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April Showers Bring... (You Could Win)!

What is Spring like where you are? And which of the new Greenhouse Society stamp sets do you like best? If you tell me, you could win your favorite set!

This Spring here in Oregon the weather has been such a mix. It snowed several times in March - which is so unusual here. When April arrived, we had a couple of days where it was sunny and beautiful. The last few days it's been mostly sunny until about 4pm when thunderstorms and hail roll right on in. Then 20 minutes later the fine gray mist that usually signals that it is Springtime in the Pacific Northwest comes back. But I'm enjoying Spring... and the flowers that it brings. (I don't really have a favorite flower but I am partial to purple ones!)

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Which of the Greenhouse Society stamp sets do you like the best?

Leave a comment here by midnight on April 26th. (One entry per person, please.) We will pick a winner the next day!



I like the greehouse society 4-12 set..the flower is so beautiful. I like the fact it is big and the image is at different heights. Thanks for the chance to win.

I definitely like May the best, and not just because that's my birthday month. Love the dandelion stamp and the little pieces that are falling off. So pretty. Thanks for the chance to win!

I like Greenhouse Society 04-12 set.

I really really like all of these sets, but if I have to pick only one, it would be
06-12. I don't own any stamps with cattails and these look like a lot of fun to use!

Green house society 04-12 is my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win.

I love the dandelions, including the lovely font used for the sentiments. Elaine

I like 05-12 it just looks fun.

I like the 4-12 stamp set the best.

I really love 6-12. :) Thanks for the chance to win!
- April W

lMy favorite is 5-12...I can remember wanting to blow those weeds everywhere when I was younger. And I still think they are pretty today. Plus it has several sayings that you can always use cards for.

It is such a tossup between 4-12 and 5-12. I love the 4-12 because of all the projects that I imagine I could do with it but 5-12 reminds me of my childhood.

I'm pretty partial to the 4-12 set - gorgeous flowers and nice fonts!

I am in love with May's:)

I like them all but I LOVE 05-12 the best! Thanks for the chance!

I like the 5-12 set.


I like all the sets but if I have to choose, I like the 06-12.

I think that I like 6-12 best because it's unlike anything I already have. That's important.

Love the 04-12 set most of all. Pretty flowers!!

They are all great. The first one would be great to use my pens on, which would be fun and pretty. I have a stamp that's similar to the second one, which I LOVE! And the third is so different, I like it a lot. Hmmm, I guess my favorite would be the third?

I LOVE the April set! It is so versatile and detailed! Plus, the flower reminds me of many flowers that grow in the area I am in. I am on the east side of the Cascades, living in a convergence zone, so Spring is a little crazy here! We get snow, rain, hail, crazy thunder and lightning, and of course lots of sunshine with birds singing. There are red-winged black birds galore, crocuses, daffodils, tulips, and tons of cherry blossoms. Gorgeous. And, in the words of Ernest Hemingway (in A Moveable Feast), “You expected to be sad in the fall. Part of you died each year when the leaves fell from the trees and their branches were bare against the wind and the cold, wintery light. But you knew there would always be the spring, as you knew the river would flow again after it was frozen." Hope your Monday is a great one!

I love all the sets already. Anything with flowers is always a sure win with me. But if I had to choose a favorite, it's probably the 04-12 set.

Love the flower on the 4-12 set.

Has to be 5-12 to honor those good old days when we actually had dandelions growing in our yards and blowing off those spores meant we would have even more!

I think my most fav is the sentiment set with the dandelions. It seems so versatile. The flowers are pretty and could be so different with various coloring techniques. Thanks

love them all but the 06-12 is my favorite.

The April set looks like fun to color, but I'd have to say my favorite would be the May set. I have these pictures I quickly snapped walking home from school of my girls when they stopped to make a dandelion wish. That stamp would go great with those photos!

Thanks for the chance to win!

I love all of them and really love the March one as it is so versatile - such beautiful cards have been created by the team. But I think the Catstails are just stunning and would be so much fun to work with.

oh my goodness....decisions, decisions, decisions.
04-12 is my choice.....arrghhhhhh

I would have to say 4-12 is my favorite.

I like them all but will pick 5-12 --I don't have anything like it and I like the sentiments too. Who doesn't remember blowing dandelions as a child?

I love the 04-12 set. Love the huge flower great to color, paper piece, and layer.

4-12 is my favorite, those flowers are just awesome! Thanks for the chance to win.

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I love 5-12 the best

Carol B

The flowers are really pretty. I love them all but if I have to choose, it'll be 06-12 coz the flower is seldom seen.

i love all three sets but something about the may set just...captures that feeling of childhood.

Since this is my absolute FIRST visit here ever I have not had time to form a "FAVE" so I'll say I love the set featured here... or perhaps the grapes set which is how I found you on... TWITTER! You have a new follower in me!


I like the 5-12 set best. Love the dandelion puffball.

They're all lovely but 04-12 is my favourite - the cosmos are so delicate and pretty and I adore the font mix on the birthday and thanks sentiments!

I love them all, but my favorite is the 06-12 set. I don't have anything like it.

I love the 05-12 set! I can just imagine this on a card - little puffs of white like dandelions!

I love the 4-12 April set....such a gorgeous stamp set! Though really they are all gorgeous =)

I think I'm going to have to say the dandelion in 5-12 but 4-12 is a close runner-up. Great stamps!

I do believe the cosmos set, 04-12 is my favorite. Those cosmos would be so much fun to color with Copics.

05-12 is my fave! Beautiful images!

It's a tie between this one and the dandelion looking one... Thanks!

All are beautiful, but 5-12 is my fave!

The set I love most is the 3-12 stamp. The way the flowers are used are just fabulous.

LOVE the 05-12 one so fragile ..blowing the seeds it..but the 04-12 is gorgeous too!

Tough to choose, but I think my favorite is Greenhouse Society 06-12.

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