes...I have the one you have already produced and LOVE them. I just love the new photo set...it is best. But most of all I would love to win!!!!

I love making cards for all occasions, so basic sentiments/sayings please :)

I would love some stamps of encouragement for hard times, or reminders that good things will come again. I am sad to say I have needed to make cards with this type of expression a lot lately, and good ones are hard to find.

I would love to see pet stamps! Thanks for a chance to win!

I totally love the ciircle sets that are reversed-- background solid/words clear. But really I love them all!

Would love to see sentiments for baby, for holiday, for school themes, etc. Thanks for a chance to win.

Wow - stupendous giveaway!!! I'm SO glad I didn't miss it!

Love the AE stamps and use them for cards, as well as project life. Would like to see one set dedicated to large size card sentiments
Words like Good Luck, Congratulations, Celebrate, All my/our Love,Enjoy, Its your Day.

What an awesome prize package! Thanks for the chance to win. I would love to see more stamps for Easter and more for school activities.

I make a lot of cards for Operation write Home so I'd love to see sets of sentiments that are appropriate for military personnel.

oh, i love the suggestions about subway art!

i like sentiments and anything child-related since i scrap a lot about my preschool aged son.

i also like the "everyday life"-stuff since it's just so versatile, endless possibilities.

i like the season-themed things, too but i especially like if those sets have sentences that can be used for any occasion as well.

keep up the great work!

I would love to see more sentiments, such as quotes and sayings that are different from the usual. Maybe short poems or quotations that are a mix of humorous and serious. Would also love to see some masculine themes that are NOT sports related! It's hard to find unique stamp images for masculine cards and layouts. Thanks for the awesome week of ideas!

I would love to see more tutorials for teaching stamping techniques. A set of sentiments for cards is always nice.

(my son plays baseball, basketball, football and motorsports--dirtbike, atv, etc)

(can't get enough of them)

Daily life
(can't get enough of them either)

Sentiments, I always find myself scratching myself to find the exact "right" words for something I'm making. What a wonderful prize. It would be awesome to win this! Thanks for the chance.

I would love to see sentiment
sets for the inside of cards.
Thanks for the chance to win
such a great prize.

I would love to see masculine stamps. Thank you for the chance to win.

Today I was looking through my dozens of sets and couldn't find the word "fun", but I could find many repeats around the word life & such. ;) I would also love a basic set of words that have just "a" "the" "of", etc. so I can pair Ali's fun handwriting around diecut titles where I just need a little basic word to start or finish it off.

Love the idea of stamps that would fit into hexagons. Would really like sentiment stamps ... including sentiments to put inside the cards. They would be very useful. The new story cards / journaling cards are great ... wonderful quality as usual! Love Ali's stamps AND Technique Tuesday. Congrats on your 2 year anniversary and this great giveaway for the celebration!

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