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A Message from Ali Edwards


Answer Ali's question by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday (9/16/2012) for a chance at winning this mondo big, super fantastic Technique Tuesday prize package. It is valued at over $200!

The lucky winner will get everything you see in the picture: all of the stamps (17 sets worth!); the two packages of Technique Tiles; the ink pads; the pack of Real Life by Ali Edwards - Story Cards - Red; a Technique Tuesday Portfolio and a Life is a Journey Mini Album Project Kit! 

Can we get another woohoo?

The winner will be chosen at random and announced next week!

Thanks again for celebrating two years of Studio AE with us this week!



I would love to see a set with all card sentiments or a set with the quotes fitting in octagons. TT may have a set with octagons, but it would be fun to fit AE quotes inside them.

Honestly though, I love all the sets I've received so far!

I make cards for Operation Write Home. I would love to see, patriotic love, miss you, thinking of you, etc. Thank you!

I would love more basic sentiments, maybe a pet-themed set, seems you can never have enough! :)

sentiments to put inside cards, more stamps that could be useds for projece life, i'd love stamp sets that don't have handwriting.

More how-to's on chalking, stamping techniques. I love this one.

You have such wonderful sets, I could not come up with anything new. I want to win that prize pack, so I am commenting.

I would love to see more card sentiments, quotes, etc. :) Thanks for the chance to win!

i would like to see some vintage, or shabby chic types of products. This giveaway is great! Would get tons of usage. Thanks.

I would love to see a card sentiments set, birthday, congratulations, baby, sorrow.....

I would love to see another set with birthday sentiments for use on cards.

I'd love to see European travel themes. Great giveaway!

Matching die and stamp sets.

I know its a bit unusual, but we all have hard days,or times, that we may want to include in our memory keeping, so what a set of 'frustrated' etc. Maybe also some more teenager themed range?- maybe they are one and the same lol

I would like more sayings for teenagers.

I loved everything that has been produced so far. I have no doubt anything Ali comes up with will be wonderful.

Thanks for the chance to win! I would like card sentiments as well. I am going into cardmaking instead of scrapbook pages and just general happy birthday, how are you and that sort besides the get well and sympathy would be awesome!

I would have to say sentiments in different scripts by occassions. :)

I have no idea what I'd like to see. Always nice to have more birthday stuff, since that's what I seem to always be making.

I wanna see more sets with christmas & new year sentiments ... and my ultimate dream would be to see a full set themed with reindeer (i'm completely addict to christasmas, deer,... ) ;-)

Fabulous giveaway! I would love to see Card Sentiments and I am a sucker for Everyday words ....example - The Details,....Also what would be fun, would be a set for Project Life that were questions....our top 5 tv shows, on the menu...etc to use on the days when not much is happening

I would like to see silhouette images and botanical s and I would love to win that fantastic prize.

More masculine themes. It is so difficult to make greeting cards and layouts for men and young men. Boy Scouts and outdoor themes.

I would like to see a Flying Squirrel and Chipmunk. Anything squirrel. Octagons are popular now.
Just discovering your stamps. Love the squirrel you have now.

I would love to see a Christmas set with the word "Believe" in a lovely font.

I love to use trees in my designs, so I'd love to see more trees with sentiments about family, growing, taking root, etc...I know TT would do an amazing job with that! I also love the silhouette stamps and single flower stamps...more of those would be fun, too!

I would love to see more sets to use for kids & project life please. I love all the sets now :) Thanks for the chance to win!!!

I just love all that you do and the sentiments are always a plus!

WOW!!!! First, congrats on 2 years!!! Yeay!! (: Second, what a SUPER awesome prize!!!! Woohoo!!! :D And to answer the question, how about some snowmen?? I'm in love w/them. Also, would love to see some Mason Jars--I'm obsessed with them! HA! (: Thanks for the chance to win!!! Wishing you continued success!!! (:

How about a set for stamping on jar labels. I am a canner and love to give my stuff away, and it is nice to put something special on the jar.

Thank you Ali and Technique Tuesday for all that you do for us! I love your stamps and use them regularly!! I was just working on my Project Life and was making a journaling card for my "week in review" and thought it would be nice to have a stamp set that allowed me to stamp week in review or day in review or my life in review. Some kind of stamp set that I could use to reflect on my week, day, life, etc. Thanks again, Shelly

Oh..could use all these items! Great prize!

i can't think of any theme i would like. i usually use stamps in cardmaking and u have lots of sentiments already. the only thing i can think of is i have been looking for a really great pug (dog) stamp and haven't found one but that's pretty specific. love all ur stamps and would love to win this package!!

I'd love to see a set with sentiments, and my favorites are always the sets about documenting everyday life. Really, anything with Ali's handwriting will get great use!

I don't think I have anything in particular... I love kids stuff and anything that can be used on PL however my two most fave digital sets were made into physical sets anyway so I'm happy!
\Thanks for the chance to win - LOVE technique tuesdaY

I Will love to see a set un french word !! Thanks for this give away !

I would like to see door and window stamps, with an opened and closed of each. THanks:)

Would love to see a sporting set but not specific to one sport, eg go team, play hard etc and maybe a pet related set.

I would love to see U.S. military themes - ESP the various ranches broken down. I send care packages abroad and a hand stamp card would be an amazing and I know treasured edition.

Will love everything that comes :-)
Maybe some country- or city-names or something like "by bike", "by car", "by bus", ...
:-) Thank you Ali & Technique Tuesday!

i love to use famous quotes as sentiments. would love to see a set that uses quotes and pulls a theme from there.

Loved this week's celebration! Awesome blog hop! I would love a set specifically for cards, with general greeting sentiments.

Thanks for the chance to win. I love everything that you have put together. If there is anything on pets or trains I would love to see that. Velda

I would like to see sign language stamp with all the alphabets, I haven't been able to find any and I would love to have some.

I'd like to see a set with some religious inspiration.

Congrats! I also would like to see more sentiment stamps. Something unique - other than "Happy Birthday", etc.

I'd like to see a versatile kit for all things Masculine! A really expanded kit for cards and projects that go from young boy, to teen, to adult! There's so many great things out there that are neutral, but let's take it to the top with Manly Man! :)

Tami had a great idea with the Octagons...
I would like to see a set with a "empowering each other" theme... not necessarily women to women but something that is a bit more than just "Hang in There" or "thinking of you". Maybe inspirational phrases, such as "Stay Strong" or "Live your Dream".

You could also do a Fight Cancer Themed set so those who are battling or know someone battling cancer could spread some cheer or thank others that are helping them. I know my sister does the 3-Day walk for Breast Cancer each year and ends up things to sell for fundraising or sending cards to thank for donations. A beautifully designed set would really make a wonderful addition to her efforts!

Thanks for the opportunity!!

I always need sentiments for the inside of my cards and love those types of stamps, but would love to see some stamps with phrases to use on my.cards to encourage my kids and grandkids . Thank you for the giveaway, it would be great to win this!

It is very rare to have this quantity and range of these products in the Australian scrap shops. I can just dream.
I would be a very good ambassador for the products.

I'd love to see some stamps with words arranged like subway art.

First, I would love to see this prize with my name on it! LOL! Second, and what I would really love, is more ideas / directions for those of us who are relatively new to scrapping. Otherwise, I love your stuff!

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