Let's Hunt for (Technique Tuesday) Treasure!
Greenhouse Society: September Reveal

A Message from Ali Edwards


Answer Ali's question by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday (9/16/2012) for a chance at winning this mondo big, super fantastic Technique Tuesday prize package. It is valued at over $200!

The lucky winner will get everything you see in the picture: all of the stamps (17 sets worth!); the two packages of Technique Tiles; the ink pads; the pack of Real Life by Ali Edwards - Story Cards - Red; a Technique Tuesday Portfolio and a Life is a Journey Mini Album Project Kit! 

Can we get another woohoo?

The winner will be chosen at random and announced next week!

Thanks again for celebrating two years of Studio AE with us this week!



I would like to see more sentiments,thank you for the chance to win.

Would love to see sentiment phrases for inside of cards.

Oh I would so love to receive one of these sets. I love just about anything crafty and love to design and create new things to share with my close friends. Especially when someone is going through a rough spot.

Love love love your stuff ! !
Could you please make more gratitude statements on rubber stamps. I always use those. I love your creativeness.

Non-religious sympathy is always something I'm on the lookout for, as well as masculine images & sentiments. Thanks for the chance to win.

The sets to date have been wonderful.
I would like to see some more shapes and singl eletter fonts. I'd also like to see more card phrases.
I like the idea of the octagon! I have been looking for an octagon punch for a year.

I would love to see famiy tree stamps with leaves having lines or areas to journal upon. Perhaps long branches as well as a large trunk in sections to build upon as necessary. Thanks so much for this chance to win. Love all of your products!

love to see spanish centiments like "hola" (hi) te quiero mucho (i love you)
Thanks so much for the chance to win the goodies

Perhaps a set of well-known inspirational quotes themed for love, play or everyday life.

Totally awesome prize package ..I'm new to your product.. this would be a great intro to your products..Thks

I'd like to see an "all about me" collection. Something that celebrates a women. Something like "Super mom", or "I'm fabulous", or "Loving Me", "Good Hair Day", .......ok idk!But something like that.

I always love any new stamps that have a snowman or snowflake theme to them. Studio AE is doing a great job! Happy 2nd Anniversary!

I would live to see a patriotic set for the military and everyday heros:)

I think at a set about FOOD!!!! cake, chocolate, lemon.... yummyyyyy!!!!

I would love to see everyday life words to use in P/L but in Ali hand written font :) also if you would do a Polaroid stamps to go along with them that would be so neat. Or instagram one.
Thanks for the chance

I hope I win. I love it all!

I would like to see outdoor themed stamps...camping, bike riding, hiking etc

Love your stamps. Thanks for the chance to win

I would like to see a set that would work well for making cards for kids. I am student teaching right now (translation: working as a teacher without the paycheck and would thus cry, giggle, squeal, and jump for joy if I was fortunate enough to win these fantastic goodies that just aren't in the budget right now), and I see daily opportunities to cheer up, cheer on, encourage, empathize, and/or console my students, and I wish I had a set that made it quicker and easier to create a card for them. Plus, as a mother of 1 and an aunt of 14, there is always an occasion to send a card to those who LOVE getting something in the mail. Thanks for the opportunity!

I love your story cards and stamps. I've always loved sentiments or quotes.


{Pattie's passion}

I Scrap So All Moments ARe Remembered!

I totally addicted to your stamps!!!!! Love them :-)

I will love to see more themes. I would love to win this, looks so good. Really I want more stamps, I love this ;)
Maria C Agostini

I love everything that I have seen so far but would like to maybe see more themes dedicated to holidays that often get over looked such as St. Patricks Day, Memorial Day, etc. As a contributor to the organization Operation Write Home, those would be most helpful to me but I love everything that you guys have to offer!!

I would like to see several things...I would love to own Ali's "Life is good" in a larger size. I use those stamps often. I would really love a set about school or team spirit. My daughter just made the high school cheer squad and it's hard to find anything that isn't too cutesy. Finally, I would like to see more quotes about family life.
Thank you so much for all the inspiration this week and in weeks past. I think your stamps are the best on the market. They are the first stamps I reach for!

Wow, i would love to win all those stamps and all those prizes.

Woohoo! I would like to see some sets with sentiments that are stamped on the outside with a coordinating sentiment for the inside. Like the previous commentor though, I love and use everything Technique Tuesday that I have.

WooHoo I would like to see themes especially about like boys (grands) would love this awesome prize! couldn't wait to put them to paper..... Thanks for the chance to win!!! Jane

Would love to to a punk rock themed set of stamps. Guitar skull and crossbones stars and such

I would love to see another set of greeting card sentiments. I just live the AE stamps. Thank you for the chance to win!

This would just make my B day if I won this so awesome!!! I Love sentiments so i would have to say that!!!

I love all the sets so far. Just keep up the good work. Thanks

Love to see sports sets!!

I recently got into the alcohol markers, I would like to find more stamps that can be colored with sentiments for making cards.

I would love to see stamp sets that reference first responders. police, nurses , paramedics, fire& rescuce and Escpecially Sheriffs.Yes there is a diffrence in badges between police and sheriff... which is harder to find ! mabye volunteers too like V.I.P.S. VOULENTEERS IN POLICE SERVICES....
I know this is probally a small marketble group, but it is defintely need for me and many I craft with.. if you combine it with military it can widen the group. #### Just saying !!!! I love your stamps. Thanks for the opportunity to win !

I would love to see more themed sets with the stamp sets incorporated into them, and different examples on how some of the products are used! I love Technique Tuesday products and love seeing new ways to use things I invest in! Thanks for all your great work :-)
Blessings to you!

Your giveaway looks awesome. Thank you for the chance to win.

I love the sentiments, keep em comin!

OMG!! I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRIZE PACKAGE!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those stamps. I love the handwriting... Please pick me.. (That would be an early B~day present if you did) THANK~YOU verrrrrrrry much for the chance to win this awesome give~away! :O)

It would be really great to have a set of interview questions - some serious i.e., Place of birth, DOB, etc. - and some silly like, most embarrassing moment in school, favorite dessert, age you feel in your mind? --- It would be so fun to put all of these in a family heritage book. OR ask them at a childs birthday party, bridal shower, or a 50th anniversary celebration!!! GO Ali!

I too would love to see card sentiments. I make cards for the soldiers as well as family and friends. It is hard to find sentiments sometimes.

I would also love to see sentiments. I think they would be a great addition to your lines. I love all my Technique Tuesday stamps and use them a lot!

I would love to see a "generic" december daily set :). I mean, with texts, sentiments, numbers, week days, etc. related to documenting any month or period of the year that could be special for us.

quotes, sayings, abnormal holiday phrases!

I look for boy themed items since I have 3 grandsons. Lots of flowers / frilly things are out there --- not as much boy -themed.

Forgot to write what I'd like to see in future stamp sets.. I am desperately looking for sets that have a bunch of sayings all in the same handwriting.. so if one time I want to say Happy Birthday and on the inside say, something.. but the next time I still want to say HB, but a different saying on the inside.. (NO ONE DOES THAT, they only have one saying for something and then a different handwriting or font or text for something totally different.)

Uhm, I'll give you another WHAHOO! And an OMGoodness that's alot of booty! Hmmmm don't you have it all already? lol Any kind of friendship quote/sentiment is always a plus in my book, epsecially with a fancy font. Oh and maybe more wedding/bride/groom/love stuff! :)

I always love anything to do with travel! Maybe I'll actually get around to scrapping those trips someday, but when the time comes I want to be ready!

OMG..If I won this I would probably would just die...I would love to see more sentiment stamps. Ali...I love your style, it's so fun. Keeping my fingers crossed and good luck to everyone...

I am always a fan of the everyday phrases. My most used stamp set is the Moments and Memories Story Strips. The "Everyday Beauty," "Documenting the Journey," and "The minutes & moments of life" are all very well inked! I would love to see more of that type. I am also a fan of generic sayings for cards like "Just a Note." Yep, love to make cards with that to keep on hand just in case.

I Love yours stamps!! Because the phrases are real and concret, thanks Ali

I would really like to see more sets of "cartoon" women in different social situations. Shopping, crafting, parenting, etc. Just having fun! I just purchased my first TT stamps earlier this week. I can't wait to receive them!

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