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Dye Twill Ribbon with Watercolor Crayons

Hello! Happy Summer!

Linda here to talk a little about our watercolor crayons. Technique Tuesday carries many, many colors of these fun crayons. It’s a great way to add color to your projects. There are many ways to use it, and here’s one of my favorite techniques: using them to create custom-dyed ribbons. Technique Tuesday also carries undyed twill ribbons which are perfect for stamping, writing, and dyeing. I’m using the thin one for this project.


To get started, I scribble on a stamping block with the crayons. You could use any other slick, waterproof surface to do this on.

Then using a waterbrush, I rub some water on the scribbles until I create watercolor!

I’ve precut little strips of the twill ribbon, and I just jump right in. I start on one end, and add more water as I move to the other end. This will create a nice ombré effect, which is so hot right now! (Yes, I’m using Mugatu voice when I type that.)


To add a bit more color at the end, I dip the ribbon directly into the puddle of watercolor. You can keep adding more color to the ribbon to create a richer look. Just remember that there’s no right or wrong. Just go for it!

I’m planning to use these bits of ribbon as little banners. So I watercolored six pieces in different colors. The colors I used are: orange, yellow, spring green, turquoise blue, english red, and pink.

I left them to dry overnight. You could speed the process up with a heat gun. Once dry, they are a bit less vibrant, but still so pretty!


To assemble this card, I stamped Passion for Polka as the background using a light gray so it wouldn’t compete with the multitude of other colors. The Happy Birthday is from the Wishes set. I used a white embossing powder on bright  colored cardstock for the sentiment. To finish the project, I sewed the ribbon banners on some hemp trim, and added a bit of stitching on the card.

That’s it! It’s so easy to add some color to your cards or layouts using these fun crayons! Drop by my blog for more detailed info.



SUPER cute!!!

LOVE this..

Thanks for the photo tutorial. Really love how the ribbons turned out. Great card and love the colors.

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