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Make Candy Cups with Jaclyn


Jaclyn here. Do you like to give special things to your loved ones for Valentine's Day?  It seems like every store has aisles and aisles of candy for this holiday. So, let's create these cute, little candy dishes today to put all of that sweetness in.


These are actually cupcake wrappers and they are so easy to make. Start with the pattern found HERE.

I created my own background paper using stamps from Smooch by Ali and the heart from Sweet Baby by Ali.

Technique-Tuesday-AE-Smooch-Clear-Stamps-Medium Technique-Tuesday-Sweet-Baby-Clear-Stamps-Medium
Cut out your pattern and glue the ends together. 

To hold my liners in place, so that my goodies didn't fall through the bottom, here's what I did. Place the liner inside and punch 2 holes in the back and three holes in the front, going through both the wrapper and the liner.

Then thread your ribbon through the holes, placing both ends out the middle hole in the front.


This also prevents your ribbon from moving around on the outside of the cup. Tie a bow in the front and place a 5" x 5" square of tissue paper into the cup. Fill with candy and your cups are ready to please all of your guests and family members (or if you're me, they can go straight into your mouth)


As I mentioned above, these are actually cupcake wrappers, so you could just as easily wrap them around your baked cupcakes and frost. If you give this a try, I'd love to see it. Post a project online and link it up to Technique Tuesday's Facebook page.



Just adorable.

tried these cute candy cups - so easy !!!
Thanks for the step by step.

Very sweet Jax (No pun

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