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Say Hello to March's Studio AE Stamp Set

Just Plain Tree-mendous

Have you seen our new Tree-mendous stamp set?


Check out this cool card Stamping Tech Daniela Dobson used it on!

Embrace happiness 4617_11_thumb[1]

We just love it!

We think Tree-mendous is probably one of the most versatile stamp sets in our Winter 2012 release.

You can make a lot of different trees with it. All you need to do is stamp the tree trunk and then use any of the other stamps in the set to decorate it up. Stamp the tree trunk again and stamp a different set of leaves on top of it. And then do it again and again.

Just check out all these combinations Teri worked up with Tree-mendous.

The possibilities really are endless.

One special feature of this set is how it is designed. We've included a mark in the three large sets of leaves so you can easily align them with the tree trunk when you stamp. Check this out.

When you stamp the leaves over the trunk, you just have to make sure the notch is lined up with the trunk.

Do that and it will help you get great results every time you stamp.



Love this stamp set.


And I was just thinking yesterday that I have enough tree (and flower, and butterfly) stamps. Wrong! These are great.

Ok, I have a tree problem, I collect them. I love this stamp set, it will be the next set I get. Technique Tuesday and trees, I can't wait.

Beautiful work by Daniela!!!

Great to know 'how it is done'!!!!

I think this is a wonderful stamp set. I can see many many ideas using this set.

This is one of the greatest sets you have ever had!!!!! I love it! I want it!

Beautiful stamp set, Love the card

Love this set. I ordered it to come with my next monthly order. Can't wait.

Wonderful set - I love that you can really line it up.

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