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Watercolor with Jaclyn

By now you've had a chance to check out Technique Tuesday's watercolor crayons. Today, you will see just how astonishing their versatility is and how to create this vibrant card using just a few supplies.


You will need:

Begin by applying your sentiment using stickers.

Then add color to your strip using the crayons. I like to leave a little bit of white space between colors so they don't become too muddied when I blend them.

Using a wet paintbrush, carefully blend the colors together. One of the great things about these crayons is if you need to add more color, you can do it while the paper is still wet. Just make sure to be gentle so you don't tear the paper.

Allow the paper to dry completely and then remove the stickers. If you have trouble removing the sticky part of the sticker, use an eraser and gently brush it off. 


Add your finishing touches and you have a sentiment that pops!



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