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Sharyn here!

I have a confession to make. Ready?
I’m a bit of a Valentine snob. I just can’t get myself to buy store-bought Valentines. It sure would be easier with three out of four kids passing out Valentines this year, but I can’t do it.

So we make our Valentines in this house.
What we do each year varies from year to year and child to child.

This year we’re getting an early start since I have three kids passing out Valentines.

When I’m making Valentines (or any type of card) for a number of recipients, I make them in an assembly line fashion, like so:
First, I gather my supplies. In this case I pulled my Monsters Ink and Love, Ali stamp sets, my corner rounder and a piece of kraft cardstock just to get me started.
In using a piece of 12 x 12 kraft cardstock, I can get 12 cards out of one piece by cutting them 3” x 4”.
This will take care of my youngest son’s class. When making my other son’s cards, we’ll use two pieces of cardstock.

I then have a strong need to round the corners on each card. It makes such a difference, in my mind.
Then, adding a piece of white cardstock and black ink to my supplies, I stamped the little monster from the Monsters Ink set 12 times.
I then cut each one out and gather in a little pile, ready for coloring.
I also decided to stamp some hearts from the Love, Ali set onto scraps of patterned paper. With all of these in a ready to work pile I’m ready to get to work. I can be found putting these pieces in a small container and taking them on the road with me if I’m waiting at the doctor’s office or picking up a kid from sports. I like having work I can take on the go. In this case, I cut and colored these pieces while helping the kids with their homework.
With all the pieces colored and trimmed out, I was then ready to begin assembly.

I ended up stamping the sentiment from the Monsters Ink set onto white cardstock and adhering it to the bottom of the kraft card, adding a little bit of red for a border and remembering to round the

With foam dots, I adhered the Monster and then added a few hearts above his head.

Now to start planning the other kid’s Valentines!



Sharyn, these are SOOO cute!! I love how it looks like he's juggling all those hearts!!

I used to make all the valentines for my kids to hand out too... (and I kinda miss it!!)

So cute! Love it, thank you :)

Oh MY Gawd Sharyn!! These are sooo stinkin' cute!!! Love.

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